How to build a comprehensive Job Portal?

Job Portal

The objective for a Job Portal

The prime objective of a Job Portal is to allow the admin/recruiter to post for the jobs in the platform and to find the best candidate possessing relevant skills by searching through the database of candidates. Candidates will get job alerts when jobs relevant to their skills are posted on the Job Portal. Admin will then refer the suitable candidate to the employer. Hence, a job portal will make online job search easy for candidates and help the recruiters in effective hiring management.

In today’s competitive environment, getting jobs and searching for candidates is a task of greater importance. Earlier, the advertisements for jobs were limited to newspapers. Instead of ‘Job Portal’, the vacancies used to be published under ‘Classified advertisements. Now, the emerging economy demands the situation to change. The youth do not search for jobs in newspapers but on a Job portal. We have various job portals, online employment exchanges, consultancies, company websites, etc. With the fast-growing economy, one cannot wait for months to hire a candidate by following the long process of publishing an advertisement in the newspaper, waiting for responses to come then shortlisting the candidates and finally recruiting the one. Job portal is the most effective tool for candidates to search for jobs online and it also serves as an efficient recruitment software to the employers.

Today, recruitment should be time-saving, cost-effective and at the same time should search out the qualified candidates. By using the efficient methods and techniques, the recruitment process is made easy by a job portal. The employers and candidates not only get what they need but also what they deserve through a job portal.  Even clients can get benefit from a job portal. It facilitates online job search and hiring management. It also guides candidates or job seekers in keeping them updated in various areas of jobs, latest skills in demand, new trends in the job market and related things. Finding and recruiting the best candidates is the need of the hour to pace with the growing market economy. So the proposed system of a job portal aims to provide the best class of employment services to job seekers, employers, and recruiters. The system provides free job search and services. It should be quick, safe and easy to use. The system is mainly meant for the end users – the employer and the candidate. The end users may be registered users or not registered.

How Job portal solves the problem

We could suggest a better way out for faster recruitment with a job portal which is meant for employers, job seekers, and recruiters. For employers looking to recruit the most qualified candidates, it offers modern technology and superior services to simplify the recruitment process. For individuals thinking about a new job, new career, or a new direction, it helps you explore the possibilities and find the opportunities which are right for you. Whether you are looking for a job or a new member to onboard on your team, you definitely are in the right place. The best way to change your career or get the right people for jobs is pretty easy now.

Job portal (recruitment software) allows online job search; browse a great number of resumes by the simple and defined search. Thus, the recruitment is made faster, easier and the barriers are reduced. Hiring management gets easy as the manual work of shortlisting resumes, scheduling interviews gets cut down. The time taken for recruitment is reduced with the recruitment software. The employers can advertise their job vacancies; the candidates can post their resumes, and can even give feedback.

How do we create a candidate persona?

There are many questions that you can ask to define your candidate persona. The best way is to start with your own employees. If these are the people that you want more off, then this is the way to go.

Below is a cheat sheet for defining your candidate persona on the job portal. You may not be able to answer all of these questions, but the more you answer the better you can adjust your recruiting campaigns and efforts.

Candidate persona for a Job portal

Candidate persona for Job Portal

User type Candidate
Name John doe
Age 28
Occupation Marketing manager
Marital status Unmarried
Background Works at a target company, relevant qualifications BA at a top university.
Experience 2-4 yrs experience, has managed a team proficient with Marketo.
Goal Ambitious, want rapid career growth.
  • Typically frustrated with bureaucracy ambiguity around career progression.
  • Hates lengthy review process, wants a fast move.
  • Excellent verbal and oral communication
  • Content Marketing expert
  • Lead acquisition and nurturing

Employer persona for Job Portal

User type Client
Name James George
Age 38Yr
Occupations Recruiter in IT company
Status Married
  • Excellent verbal and oral communication
  • People management
Frustration James is a recruiter in a typical IT company so whenever they need a new employee in any domain they had to create a job on the various portal and also share the post on the social media platform, This is lengthy and time taking process
  • James doesn’t want to do go through the sluggish process to hire the new employee
  • He wants only the best matches for the job
  • He doesn’t want to check and each and every candidate resume

USP of a comprehensive Job portal

  1. The candidate gets the job matches based on his/her profile.
  2. The company gets the qualified candidate list based on the job requirement.
  3. Admin makes the perfect match between candidate and company.
  4. The company gets the candidate list and sends them an interview notification along with the job description.
  5. Candidates will get the interview status via notification.

How is it different from the rest of the portals?

Often, candidates search the job online on the various portals and job search engines and then start applying to the listed job whether it is related to their domain or not, and it is creating a huge problem for employers because then they have to filter the good candidates who match with the job requirement. It makes the process lengthy and hectic. This makes hiring management difficult because there are zillions of garbage resumes.

So, we came up with a unique solution to avoid this hectic problem. What we do is allow candidates to create the profile and add all necessary information like personal info, background, education, work experience, geographic and job preference. Candidates won’t see any other job listing which is not related to their domain and job preference.

Candidates only get the job notification which has been created by the employer so that employers can directly choose whom they want to send the job notification. This way, through the recruitment software, the long process of recruiting is shortened saving time and labor.

Employers will have the candidates list of those who have responded to the job notification. They can select from them and send them a notification for an interview.

Here we are managing end to end hiring solutions from scheduling interviews to sending offer letters. All these things are managed on a single platform globally.

Customer Panel (Candidates)

Customer panel of a Job portal

  • Allow users to login/signup in the portal.
  • Allow users to select the user type while doing registration
  • Allow the user to complete his profile that consists of personal info, experience, employment, and background.
  • Allow users to input their social links for a better understanding of the profile.
  • The user is allowed to see his/her dashboard.
  • The dashboard consists of the upcoming interviews, tomorrow’s interviews, and today’s interviews.
  • The user can view his interview details on the portal.
  • Allow the user to see the new offers that he has got from the different companies.
  • Allow the user to respond to interview requests.
  • Allow users to see the interviews in the grid or list form.
  • Allow users to manage their profile. This will include the experience, social media, personal info, CV and employment history.
  • Allow the user to change the password.

Company panel of a Job portal

Company Panel – Dashboard

  • The company can register on the website and can complete his profile.
  • Allow companies to view the list of candidates that have been matched for a job.
  • The company can schedule the interview of the candidates that have been matched for a job.
  • The company can view the candidate profile of only candidates that have been matched for a job.

Company Profile

  • Allow the company used to manage his profile, this will include the company details, personal info, and job details.
  • Allow company users to change the password. Jobs:
  • Allow the company to add the Job in the portal.
  • Allow the company to add the job title, description, experience, Job type, employee type, required education, number of hires, etc. (Already mentioned in the wireframes)
  • Allow the company to see the list of jobs that he has created.
  • Corresponding to the job, the company can see the number of matches, dates of creation.
  • The company can view the details of each job description.
  • The company will allow him to see the number of matches that he got.
  • The company sees the list of candidates and corresponding to that he can change the status.
  • Allow the company to also change the status of the interview, where he can create the offer.
  • While scheduling an interview the company may select the mode i.e. call or face to face interview.

Admin Panel

  1. Allow admin to login to the system.
  2. In the Admin dashboard, the admin will be able to see the number of candidates, companies, matches, job posts, interviews, offers, etc.
  3. The admin can delete the users whenever he wants.
  4. Allow the admin to see the list of companies and the admin can see the assigned users and can write the note for the candidate.
  5. Allow admin to see the list of the candidate and their current positions
  6. Allow admin to view the list of jobs created by the company or the recruiter.
  7. While clicking the detail page of the job the admin can assign candidates to one particular job.
  8. Once candidates are assigned to a job, submitting them will send a noti?cation to the company user and populate his/her dashboard with a job/ candidate match.
  9. Allow the admin to preview the report of the potential candidates or send the report to the recruiter.
  10. Allow admin to manage the candidates in terms of status like Approved/ Rejected and pending.
  11. Allow the admin to search for any candidate in terms of location, key skills, and experience and then allow the admin to assign the candidate to any open job.
  12. The Admin can manage his profile.

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