Golf Application and Web development

Before sharing how we build a Golf app for one of our clients, let me introduce myself…

Hello Readers,
I am Mayank , Luckily founder of this company , the company driven by crazy web developers. The team who cares their team members, the team who respect their clients, the team who work hard to make their client happy, the team who smile, laugh and enjoy working to make your idea awesome. here you can find how we deliver our apps .

How we build a Mobile App for Golf players

This is true story , Damm killer ; because we (EngineerBabu’s) never played golf, I really not watched a single golf match. I don’t know single player, i not even watched a golf court in my life.
In india Golf game is not that popular, only high class people (Richs) play that game. I saw some people those play game not for enjoying they play for show off . They usually feel proud saying “Hey today we went court and have 3-5 . 4-2 along with jacuzzi “. So really we don’t know anyone so called Domain expert to make this app. Than finally how we main to get 5* Rating and made Mr. Don happy in his Golf App and Web development project.

Mr. Don :- The guy who deserve respect , as he has played a great game since long years almost 34 years. He was very senior and respectable but yes he want to serve back to community by Golf App and Web development .

Initial Conversation :-  He was from USA and we are Indian, time difference 10- 14 hours, We always made calculation (IST – PST ) or (PST – IST ) . We always search in Google Current time in USA . Yes than we figure out smart way to use Google calender meeting planner. Yes it works well and seriously Google did awesome job. We had Skype call , you can use Philips Earphone those are great when you want to talk over Skype.
Requirement Analysis :- I told him clearly that i really don’t know how to play Golf but i know how I can make app that can fulfill his requirements. I have read many golf tutorials and some yourtube videos as well to know more how to play Golf. I posted in facebook and asked if anyone of my friend had played golf . Luckily I got a man, Vaibhav. He worked in HP and HP company provide FREE golf passes 🙂 . So if you want to join HP surely you can join ask for referrals.

Then made a presentation of step by step process of app development and web development .
Divided our tasks into modules and delivered one by one.

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