When and Why does your Business needs to Hire Full Stack Developers

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There is no second thought that every company always looks forward to hiring young and talented software developers. Therefore, the demand to hire full stack developers is increasing rapidly among startups and renowned companies as well. A multi-skilled full stack software engineer can be a great asset and do wonders for the company. Before hiring a full stack developer, let us learn what is full stack development and what skills the developer has.

What is Full Stack Development?

Usually, there are Front-end developers and back-end developers are required to develop any software or website. The front-end developer develops Client-side Applications and the back-end developer builds the Server-side Application. The developers who are efficient in working with both sides are termed as Full Stack Developers.

EngineerBabu why hire full stack developers

However, the different technologies and skills with which a Full Stack Developer is equipped with;

  1. Programming Languages- Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript.
  2. Frameworks/Libraries- React, Angular, Node.js, Larvel, Ruby on Rails.
  3. Markup Languages- HTML and CSS.
  4. Content Management System- WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento.
  5. Database- MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL.
  6. Deployment- AWZ, Google Cloud, Azure.

A Full Stack Developer should be supposed to have the skills of one or two from each division. Apart from these skill combinations, a Full Stack Developer can also have a good knowledge of work with Animations, Graphics and Designing.

Basic Skills Required to Hire Full Stack Developer

EngineerBabu skills of a full stack developer

  1. Git, GitHub, and SourceTree- All the full stack developers are expected to be skilled and know how to deal Git along with GitHub and SourceTree. Git is an open-source web-based hosting service that can effectively support the management of modifications applied in the website, application, coding, or other related information in application development.
    It is highly recommended for a person who is single-handedly controlling the whole project must have a profile and in any of the portals i.e. Git, GitHub, or SourceTree.
  2. Programming Languages- A full stack engineer should require to know the multiple programming languages such as Java, PHP, C#, Python, Ruby, Pearl, and many other languages. During the development phase these core languages are required, so a full stack web developer needs to be equipped with these languages to maintain the effortless flow of the work.
    A full stack software engineer should be aware of the front-end, back-end, and database languages. Then only the single developer can handle all the phases of the software or application development.
  3. Front-end Technology- To hire full stack developers, always look that the candidate should be an expert in front-end technologies like CSS, HTML, JQuery, and other technologies as well. In which expertise in HTML and CSS is a must for full stack web developers. This guides the developer to add content and style the project to the client’s requirement. Both languages are the building blocks to structure the web pages. HTML and CSS are majorly used by all the experts and full stack developers to create an engaging front-end of the website or application.
  4. Backend Language-  Earlier, Frontend Ninja has alone dominated the market in terms of backend languages. However, in the current scenario, Python and Node.js have grabbed the attention of developers for backend site development.
    Node.js requires a lot of labor from one. As it is based on the JavaScript environment, therefore, without a doubt in mind the developer must know the basics of JavaScript to work with Node.js.
    Python is another famous language for backend development. It is not only famous among the developers but is highly demanded by clients as well.
  5. Databases and Web Storage- While building any application or website, it also requires to store some data which can be accessed later on. Without a database, all these developments will make no sense.
    Hence, it is expected that a full stack web developer should have proficiency in working with database management systems, and can understand, create, and manipulate the database query effortlessly. The full stack developer must know any of the database handling applications like MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer, MongoDB, etc.
  6. Web Architecture- While going through the procedure of hiring full stack developers, one must keep in mind the candidate must know how to structure the code and separate the files along with all the above skills. In Web Architecture, the full stack developer needs to know how to structure the data in the database, and where to perform the computational tasks. Along with the skills of front-end, backend, and database management, the developer must know how to put all these things together to present the final product.
  7. Other Individual Skills- Along with all the programming skills, every individual needs to be self-aware and their skills are also important to sustain and be a quality developer. Therefore, some of the individual skills which can let you be a successful full stack developer are as follows-
    1. He needs to think outside the box and be innovative in solving problems without wasting time.
    2. A good communication skill is must so that he/she can interact with the clients and team members and can easily get their requirements at the place and on time.
    3. A full stack developer learns to manage his team of experts effortlessly if the requirement arises.
    4. Interested and passionate about learning new things and technologies.
    5. He can easily analyze the client’s expectations and can see the big picture and the vision of the business.

Why do Companies need to Hire Full Stack Developers?

To hire full stack developers, could lead to a lot of benefits to the company especially for start-ups. Let us learn about the major reasons why companies look to hire full stack software engineers.

EngineerBabu Needs to Hire Full Stack Developers

  1. Quick & Effective Problem Solver – While hiring any developer a company initially looks for the developer’s skills and experience. A developer who is capable of solving issues related to different platforms or modules of the software development phase, he/she gets hired instantly by the company. Therefore, nowadays companies look to hire full stack developers and get their multiple issues resolved through a single candidate.
  2. Equipped with Multiple Technological Skills – One of the major reasons why the companies looking to hire full stack developers is that they are equipped with multiple technologies. Apart from that, the startup companies usually like to hire young talent as they can produce the full stack engineer as they require. Due to this, in a period of time, they can learn other technical skills and can grow as the company expands.
  3. Cost-Effective – Without any doubt, the trends of hiring full stack engineers gain popularity because the companies are getting more in less expense. It means a full stack engineer can develop all the different aspects of the project. The startups don’t require to hire a specialized team of engineers of different technological skills. A competent full-stack software engineer can easily manage the project single-handedly. In this way, companies or startups can save a good amount of money in hiring a team of specialized developers.
  4. Develop Good Management and Executive Skills –  It is a great benefit for long-term employee. Companies usually like to promote their wide and highly experienced employees in the business. As a matter of fact, full stack web developers get the exposure to work on the front-end and back-end of software or web development along with the database architecture which connects both ends. Such great learning exposure and experience over a variety of projects gives them a hands-on benefit over front-end or back-end peers. This gives them a good opportunity to get promoted and become an inseparable part of the company and can manage a team of developers as well.
  5. Fast Development Process – Companies hire full stack developers because they are capable of taking the sole ownership of the software or web development. They can single-handedly solve all the arisen queries during the development phase. They don’t require to spend a lot of time discussing and meeting with the team members over the problem-solving process in the project. Apart from that, the client also can conveniently take updates or converse regarding updation or progress due to the single source of reference.
  6. Comprehensive Work – An expert full stack software engineer can easily work over multiple projects at a time based on the urgency factor. The work can also be managed efficiently by remote full stack developers and makes the flow of operations easier. Remotely working can be easily managed by a company if there are few and responsible employees, whereas, it can’t be easy to manage a large number of employees at a time.

When does Business need to Hire Full Stack Developers?

Developing software or website requires its development from scratch whether it is a startup or an MNC. Therefore, every company used to look for skilled employees and get their project done in minimum time while maintaining good quality. Therefore, it is important for any small or big company to learn when their business requires hiring full stack developers.

EngineerBabu When to hire full stack developers

  1. Appropriate for Startup Businesses- The journey of startups is not easy, not even their budget is too high so that they can go for individual specialist developers. Therefore, for startups opting to hire full stack developers will always be a good call. In this manner, they can utilize their available funds effectively.
    On the other hand, if they look for a specialist then they won’t be able to get a single person specialist in every field. Therefore, a fresher with core technical skills can work as a full stack developer and can gradually brush up his skills as the company requires. In this manner, not only the company will grow but also the experience and skills of the developer will also grow.
  2. When Business Requires an Expert Technical Head- A full stack engineer can easily fill the shoes of a technical head. As they are having the great understanding and experience of working over a variety of components required during the development phase of a project. Experienced full stack software engineers can handle a team of smart individual developers and lead the project towards the path of success.
  3. When Going to Start an MVP Project- It is very feasible and would be an intelligent call for any small or medium-sized business to hire full stack developer when you are going to build an MVP Project. Going with a single specialist instead of hiring 3 or more specialists to work over the project won’t be budget-friendly for the business.
    Usually, full stack developers can work single-handedly over multiple projects and have a better understanding of all the different stages involved in a project development. Hence, the full stack engineer can do the task very efficiently as compared to the specialists.

Challenges the Businesses face with such Developers

As we know, a full stack web developer is skilled in multiple technologies but not a perfectionist or expert in any technology. However, being on the positive part of getting a multi-skilled employee, there is a negative side of it.

Being a full stack software engineer and working on a variety of technologies doesn’t make him expert in all or any specific technology. This could be one of the huge negative points for the organization when they look for an expert on specific technologies. As a matter of fact, during the development phase of a project, there might condition arise where expert supervision is required to solve the issue. Then, that situation could be a great matter of concern for the organization.

Hence, we can interpret that, choosing a full stack developer based on the project’s requirement would not be a great call in terms of long-term conditions.

EngineerBabu Finding the best full stack developer


It is highly recommended to the startups or a business owner to hire full stack developers on the priority if you are planning to develop a mobile application or website. However, to keep your budget minimum whether you are going for your personal product development or for the client, always prefer a full stack web developer. A full stack engineer can prove to be a great benefit for the business and can solve a variety of queries on his own and can lead an expert team very efficiently.

If you are also looking forward to hiring a freelance full stack developer or a company to develop your application or website, then EngineerBabu is definitely going to be the right platform for you. We are having an experienced team of developers and full stack developers as well to serve you better with your innovative idea. Feel free to reach out to us and in presenting your business idea and make it a reality. You can visit our website for other informative blogs and lookout for our previous works and the quality clients we are associated with.

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