5 tips to enhance your freelance work

tips to enhance your freelance work

Tips to enhance your Freelance Work

Having an eye-catching portfolio of your freelance work is the main thing in today’s world. It decides what you are up to and how good you are in your work. Often, the portfolio websites act as the source of inspiration. It describes your creativity at one go.
It differentiates you from the others. To be precise, it helps you to stand out from your competitors. Thus, in this article, I have mentioned how you can get well-paying clients while ignoring traditional methods.

Freelance work is great to go with. You have ample amount of time to do other tasks. If you too want to get hired as a freelancer, follow the 5 proven ways to keep you going:

1. How to get clients by leveraging your blog?

Did you know that you can find freelance work, with a blog? To start with, your writing is your weapon. With its help, you can shape up your profile. Editing, social media skills and publishing your blog post comes along with writing. These skills help you to target your future clients.
Do not worry, if you do not come across any visitors. It happens in the first few months. You just need to be consistent. Post at least one blog once a week. Spread it across all social media platform.
Potential clients are eyeing your work from every possible social network. They are there to analyze your skills. If they like it, there is the possibility that they can offer you some work.
Therefore, don’t misjudge the power of having a personal blog and keep publishing content on a regular basis.

2. Have a service page for your clients

This page of your blog can help you to attract clients. First of all, post few of your blogs. After you publish the content, keep a separate service page of “Try my work” or simply, “hire me.”
There, you can explain what clients can expect from your work, what sort of packages you offer and how can they hire you. You can do a favor for yourself by making your page attractive.
Later, you can post it on social media on the best possible time to get more exposure and optimize your service page to rank for specific search queries. Applying this technique can help your potential clients find you.

3. Publish guest post and get noticed in media

Having your blog is great, but what’s the use if you aren’t active, isn’t it? It won’t get anyone’s attention. Get yourself noticed and gained more traffic to your page. Start publishing your work to some of the famous websites; the websites that accept guest posts.
It would be great if you get a byline (the article in your name). This will help you to get new clients and to become a paid contributor for their website.

4. Turn media references into future clients

Once lead starts coming through references or from service page, how do you turn them into future paying clients?
Add any new references into your freelance work portfolio (be it any social media platform- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and keep these pages updated.
Media references can give you reliability and a respectful status, which you can use to your benefit to find more freelance related work.

5. Boost your income by setting up a sponsorship page

Setting up a sponsorship page helps you to boost your income. It permits you to fill your portfolio with more experience and trustworthiness. In that page, mention everything from your package to references from any of the brands. Keep space for contact form so that your potential clients can get in touch with you.
With media references, service page and sponsorship page there is a higher chance of agreeing. Convince brands to work with you.
You can use your blog for so many things. Don’t take the power of your personal blog lightly. It can do more than you have imagined. With your skill, you can leverage your blog as a business.
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