A complete guide to build a Doctor Appointment and Hospital Administration App

Doctor Appointment

Objective of the Doctor Appointment App 

To build a mobile and web application for hospitals/clinics where they can manage doctor appointments for hospital administration. The hospital/clinic must have other facilities also along with managing doctor appointments like, adding receptionists and connecting with various pharmacies in their area. Patients can connect with the application and find a doctor in their preferred location. Hence, making the doctor appointment easier for patients. The doctors can decide their visiting hours in hospitals/clinics and take the appointments accordingly. The receptionists can maintain the list of doctor appointments and patient history. This way the app will also reduce human labor of manually managing the doctor appointments. The application will make the doctor appointment process hassle-free for the patients and hence ease hospital management.

Doctor Appointment App -USP

  1. Doctors can easily manage various appointments in a day at different locations.
  2. Doctors can maintain the history of the patients for how many times they have attended the patients, doctors’ prescriptions online, reports and more.
  3. Doctors can also tie-up with pharmacies for medicines.
  4. The user can decide how early he/she wishes to start the doctor’s appointment/ booking for patients.
  5. Doctors can maintain a list of receptionists they have.
  6. Doctors don’t have to check the calendar to see where and how many appointments they have. The app notifies about the upcoming doctor appointments.
  7. Doctors can send prescriptions over the app to their patients so that patients get doctors prescriptions online.
  8. Doctors can set up a follow-up meeting or suggest another doctor to the patient by doctor appointment and hospital administration app.
  9. Doctors can connect with pharmacies via the app.
  10. Doctors can also post articles about their medical practices from the app.

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User Persona:

Demographics User

Male / Female

Backgrounds The user who wants to maintain various patient appointments at different locations
  1. To know all the scheduled appointments of the day so that users can plan out the day accordingly and therefore no appointment is left unattended.
  2. To know a patient’s history so that the user doesn’t have to start from scratch in case any prescription or reports are not present at the moment.
  3. To have a platform where users can share articles on medical practices and the latest technologies in the medical field and also stay updated at the same time.
  4. To stay connected with the pharmacies.
Goals To make the attending of appointments systematic and hasslefree.
  1. Poor interface
  2. I can’t use this platform for multiple hospitals/clinics.
  3. Unable to maintain a lot of appointments in a day at different locations. No time management because of this.
  4. No such platform to stay connected with the patient directly.
  5. Have to call the patient in-person even when the user has to suggest another doctor.
  1. Easy to use platform for all doctors who struggle with managing various appointments in a day at different hospitals/clinics.
  2. The best place where doctors can mention everything from their availability at different hospitals/clinics to their specialties and experience.
  3. Doctors can directly stay connected with their patients.
  1. Easy-to-use interface
  2. Managing multiple appointments at different hospitals has become easy because of the app because the app keeps the doctors updated about all upcoming appointments.
  3. Doctors are much more updated than before about the latest medical practices and technologies because of the app. They can also share their experiences with other doctors via the app.
  4. Connecting with pharmacies has become easy.
  5. Doctors can also directly connect with their patients via the app. 

The flow of Getting Doctor Appointment

Flow for Doctor Side


  1. Create the profile
  2. Able to update the list of hospitals the doctor is visit
  3. Able to decide the time of availability in each hospital
  4. Able to decide the number of Token and Appointment
  5. Able to decide the number of online and offline Token and Appointment
  6. Able to decide before how many days the appointment or token booking must be open
  7. Booking history
  8. Able to refer patients to other doctor’s or hospitals
  9.  Able to schedule followup visit for the patient
  10.  Get Feedbacks from patients (as anonymous)
  11.  Able to add a receptionist
  12.  Able to Blog (Write, Read and Share)
  13.  Able to customize dosage and frequency of intake
  14.  Write a prescription to save it and print or send to patient app
  15.  Able to refer the patient to the Diagnostic center or laboratory for a specific test
  16.  Able to write notes for a patient for future referral
  17. Able to schedule followup visit for the patient


A multi-specialty hospital includes a number of departments, rooms, doctors, nurses, compounders, and other staff working in the hospital. Patients having different kinds of ailments come to the hospital to get their checkup done from the concerned doctors. If required, they are admitted in the hospital and discharged after treatment.

The aim of this case study is to design and develop a database for the hospital to maintain the records of various departments, rooms, and doctors in the hospital. It also maintains records of the regular patients, patients admitted in the hospital, the check-up of patients done by the doctors, the patients that have been operated, and patients discharged.

Dashboard of a Hospital Administration App

Admin list for Hospital Administration

Booking a Doctor Appointment

Patient Management

Patient Management App

Managing the Doctor Appointment


  1. Create/edit/delete/list doctor
  2. Create/edit/delete/list receptionist
  3. Create/edit/delete/list Department
  4. Create/edit/delete/list Nurse
  5. Create/edit/delete/list Services
  6. Create/edit/delete/list Test
  7. Can create the patient profile
  8. Book the appointment
  9. Book the token
  10. Edit the time and date
  11. Prescription view and update
  12. Diagnosis
  13. Follow up

Key Functionalities:

Patient Registration

  • The patient registration process is made simple with basic required details
  • Store and retrieve the patient profile
  • Record the following details for the patient visit
  • Main presenting problem
  • Past Medical problem
  • HO main presenting problem
  • Family problem
  • Occupational problem
  • Social problem
  • Allergic, precautions and Diagnosis

Token / Appointment

  • Multiple sessions can be configured by the Doctor
  • Issue Token for different session and print pay slip for fees
  • Prerequisite (Example: Blood Test, ECG) for the visit will be displayed while issuing new Token


  • Nurses can record patient readings before the diagnosis by Doctor.
  • Vital readings: Height, Weight, BMI
  • A basic Blood test like Urea, Blood Test, Temperature, Height, Weight, and BMI
  • Manually capture of test values performed in a different LAB
  • Check the Medical history of the patient and preview the prescription


  • Print patient statement for custom selection period
  • Setting up doctor’s availability which confirms patient appointments.
  • Maintain visit information.
  • Setup custom diagnosis.
  • Maintain a suggestion list of problems from assessments that can be included in every patient.

Real-life Challenges for patients

  • Waiting in the queue to get a doctor’s consultation is frustrating.
  • Not being able to get the doctor appointment with your regular doctor.
  • Searching for a doctor in a new city is very time-consuming.
  • Visiting the hospital/clinic to check the doctor’s availability and book an appointment.

Application Challenges

  • Delivering a unified user experience.
  • Search on the basis of doctor’s specialty

Business Benefits

  • Real-time access to various doctors and hospitals to book appointment
  • Time saver as no need to visit the clinic /hospital to book an appointment.
  • Search doctor on the basis of location, specialty, and availability.

Patients- USP

  1. Users can easily find and book a doctor’s appointment in his preferred location in just a few clicks.
  2. Users can book an appointment and set a reminder for the same.
  3. The user doesn’t have to visit or call the receptionist to check the doctor’s availability and then accordingly do the doctor booking.
  4. Users can read the doctor’s history, ratings, and reviews before booking a doctor’s appointment. Also later can give feedback.
  5. User can maintain a list of their favorite doctors
  6. Users can save doctors’ prescriptions online as well as reports in the application itself.
  7. Users can navigate the route to visit the hospital/clinic via the application.
  8. User can search for hospitals that provide emergency facilities in their location
  9. The app is free for all users.
  10. Users can know about different doctors available in various locations.

User Persona

Demographics User

Male / Female

Backgrounds The user who wants to find and book a doctor’s appointment in their preferred location.
  1. To know the availability of the doctor to book an appointment.
  2. To know the best doctor/specialist in your location.
  3. To save time and book an appointment online rather than visiting the hospital to do the same.
  4. To know the best hospitals in your locality.
  5. To know the doctor’s history before booking an appointment.
Goals To make the appointment booking hasslefree.
  1. Poor interface
  2. Can’t use the platform in multiple cities
  3. Can’t get any personal info about the doctor
  4. No possibility to book the appointment from the app but need to call each time for the booking.
  5. It can only search for doctors but not hospitals.
  6. Maintain prescriptions and reports manually
  1. Easy to use platform for everyone who wants to book a doctor’s appointment online.
  2. Best way to know the doctor’s history before booking an appointment.
  1. Easy-to-use interface
  2. Don’t have to worry about getting a good doctor or hospital in any city.
  3. Know about the doctor or hospital before visiting.
  4. Easily maintain prescriptions or reports in the app itself.


User Journey

The main takeaway from the interviews was that there is a mixed approach when considering healthcare options. There seem to be a solid reliance on general practitioners for seasonal diseases (cold, cough, flu), but for some areas (like dentists as highlighted in the hypothesis list) private clinics are preferred. There were good examples of online booking solutions mentioned in both sectors, but patients would not widely demand the digital options: discussing appointments over the phone to get into the clinic of a trusted doctor and adapting to the specialist’s available slots seems an accepted trade-off. In the journey, therefore, under current options, various interaction channels (even offline ones) have been considered. Under the advised app features, I was then focusing on how that specific step of the whole experience can be supported with the product.

Additional findings were that deliberating the price of the service patients validate the value they get in return for their money: they check ratings, doctor profiles, pictures showcasing the office design and hygiene. From payment options cash or credit card remains key, this however partially disproved an initial assumption, that listing other cost coverage options like health insurance allowances would count.

User Experience of a Doctor Appointment App

Wireframes of the Doctor Appointment and Hospital Management App

Wireframe of a Doctor Appointment App

Hospital name and logo:

Call button

  1. This will take you to the dial pad from where you can call the hospital
  2. The number is automatically filled in the dialer

Hospital information:

  1. Here you will see the information about the hospital and its mission, values, and vision
  2. You can click read more to read the full content
  3. You can click read less to shrink the content


  1. This  will take you to the dial pad from where you can call the emergency doctor
  2. The number is automatically filled in the dialer

Whats app (need help):

  1. This will direct you to the what’s app page of the emergency doctor
  2. There you can chat with the doctor for any help

Menu(three dots): By clicking there would be three options

    1. About
      1. A hospital logo
      2. Call option
        1. This  will take you to the dial pad from where you can call the hospital
        2. The number is automatically filled in the dialer
      3. Here you will see the information about the hospital mission, values, vision, location, terms, and conditions
    2. My appointments
      1. Here user appointments would be shown
      2. With the information of dr name, date and time
    3. Share link
      1. On clicking this all apps would open through which you can share the Dr. Rakhee’s App

Doctors: Here you will see the doctors list available in the hospital

    1. Dr information
      1. Photo
      2. Name
      3. Degree
      4. Category
      5. Specialties
    2. Book an appointment
      1. On clicking this you will be on the appointments page
      2. Note
        • Here you write your illness for what you are visiting the doctor
      3. Phone no
        • You have to enter your phone number to book the appointment
        • Code would be sent to the customer have to enter the code to verify
      4. There are available slots which you can select for your appointment
        • These slots vary for different doctors
        • According to their presence
        • These appointment slots start from today and ends after a week
        • You can select any one slot
      5. After filling all the details you can click on the book your appointment would be booked (note is not compulsory all other details are compulsory)
    3. Call for fess
      1. This  will take you to the dial pad from where you can call the hospital
      2. The number is automatically filled in the dialer
      3. You can ask for the doctor’s fees

Clinical facilities:

  1. On clicking this you would be directed to the clinical facilities page
  2. The list of all facilities is shown
  3. Name and image of the facilities
  4. On clicking the book the particular facility page opens
  5. Options available are
    1. Number
      • After entering a number code would be sent
      • Code would be sent to the customer have to enter the code to verify
    2. Pick a date then choose the time according to your need
    3. Note
      • Here you write your reason for what you are visiting
      • Here any special condition can be mention
    4. Book
      • On clicking this your appointment would be booked
      • Every detail is compulsory except notes

Health tests:

  1. On clicking this you would see the list of test packages
  2. Which tests are included in all packages are shown here
  3. Name and tests information the number of tests
  4. On clicking the book test you would be directed to a particular test page
  5. Price is shown here of tests with the discount
    1. Price
    2. Address- you need to enter the address
    3. Number
      • After entering a number code would be sent
      • Code would be sent to the customer have to enter the code to verify
    4. Pick a date then choose the time according to your need
    5. Note
      • Here you write your reason for what you are visiting
      • Here you write your reason for what you are visiting
    6. Book
      • On clicking this your appointment would be booked
      • Every detail is compulsory except notes

Super admin functionality:

Super admin can only login and reset the password.

Dashboard: Super admin will see all activities analytics-

  1. Total doctors
  2. Doctors onboarded today/this week/this month
  3. Active doctor and inactive doctor count
  4. Total doctor appointments/today’s appointment/this week appointment
  5. Total clinics/hospital onboarded/today’s onboarded/this week/this month

Doctor info:

  1. Name and other information
  2. Associated with which clinic or hospital
  3. Specialization
  4. Services he/she provided
  5. Consultation fee
  6. Availability
  7. No of appointment per day
  8. No of token per day
  9. Holidays


  1. Name and other details
  2. Address
  3. Document CEA or license
  4. No of doctor
  5. No of receptionist
  6. Services
  7. Availability
  8. Holidays
  9. Minimum fees
  10. Emergency handling or not
  11. Appointment per day
  12. Pre doctor booking allowed or not.
  13. No of sub-admin

CRUD for clinic and hospital:

  1. Create clinic account
  2. Create a hospital account
  3. Edit clinic
  4. Verified clinic
  5. Edit hospital
  6. Verified hospital
  7. List of clinic
  8. List of hospital
  9. View detail
  10. Mark inactive

Search & filter: Can search clinic/hospital by their name, email, mobile number.

Doctors Appointment List:

  1. To know how many doctor appointments have been scheduled so far
  2. List of appointments
  3. Can search appointments
  4. Filter the appointment
  5. View the detail
  6. Pagination

Doctor Appointment details:

1.Patient info

  1. Name
  2. Profile picture
  3. Email
  4. Contact number
  5. Gender
  6. Age
  7. Address

2. Appointment info

  1. Consulting doctor
  2. Appointment date
  3. Appointment time
  4. Condition

Are you having a similar idea and want to build your own app? We would be happy to work on your app as well. If you are also planning to develop your own similar app for a doctor appointment or hospital management then please feel free to reach out to us. We have an experienced team at EngineerBabu who is excellent at delivering world-class apps and software. Our healthcare software developers can help you build the same. Since we have been delivering IT solutions to a wide range of clients, we have tried and tested the errors that come in the way. So we promise on-time product delivery. If you have any queries, then we are there for your assistance. Feel free to even if you are in the ideational stage. To read more blogs and success stories, visit our website.

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