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Python Language

Python Language is the most promising language of 2020. Python is not only being used in Web Development but also leading the Machine Learning and AI industry. A survey stated that 25.95% of the total web app is developed by using Python as a backend language and followed by Java 21.42% and JS with 8.26%.

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Python and its Frameworks

  1. Bottle: It is basically a microframework that creates a single source file for every application. This microframework of Python was initially developed for building APIs. Bottle framework has no dependencies required for crafting small web applications.
  2. CherryPy: CherryPy is a popular open-source, object-oriented Python microframework that generally follows a minimalistic approach. This framework is considered as the oldest microframework as it was launched in June 2002. If you are dealing with this framework, then there is no need to add Apache Server to run the deployed apps. The developer can use any kind of technology to access or template of data.
  3. Django: It is a Full-Stack framework. Django is one of the most famous and widely used web development frameworks for developing Python web applications.
    It is free to use and an open-source full-stack framework, which a good number of built-in features to make web development more manageable. It uses ORM for mapping objects to the database. As a result, it allows for less coding and programming.
  4. Flask: Flask is a microframework. It is a popular Python framework that is inspired by the Sinatra Ruby framework. The microframework generally requires the Jinja2 template and the Werkzeug WSGI toolkit. All thanks to its lightweight feature and modular design, Flask is readily adaptable.
    Flask facilitates developers to build a unique and prominent web application. This microframework is perfectly suitable for Google App Engine.
  5. Pyramid: The Pyramid is another leading framework ofPythons. The main aim of the open-source Python-based web development framework is to get as minimalistic complexity during the development.
    The most and the best aspect of the Pyramid is its ability to work equally well with small as well as full-scale applications with equal time investment. In addition to this, there is a multitude of resources available to extend its abilities as per the requirements.

What makes Python Language an excellent fit for enterprises?

Though Python is packed with many versatile features, there are many other reasons which Python Language a superhero of the IT industry. Just check out this:

  • Made for IoT: We live in an era where we all are surrounded by the Internet and the Internet of Things. It has opened the doors for many Python programmers to embrace their skills. The device like Raspberry Pi helps developers to build their own phones, games, cameras with using Python Language. With the help of this, the Python Developers connect them with the real-world market and able to create their own gadgets at a low cost.
  • Budget-Friendly: Python suits well to the enterprises with tight or any specific budget, and even it is a perfect choice for big projects as well. The majority of the entrepreneurs and businesses select Python because it enables fast development, less coding comparing to Java, PHP, C++, etc.
  • Python is Free: Python is an open-source language, and that is the best part about it. All its libraries, modules, and tools are totally available at no cost, and even in the future, it will remain the same. Many of its IDEs such as; Spyder Python, PTVS Pydev with Eclipse are free for downloading. Isn’t it amazing?
  • MVPs & Prototypes: With Python, the developers can create minimum viable products (MVPs), as well as prototypes. Several of tech startup owners find Python an ideal language to develop and prototype proofs-of-concept.
  • Huge Productivity: Python follows OOPs (Object Oriented Programming) concept in order to provide better process, unit testing, seamless integration with the text processing capabilities. All these are essential ingredients to improve the productivity and speed of development. If you are looking to develop a sophisticated yet robust multi-protocol network, Python is a smart choice.

    most productive programming language
  • Scalable: For any business or startup, it is imperative to achieve success and sustain it in the market. To ensure this, Python plays a vital role. Python helps the company to overgrow. It comfortably faces the obstacles that struggle to come on its way and ensure quality growth. With the help of Python, the business is able to survive in the market and produce a stable resultant.
  • Robust: Python is the most secure and robust language of this century. Many businesses like media streaming projects or social networks are mostly web-based, and it is a complex problem to keep your content more secure, original, and unaffected. But due to Python’s property of security, all the data is secured without providing any harm.
  • User-Friendly: In the software community, Python is recognized as a programming language that is easy to use and intuitive, which makes it user-friendly. Python comprises built-in dictionary data structures that are useful for building fast runtime data structures on Python development. Simultaneously, the platform enables the opportunity for high-level dynamic data typing, which eventually decreases the length of the required support code. As a result,, this tends to be the primary reason behind the liking of Python by many startups and enterprises.
  • Third-party Modules: ThePython package PyPI allows us to interact with other platforms and languages swiftly. The indulgence of 3rd party modules in the packages makes the whole development process very simple.

How are top-notch companies like Facebook, Netflix, and NASA using Python language to embrace their tech stack?

Well, there is no doubt that why Python is so attractive. Not only new startups but many established companies like; Facebook, Netflix, and NASA, are switching their deprecated tech stack to Python. Let’s see how:


Facebook not all but a significant amount of code is written in Python language. Facebook is the #1 Social Media platform that connects 100 million people through their web applications. Facebook initially used C++ and PHP but they are so delicate to hack, the founders were looking for some robust and secured language to migrate its code. Python comes with in-built libraries that are easy to use; thus, Facebook’s production engineers do not have to write so much coding and maintenance. In this way, they focus on their real product enhancement. Using Python as a backend technology facebook made its migration cost-effective as fewer engineers require to swap the technology.

Facebook uses Python Language

A post made by Facebook in the year 2016 states that “Python is presently responsible for the multiple services in the domain of infrastructure management, consisting of the usage of TORconfig for handling networking switch setup & imaging, FBOSS for white box switch CLIs, and use of Dapper to schedule and execute maintenance work.”

  • Over 21% percent of overall codebase infrastructure is covered by Python at Facebook while rest is covered by Java, C, and C++ with 9%, 15%, and 55% respectively.
  • Use of Python’s framework, ‘Py3’ is increased by 5% more by May 2016.
  • Since May 2016 to date, an average of 5000 codes has been modified by more than 1000 committers on. That’s a considerable amount.


Netflix uses Python to increase its security and to solve the problem of ambiguity. Netflix engineers were free to choose the language to develop their next code, and they rely on Python. They have noticed a great list of benefits of Python and decide to shift its code. One of the leading and vital places that Python is used is in the Central Alert Gateway.

In an interview, the Netflix spokesperson stated, “We use Python through the full content lifecycle, from deciding which content to fund all the way to operating the CDN that serves the final video to 148 million members.”

Netflix uses Python language

When it surveyed, the  Netflix engineers point out the standard library, extremely active development community, and the wide variety of 3rd -party libraries are available to solve nearly any given problem. In addition to this, as Python is so easy to develop, it has become a basic in many of Netflix’s other services apart from video streaming. In tracking, Netflix has seen a reduction in unexpected expirations drop from one very quarter to none since 2012 and it is considered a big achievement.


Asking about Python’s selection for NASA web development, the USA’s Senior Project Engineer Robin Friedrich says, “Python allows us to tackle the complexity of programs like the WAS without getting bogged down in the language.” Friedrich conceived of the WAS project in response to a significant gap in the way shuttle mission planning was handling data management.

Data Management

In addition to this, NASA also uses Python and frameworks in Machine Learning to develop robots that behave like a human in nature. Sofia is the best example of that.

Other Companies using Python Language


Python had great support from Google. The Google founders made this decision that says, “Python where we can, and C++ where we must.” Previously Google used C++ for memory control and low latency. In another way, Python is famous for its easy maintenance policy and it encouraged Google more to shift its code for the best delivery. Today, Python is among the official Google server-side languages, whereas Java, C++, and Go are others, deployed to production


Instagram used the Django framework of Python Language to run the world’s most prominent runtime application. Taking of Instagram’s usage of Python, Instagram software engineer Min Ni says, “Initially we chose to use Python as a language owing to its reputation for practicality and simplicity, which well aligns with Instagram’s philosophy, i.e., to do simple things first. Ever since then the engineering team at Instagram has invested its time & resources to keep Python deployment viable at a massive scale they are operating at, which is 800 million monthly active users. Later in 2017, Instagram moved major of their Python codebase from Python 2.7 to Python 3.”


Quora is a famous open question and answer platform where the crowd asks any type of question. The founder of Quora had long thought about what to implement to make the product more engaging and user friendly. After so many meetings, discussions, and analyses, they zeroed in Python, C++, Java, and Scala. They did not go with C++ because it is proprietary Microsoft language and didn’t want to oblige to any future changes put out by Microsoft. While on the other hand, Java was much painful to write and time-consuming as compared to Python.

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So they decided to follow Google’s footsteps and selected Python wherever they could owe the ease of writing & readability it brings. Whereas C++ is being used for performance-critical sessions.


There are a few more which I haven’t discussed here like; Spotify, Reddit, DropBox, ET Cetera. So this, not the end, there are many sectors where Python is raising its flag and making the world a different place to live. It has an enormous impact on Healthcare, logistics, Space, and Aeronautics industry. Python has a massive market for the coverup. Do you want to discuss more about it, drop me an email: [email protected] or for instant chat, .

Why hire Python developers from India uncommonly from a city like Indore?

  • India is very cost-effective. If you hire a developer with $150-$200/hr USD in the USA, you can find a better developer with more skills in $25-$40/hr.
  • The world’s prominent markets like North America, Australia, Singapore, UK, Eastern Europe, and South America are relatively costlier.
  • Indore is a small city with a population of around 35 lakh, which provides excellent commutation with less traffic.
  • A survey suggested that the export revenue of the IT industry is expected to grow 8-9 percent per year and reach 135-137 billion US dollars in the year 2019.
  • The hassle-free investment in India attracts businesses to hire Python developers from India.

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