Top Trends in Website Development and Design

Trends in Website Development and Design

Latest trends in Website Development and Design

To make the process of website development and design smooth, a web developer does a lot of hard work. They are out in the IT field to make it user- friendly, which is good news for tech geeks. They want to improve the user experience of web browsing.
It’s a must for Web developers to stay up-to-date so that maximum value can be delivered to the clients. Areas like cloud computing, Motion UI, information security, and IoT (Internet of Things) can have a huge impact on your work, which will prove to be fruitful for your business.
Great website development and design will be used excessively in upcoming years. With forthcoming frameworks, influential development tools, and changing technologies, coming time will definitely encourage web developers.
This year looks promising for the developers to carry out the latest trends. We at EngineerBabu help you to stay on top of significant trends and latest news.

1. Motion User Interface or Motion UI

Motion UI is one of the three parts of Foundation for Apps by Zurb.
It is used for making animations and CSS transitions. With the help of Motion UI, the transition of an app looks smooth, less complicated and rich with predefined motions.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken website development and design to a new level. Soon, it will have a huge impact on the world.
The next generation of the net is connecting things and devices: the Internet of Things (IoT). The connected devices range from security cameras and sensors to production machines and vehicles. It will result in data that exposes up business models, new insights, and revenue streams.
According to Technavio(leading technology research and advisory company), IoT will grow by 31.72% (CAGR) between 2015 and 2019.
At least half of the development of IoT will derive from startups that have been in business for less than three years, predicts Gartner.
IoT will permit an exchange of data by linking smart objects to the internet.

3. Foundation for Application

Foundation for Apps is a single page app framework built from AngularJS and the flexbox grid. It helps to create better website development and design by enabling developers to start writing unique code. Therefore, you can look for experts and hire AngularJS developers to build the quality product.
The potential of Foundation for Apps, with clean code and its positioning capabilities, is not properly discovered. Many of the companies will use this innovative and open front-end framework from this year only.

4. Cloud Computing

It is popular as easier tool integration. Modern APIs, better website development, and design are scheduled for it. The cloud-based organization makes the process of scaling to meet existing needs flatter.
For web-based projects, many of the website development company depend on remote workers. With greater reliance on scattered teams, they create cloud-friendly options.

5.Docker to give faster development

Containers have been around us for quite some time. But, after the introduction of a docker, the website development and design world witnessed a lot of changes.
Docker is a container service that allows development of software in a faster way. A container has all the dependencies that it needs to run an application. It helps the developers to build, test, run and organize an app more easily.
In order to have a competitive edge over the competitors, you should be aware of the latest trends in designing part as well.

1. Advanced platform

Lot of new technologies is coming in the market with new responsive design. Things are changing in advanced platform. Responsive design is no longer limited to mobile responsiveness.
Technologies like Google Glass, Apple watch, and Oculus Rift are becoming more popular. At present, Semantic UI is in demand – a framework with the new design from last year.

2. Full-screen navigation design

It is a feature that helps the user to improve the experience on mobile devices. For example: A user traverses a website on his mobile and comes across a registration form. As he taps on it, the form changes to a full-screen size allowing the user to fill out it in an easier way.
To give website development and design, a better look full-screen navigation helps a lot. For years to come, this trend will be in continuation.
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