7 Tips to protect your idea before you hire freelance app developer

hire freelance app developer

Things to know before you Hire Freelance App Developer

Before you hire freelance app developer to build an app, you worry that they might steal the information, isn’t it? It happens with almost everyone who works hard for their project. For many people, it isn’t easy to learn to code due to limited time period.
If you’re looking to get all the profits from the app, you’ll definitely want to raise the money yourself, right? If you approach good application development companies, they won’t pay attention to invest in an app concept, just like that.
Before you think to hire freelance app developer or go any further, first and foremost, understand that.

1.No company should be citing anything before fully evaluating the concept

-After that, be clear, getting your requests done and giving a thorough definition of what is there in the project, is going to take how much time.

2.Before you hire freelance app developer , research their background well

You can encounter problems if you do not get to know your developer well. App developers can have problem giving the information you requested. By working individually with certified companies, you lessen the chance of sneaky dealings and idea theft. Here detail about How to hire android app developer.

3.Protect your app idea with non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

The company should offer you a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and a contract. Non-disclosure agreements make sure that all shared information remains private between two parties.
If you hire freelance app developer to work on your project, no worries, as it looks after your app idea from being reused by others. It even won’t be shared with this agreement being in use. It provides you a certain level of protection, no matter if they are outsourced contractors, your potential clients or are the investors and consultants.

4.Get an experienced lawyer of the industry

To help you write the non- disclosure agreement you need to contact an experienced lawyer. If you encounter someone copying your app idea, it may be worth hiring a lawyer. They will help you to investigate the merits of your case.
If the company produces a duplicate copy of your product or copies something that is safeguarded under copyright law or trademark, there is possibility that you might have a strong legal case.
In some cases, a lawyer might first send a cease-and-desist letter. It is sent requesting the wrongdoer to stop creating the product and possibly pay for the damages. The next step is usually filing a lawsuit, if letters don’t work.

5.If you forgot to sign NDA, apply for a ‘Provisional Patent’

Most startups do not go for it as it can bring in far more cost than it is able to pay. For example: If you spread your app idea around, provisional patent can help you to get rid of it, for some extent.
When you hire freelance app developer, such as hire AngularJS developers then, a provisional patent can protect your idea for a year. However, with no option of being extended, the provisional patent expires after twelve months.

6.Establish a trademark of your name

You need to get your name trademarked to get an additional layer of protection. You also have added protection, if someday a legal issue arises. The credentials required to register a trademark can help as a written proof. It means that your app idea was in the works at a stated time period.

7.Have a contract beforehand

Have a contract in advance that explains copyright law of the app. You need to ask developers to immediately release it to you, once the project is complete. Nevertheless, the developer still owns the intellectual possessions of the inherent and generic code to build the app. Simple written contract (agreement) between you and them can be a big relief to you. It also safeguards the intellectual property of the developer.
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