The 10 Most Exciting Features of iOS 10


Most Exciting Features of iOS 10

Apple is always known for its cutting edge technology in its every new upgrade. On the 27th annual worldwide developers conference Apple launched iOS 10. Apple says that it is one of the biggest release of its iOS ever. With every launch of the apple it unveils some of its very exciting features. Along with iOS 10 Apple unveils many features and the best of them have been mentioned here.

  • SIRI– This iOS 10 gives the freedom to the developers to develop the SIRI according to the need, as API has been opened for them, which in turn made it possible for the developers to integrate the voice assistant functionality into 3rd party apps. Now SIRI can be used for sending text massages in the platforms like Slack, Vonage voice calls and can also initiate skype.
  • NEWS– SIRI 10 has an exciting news app, which was much awaited by the news lovers. This new app integrates the NEWS from all the News publisher and filter it according to relevance of the reader. It also enables a regular ping for the breaking NEWS.
  • Keyboard– Apple developed a keyboard which is smarter than the previous versions. This keyboard has an ability to give smart suggestions and if needed can consult SIRI as well. The voice assistant can access everything from your current location, reminder’s and calendar. The new keyboard of the iOS 10 also support multilingual typing without switching keyboard.
  • Lock screen– The latest update of iOS added many amazing feature to its lock screen, now iPhone will wake up at the instant user picks it up. Now the notification of the phone’s lock screen will be interactive with real time updates and instant direct replies. The control centre of the IPhone is redesigned with a dedicated music widget, that can be accessed just by a slide. Apple’s new iOS is also equipped with a 3D touch.
  • Voice mail–  The Phone Voice Mail App has been updated, now the voice mail includes features like transcription and also includes extra functionalities like recognizing
  • Messages– The messaging with the iPhone has become more exciting by supporting rich hyperlinks and smart previews. It has some added features like animated text bubbles, quick replies and also with emoji predictions. Now with iPhone messaging user can share videos as well.
  • Apple Maps–  Now apple maps has become more interactive and user friendly, Now the user can slide from the bottom iOS device screen and can get suggestion for everything nearby like fuel station’s, restaurants, Bars and Movie theatres. The new update app will also give the stats. Related to traffic. The new iOS 10 opens the platform for the developers to create extensions in the Map.
  • Home– With the iOS 10 apple created an App named “HOME”. This app gives a personalised experience to the user as it shows all your connected devices and all these devices can be connected and excessed by this app. This functionality can also be used through apple watch. With this app all the devices which is connected by the single apple ID can be adjusted and operated.
  • Music App– The music app of the APPLE has been revamped, the app has a new design and in addition to standard sections like artist and playlist, it now has an option of downloaded Music. The new app can show lyrics and also help the user the follow their preferred artists.
  • Photo App-The Photo App on the iPhone is powered by the advanced machine learning technology which enables the app to have enhanced facial re-organisation. The machine learning technology will also help the device to sense objects. The photo App of the iPhone also help the user to create video out of the images automatically.

With this new update from the iPhone as iOS 10 it could be said that, now apple is opening its platform for the 3rd party developers.

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