Golang vs. Python: Why Hire Golang Developers?

Hire Golang Developers

Prior to beginning any project development, a majority of development teams go over several meetings to decide the best language. Many times the discussion gets heated up among teams to hire Golang Developers or Python Developers. Because an accurate selection of programming languages proves to be an essential pillar of software development.

The programming language is the sole path that builds a two-way channel between the programmer and the computer. There is a pool of programming languages, but here we will discuss Golang and Python language and which language should be preferred while hiring developers.

Although Golang and Python are quite similar languages yet vary significantly in their functional features. Firstly, let’s get a comprehensive insight over both the programming languages: Golang vs. Python. Then will move ahead and learn why you should hire Golang Developers for your new projects.

So, let’s begin with learning about Golang and Python Language.

What is Golang?

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The Golang programming language is developed by Google, and also known as “Go”. The lead developers at Google were “Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson.” It was introduced for public use in 2009.

Golang is loosely based on the C Programming language’s syntax and eliminates the extra syntax of the C++ language. It also had the addition of many modern features like method and operator overloading, typing indicator, type of inheritance, and pointer arithmetic. It delivers excellent performance with lightning speed.

The unique features Golang offers to its developers are;

  • Excellent Debugging Quality.
  • Executes Cross-platform Applications.
  • Easy Code Compilation.
  • Best for Ethereum Docker Project Development.

Despite having such great features, Golang has few pros and cons, and are as follows;

Pros of Golang

  • It provides ease of Coding.
  • It serves in-built Security.
  • It is equipped with a Standard Library.
  • It has lightweight routines.

Cons of Golang

  • It provides no support for Inheritance.
  • It has only limited Libraries to work.
  • It doesn’t support OOP.
  • It doesn’t have any GUI Library.

Some of the reputed companies who hire Golang Developers adopted Golang and recognized the need for efficient and lean code are Apple, Facebook, BBC, The New York Times, Docker, and many more.

What is Python?

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Python is a general-purpose programming language developed by a Dutch programmer, “Guido van Rossum.” The language was released in the year 1991. It is a very popular and potential programming language. It is a language that can be almost used for anything or any kind of project development. It is also referred to as ‘Scripting Language’ because initially it was meant for trivial projects only.

Python is an interpreted language; it means the written code can not be actually translated to a computer-readable format at runtime. Whereas, a majority of the programming languages perform such conversions when the program is compiled.

It is a great language to use, as it reduces the cost of product development at the initial stage and saves time. Python provides a long list of libraries, like TensorFlow, Pandas, Keras, NumPy, SciPy, and many more, which reduces development time. It provides a great platform for developers to build robust server-side development.

Python language can also be used for Cognitive Technologies, i.e., Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and others. It is one of the top 7 programming languages used by the majority of developers and is also ranked No. 1 in the annual result of IEEE Spectrum Ranking.

Being number 1, Python hold few pros and cons, and are as follows;

Pros of Python

  • It is readily available at numerous open-source packages.
  • It supports Enterprise App Integrations.
  • It has an extended Community.
  • It is a useful platform for AI and Machine Learning.

Cons of Python

  • Its limited speed is a significant drawback.
  • It is not a suitable platform for App Development.
  • It is an unsuitable platform for memory-intensive tasks.
  • It doesn’t support Designing.

Some of the reputed companies who have adopted Python programming language for their work are Instagram, Facebook, Mozilla, and many more.

It is very evident that both languages are compelling and potential, which proposes fierce competition while selecting one of them. Golang vs. Python is a debatable topic and requires a deep understanding of both while making any choice. Let’s dig a little deeper and do comparative learning of both the languages based on their features. Then it would be helpful to decide why you should hire Golang Developers or Python Developers?

Hire Golang Developers or Python: Feature-Based Comparison

Here, we will make a head-on comparison of these two programming languages to find out which is suitable for web development projects. We will compare both the languages on the following parameters;

  1. Performance,
  2. Scalability,
  3. Applications,
  4. Execution
  5. Libraries, and
  6. Community.

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  1. Golang vs. Python: Performance

To compare both language’s performance, we can perform a mathematical function by solving the complex problem. On this the amount of memory usage and time spent in solving the problem will help to select the best solution.

To analyze both the language’s performance, the vital factors considered are user-acceptance, scalability, UI/UX, etc. The language which fails to deliver excellent performance will get replaced by another in the market.

Golang is a compiler programming language. As a result, it is useful in quick app development. Whereas, Python language is not capable of doing so. Therefore, Golang is preferred among developers for rapid development.

In terms of Concurrency, the approach of both languages is different. Golang has built-in support and is efficient. It also uses the goroutines, which doesn’t require too much memory space. On the other hand, Python has lower efficiency due to the absence of in-built support. This makes Golang preferred over Python language.

In Golang vs. Python Performance comparison; Golang overpowers Python because of its efficiency in enhancing UI/UX. Well, both the programming languages can deal with concurrency. But, the distinctive features of Golang have beaten Python. This is the reason why companies used to prefer to hire Golang Developers instead of Python developers for their new and quick project development.

  1. Golang vs. Python: Scalability

Building a quality application is not less than a work of art. So, the Golang was developed while considering scalability features in mind. Its purpose is to assist developers and resolve issues. It involves numerous developers who work on significant server software. Therefore, Golang is available with in-built support for concurrency.

In contrast to this, Python finds it challenging to deal with concurrency, and it uses threads to implement Parallelism. Concurrency states that an application can deal with more than one task simultaneously. Whereas Parallelism means, a task is split into smaller parts by an application. To process such conditions Parallelism is required.

Let us understand Concurrency and Parallelism in detail;

Concurrency means an application is working on more than one task at a time (concurrently). For example, if a computer has one CPU, the application may not make progress on more than one process at the same time, but inside an application, more than one task can be processed. It does not complete a task before it begins a new task.

Parallelism means that an application splits its tasks into smaller subtasks, which get processed parallely, exactly with multiple CPUs at the same time.

Hence, it becomes evident that the language which inherently supports concurrency is a perfect language for big and scalable programs. Therefore, Golang is preferred over Python, and you should opt to hire Golang Developers for a quick and scalable application.

  1. Golang vs. Python: Applications

Each programming language serves a definite purpose. For example, JavaScript is known for Web Development, and Kotlin is used for building Full-Stack Android App Development.

Likewise, Python is also a one-stop solution for cognitive technologies. It can easily support the building of applications based on Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. It is only possible due to the availability of the broader libraries in Python programming and making the development in these fields, as mentioned above, a lot easier.

On the other hand, Golang is mostly used for system programming. As it supports concurrency, it can also be used efficiently for cluster computing and cloud computing. Golang is an easy to use programming language for web development due to the presence of powerful and easy to use libraries, which allows developers to set up a web server in no time.

This feature represents that both Golang and Python are great platforms to work upon based on the developer’s requirements. Both are proficient in their respective fields. Hence, selecting any particular language wouldn’t be appropriate. So, hire Golang Developer or Python Developer solely based on an application feature and your requirements.

  1. Golang vs. Python: Execution

Code Execution is another critical feature which to decide over making the accurate decision based on the requirement. Python language is typed dynamically, and Golang is typed statically. Python and Golang use an interpreter and compiler, respectively.

The statically typed language stands for, where variable types are declared explicitly for the compiler, due to which even the trivial bugs can be found easily. On the other hand, in a dynamically typed language, type inference is implemented by the interpreter due to which not all the bugs can be found instantly as the interpreter could misinterpret something.

Therefore, programmers may face some difficulties as Python is a dynamically typed language and which limits the programmer while building a huge program, whereas Golang can handle both types of programs with ease and error-free.

Hence, both languages are effective in their way. But, if you are working on a huge project, then, developers must adopt Golang over Python or prefer to hire Golang Developers rather than Python developers for such projects.

  1. Golang vs. Python: Libraries

The libraries are something that an application developer requires while working over software building. Along with that, the framework plays an important role in carving the idea into a virtual platform. Appropriate selection of frameworks and libraries are both very crucial for the project development.

Python is available with a variety of libraries and frameworks. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for developers. Python also provides an enriched collection of libraries, especially for forensics and data science areas. This ensures that the minimum time requirement in completing the prototyping process.

Each Python libraries has its own distinctive functions, and are as follows;

  • NumPy: it supports multi-dimensional metrics and arrays.
  • Scikit: it extends its focus on Deep Learning.
  • Pandas: it takes care of Data Analysis.
  • Scipy: it provides support for technical and scientific computing.

In contrast to this, Golang also supports libraries to an extent. However, it’s collection doesn’t satisfy the developers to the level that Python does.

Due to this, the developers even have clashes that Golang is difficult to use because of absence of frameworks. Using a framework is important, especially while starting a new project because it can save both time and money.

Well, this doesn’t mean Golang falls short. While developing Golang, Google and its developers make sure to choose the most important libraries as part of inbuilt Go libraries. Whereas, in number, the libraries are limited, but in usage fields, it can cover almost the same. It has libraries for web development, concurrent programming, encryption, and database handling too.

So, while making a decision between Golang vs. Python language to choose, make sure to do a comparative analysis. Then only look to hire Golang Developers or Python Developers based on your project’s requirement.

  1. Golang vs. Python: Community

Python is one of the oldest programming languages and has vast community support as compared to Golang. Since its introduction in the market, Python has evolved vividly and contributed a lot to the IT industry.

During this long period, not only is its community growing, but it is also keen to learn and understand new things. Such a huge community is always available and ready to extend their support whenever required. Overall, the Python community has ample libraries, an array of tools, and extensions.

On the other hand, Golang is quite new in the IT industry, yet it marks its presence count and becomes a renowned programming language. Therefore, it does not have tremendous community support but is an easy to use language, so efficient experts can quickly resolve the problems.

Thus, Golang faces some difficulties in its formative stage, but later on, it will rule the IT industry. So, for a new web development project, you can definitely hire Golang Developers to get your project done, as it is in great demand and gaining the market rapidly.


Hire Golang Developers: Golang-The Clear Winner!

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From the above discussed points in detail, we can conclude that while choosing any specific programming language, both hold some pros and cons. To get a clear picture while making the choice to hire Golang Developers or Python Developers for your project, Golang is much better than Python to go with app development.

Golang is safe to use when we talk about building a reliable application. It also offers great speed without sacrificing the quality of the products and making massive investments. Golang is the right option for providing concurrency. If you choose wisely, then Golang offers a variety of frameworks to choose from and get benefited from it. Hire Golang Developers, as it is an appropriate programming language for developing projects like service software, microservices, and systems development.

When should you Migrate your Project to Golang?

As an early startup, it is essential to introduce your services in the market at a good speed. For an intelligent and smart market strategist, it is a matter of time before a large number of users adopt your product or services. It is suggested to adopt Golang instead of risking or compromising with your user’s experience.

For example, in such a short period of time, Netflix has rapidly expanded its services all over the world. Therefore, to ensure the excellent user experience, it adopted Golang for optimizing server loading and efficient data processing on the server. Netflix implemented this shift because Golang provides non-disruptive background loading.

Hence, if your business demands the implementation of modern functionalities, such as on-demand services and new e-commerce features, then it is the right time to migrate and opt the Golang. Without a doubt, the Golang programming language will be a viable choice for fulfilling all your business needs.

When an existing application undergoes expansion and requires the addition of new features, it becomes a little tough to write the code under such conditions. Because it may hamper the overall app performance and may lead to increased response time in performing maintenance and troubleshooting.

Being an intelligent decision-maker, if all such adaptations of new features, your existing application is not being able to handle or is facing issues while dealing with the capacity. For such conditions, go with the Golang programming language and hire Golang Developers, it will be an accurate choice to implement the quick server response. This decision will definitely lead your business towards growth and enhanced customer experience too.

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We have Golang and Python developers to assist you with your personal preferences. Being an active member of both communities, we are always ready to serve you with your specific requirements. At EngineerBabu, we have dedicated and skilled developers in both; you can hire Golang developers or hire python developers based upon your convenience and requirements. For further assistance and detailed information, you can contact us, and we are here to help you.

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