10 Things must be Checked while Hiring Node.js Developers

Hiring Node.js Developers

Node.js is becoming a popular technology for building user-friendly websites and applications. Developers are turning towards Node.js due to its accessibility, speed, sharing capabilities, and data streaming. Companies are considering hiring Node.js developers due to the growing popularity and advantages of Node.js.

Businesses seek intuitive and responsive websites and mobile applications to engage more and more traffic. With the growing popularity of Node.js, developers are going crazy and using it in place of others, while businesses or app development companies are looking for hiring Node.js developers.

The question here arises what are the things to be considered while hiring Node.js developers. Here, in this blog, we are going to provide you with the checklist to hire node.js developers.

Node.js apart has an amazing ecosystem around it and that’s what separates it. Node is an open-source, core language that lives on the server-side, unlike JavaScript that lives on the web side. Hence, JavaScript is important to know if you’re developing for the web.

Now. Let’s see what Node.js has got to offer?

It has got a treasure of code packages and modules. The codes are written by developers and contributed to the repository. This way, any developer can take its help to develop some aspects as well as functionalities in the web applications. This makes it easier and faster for developers to build web apps hence, this is one of the major reasons why companies and businesses go for hiring Node.js developers.

Another advantage of Node.js that makes developers fall in love with it is that via JavaScript, Node makes it possible for developers to write applications for a full technology stack without shifting from front-end to back-end development. Developers do not have to worry about compatibility with Node anymore. Node developers don’t have to do ‘context switching,’ back and forth if they have worked with other backend languages.

Hiring Node.js Developers

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Node.js Popularity:

  • According to Similar Tech, Node.js is the most popular in the U.S — almost 28,000 websites use it.
  • Big online marketplaces like eBay, AliExpress are powered by node.js backend.
  • As per W3techs, high traffic websites, like Netflix, Groupon, PayPal uses Node.js.

The basic skills to be checked when hiring Node.js developers include command over the programming languages, design thinking, absolute coding skills, logic, collaboration and soft skills. There are some of the skills which are unique to Node.js developers because the Node ecosystem is very large, and there’s a massive web of codes and modules already written.

  1. NPM:

The first thing every Node developer questions while programming is, “Is there an npm for that?’” npm (node package manager) is basically an open-source, online repository available for developers. NPM facilitates publishing open-source Node.js projects along with a command-line utility for the purpose of interaction with that repository.

  1. Code Integration:

It’s always good to save time using the codes which have already been written to solve the same problem. But for that, your Node.js developer must know how to find an existing Node [package] that serves the function they’re trying to do. While hiring Node.js developers make sure the person is efficient to interact, engage that code, and integrate it with the existing systems so that the whole thing works.

You might be wondering how about doing everything from scratch. So, there are a number of developers who follow this practice and what they achieve is nothing but the reinvention of the wheel and wastage of time. The other side to this is those Node.js developers who simply cut and paste from the npm without putting in a lot of effort. They can get away with the task with some smart skills and experience to integrate codes, test, and debug their projects.

  1. Debugging:

Developing isn’t enough. A developer must also know how to debug. It’s only then he can build a bug-free product. To test the debugging skills of your potential candidate, you must ask him/her “How would you debug this?”. You can then evaluate the candidate’s ability to identify and resolve potential bugs. Look for hiring Node.js developers with good debugging skills.

  1. Data Flow:

The programmer who understands the data flow of a Node.js application is a man of value. He can be trusted to test or give a product demo. Node.js developers must be comprehensive with the data flow. Knowledge of streams and buffers; asynchronous programming and asynchronous behavior; security and performance needs defines an ideal Node.js developer. Also, he must be skilled at scaling Node.js and JavaScript applications.

  1. Experience:

Candidates who have worked already in Node.js projects are preferable than the ones with no experience. Past experience ensures the candidate’s ability to build a product and therefore are more likely to rely on newer products.

  1. Social Geek:

A candidate with good networks is good to go with hiring Node.js developers. The one who attends developer meetups, conferences and is a member of the developer’s community is a preferable choice for Node.js developer. The candidate with a background in computer science and the one who has contributed code to the ecosystem and/or filed bug reports, stand out. Having a good profile on Github also counts.

  1. Third-party services integration:

There’s hardly an application that runs without the participation of “a third wheel”. For payments, integration of Paypal, GooglePay is done while for the sharing feature, integration of Instagram or Facebook is done. Therefore, while hiring Node.js developers make sure he knows how to integrate various complicated systems. The ideal candidate for a Node.js developer is the one who can write fewer lines of code, contributing to cost and time-efficiency.

  1. Dual Knowledge:

Knowledge of both frontend and backend is important. The ideal candidate is the one who can work with the user-facing part of the application as well along with backend programming.  Backend node.js developers who can work with front-end elements created by their teammates are ideal candidates for hiring Node.js developers.

  1. Soft Skills:

Soft skills like effective communication skills, empathy, leadership skills, etc. are a must for a node.js developer. Work culture has gone remote post the COVID crisis and it demands a need for excellent communication to avoid mishaps due to miscommunication. So, a candidate who is a good communicator and can lead the team makes up for an ideal candidate.

  1. Other Things:

Apart from cut and paste, a Node.js developer must know things like concurrency, promises, callbacks to build an excellent web application with Node.js. For hiring Node.js developers, you must evaluate them on their knowledge about systems and processes. Ask them how they would integrate certain modules with other systems. Tell them to explain how certain systems and processes work.

Node.js Developers Roles and Responsibilities:

Hiring Node.js Developers

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The work scope of a Node.js specialist generally revolves around managing the data interchange between users and the server. It is a well-known fact that any platform is built on the basis of a set of complex codes and information. Therefore, developers are responsible to work on issues like creating logic at the backend of applications, establishing a better performance and ensuring that user requests are processed by the system and hence, providing good user experience.

The best candidate is the one who is capable of taking dual responsibility of both front-end and back-end. It is an add-on advantage if a back-end Node.js developer has a basic understanding of the user-facing part of the application so that he can work with front-end elements created by others and vice versa. Third-party tools are often used during app development, so it is the role of Node.js developer to integrate different tools into the applications.

Responsibilities of Node.js Developers:

Earlier, there was a theory that you just have to be good at one thing to excel in your career but today the theory has been changed. Being good at just one thing isn’t enough, you need to be a multi-tasker. While hiring Node.js developers, you should seek for the candidate who is a jack of all trades. A Node.js developer has to be expert in a number of techniques and can take on a high amount of responsibilities.

Here are some of the key responsibilities of Node.js developers:

a. Adhering to Agile Methods

The importance of Agile technology is escalating in today’s tech world, so it is significant to consider while hiring Node.js developers who are familiar with Agile development methods. Agile development makes the product development cycle smoother.

b. Writing Clear Codes

The best code written is the one that is reusable, laconic and comprehensive. If the code is so complex that it is difficult for other team members then it isn’t good code.

c. Front-end Development

Just because you are a back-end developer doesn’t mean you would never deal with front-end development. At times you need to deal with front-end developers as well. So, being a full-stack developer, you’d stand out.

d. Security Implementation

Where there’s data there’s a need for security. It is the responsibility of developers to implement secure practices into the product. This will certainly help them to secure the product.

e. Commitment to the Ecosystem

It not only showcases the candidate’s coding ability but also confirms that the candidate can collaborate with others and communicate effectively.

f. Performance Issues Detection

Although bug detection comes under the job role of a QA/tester, it’s a bonus if you have a knack at error identification and correction. It reduces the project time period and you shine like a rockstar in the team.

g. Database Configuration

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that database is the heart of an app or software when you are going to deliver customized content. So, while hiring Node.js developers make sure he possesses knowledge of using different database management systems (especially MongoDB).

h. Keeping Updated

Node.js updates are released frequently therefore developers must be updated and should switch to the latest version to take advantage of improved features.

Node.js Developers Skills:

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We have already discussed the roles and responsibilities of Node.js developers and you must have realized the significance of hiring Node.js developers.

Here’s a list of essential skills that must be checked when you look for hiring Node.js developers:

  • Understanding of basic front-end technologies. For example; HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Knowledge of other frameworks as well like Express, StrongLoop, etc.
  • Complete understanding about asynchronous programming and its workarounds.
  • Command over server-side templating languages. (Jade, EJS).
  • Knowledge of server-side CSS pre-processors like Stylus.
  • Practical knowledge and experience in user authentication and authorization between multiple servers, systems, and environments.
  • Skill to integrate ‘n’ number of data sources and databases into a single system.
  • Good with fundamental design principles to build a scalable application.
  • Can differentiate between multiple delivery platforms and optimize their output.
  • Implement automated unit tests and testing platforms.
  • Knows the tools like Git.
  • Experience at Node.js development tools like npm, grunt, broccoli, gulp, brunch, etc.
  • Error handling
  • Semantic Versioning
  • JavaScript knowledge is a must.
  • Complete Knowledge of Node.js frameworks
  • Database basics
  • Previous experience on projects
  • Microservices architecture and Architectural patterns
  • Optimization of Performance

Apart from the technical skills, some soft skills are also necessary to exercise the processes smoothly, handling communication efficiently, etc.

Here’s the shortlist of necessary soft skills:

  • Grasp learning
  • Strong Commitment
  • Flexibility
  • Engineer thinking
  • Design thinking
  • Analytical aptitude
  • Positive attitude
  • Team player
  • Soft-spoken
  • Highly motivated
  • Problem-solving capability
  • Leadership Skills
  • Effective communication
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Logical thinking
  • Verbal and quantitative
  • Empathy to understand user problems
  • Loyalty

Now you’d be aware of all the things that must be checked before hiring Node.js developers. A candidate who possesses all the skills (technical as well as other soft skills) is the best to hire.

You might be wondering that searching for an ideal candidate might be a tiresome job. It would require you to go through bunches of resumes then shortlisting some of them, scheduling interviews, and finally selecting candidates.

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