How we got 9700 project Inquiries in One Year through Linkedin

getting project inquiries through LinkedIn

Serious ! Yes, I am serious. 9700 project inquiries through LinkedIn seems impossible, right? I will share exactly what we did, how you can do same.
Linkedin: – I love people, not social media. Don’t force people to visit website, Facebook page, LinkedIn or Subscribe. We don’t have any popup that collects email id.

How to optimise LinkedIn for Business?

Tip 1 : – Create a decent profile in Linkedin, here decent means nice photo (Don’t put pic taking a selfie with ModiG, Goa background, Celebrating with chicks).
Tip 2: – Don’t write so much “XYX in ABC company, LLLY at BBX company and Cofounder & motivator & Investor & Part time DJ & Yoga mentor & Forbes under 90 & ….. “, Be real, don’t fake. People like natural flowers, not the plastic one.

Linkedin Mayank’s Profile Reference

Tip 3 : – If someone accepted your invite on LinkedIn, don’t spam him. People start sending long business cover letters like
Hey Mayank,
I am ******, from the company ****** and My company does:
1. ******** in hiring,
2. Expert in ********.
3. We won 12 awards in sfsfh…..
4. We have worked with 9009 clients
We have offices in Pakistan, Japan, China, and India.
Give me a break, and I am not interested 🙁
I am worried about why my maid took leave and how will I get lunch now :). People are not interested in what your company does, and how big your team is and if you have a sexy office, or if you have worked with Obama.
It’s not you who sells, it’s the people who buy

LinkedIn Ranking

Tip 4 : – Focus on productivity instead of being busy
Save time, do less, be lazy. Why you want to do more, do less possible things.
So how I approach others in LinkedIn.
We posted the blog on hiring a team, I know you are the expert in this domain, I read your blogs on Forbes. I don’t want to sell anything to you, can I bug you for 10 min.
If you are busy, please don’t revert 🙂
Mayank, Your friend at EngineerBabu, By luck, I am co-founder also “
Here is result
Most of the time, I get a reply within 20 min. Two lines are enough to tell people, why you are approaching them. Do less, be lazy.

Tip 5 : –
Don’t think big,
Most of the time, we keep thinking like, I will do that if this will happen and stories go on. Do it now, Think small and execute.
In EngineerBabu we got small ideas, we have 5 min meeting, and then we implement.
Problem : – We were looking to hire someone who is an expert in Android. Hiring an expert is very subjective, sometimes you pay well, hire a 12 years experience and all he does is sit and sometimes intern do wonder.
Solution :-
“Sidharth suggested “Mayank, Can we record video of geeks and I am sure we can find geeks, Idea seems perfect, and we executed in less than one day ”
Step 1 :- Finding right person, we asked in our company, do you know someone who is young and willing to take a new challenge.
Step 2 :- We posted in social media, that we looking for “geeks inside”
We found the guy, now how to record video
1. Professional Camera
2. Tripod
3. Editing required.
We recorded video with iPhone; Quality seems decent, we posted on social media and got the motivation to do the second one. Extended plans hardly work and long plans are assumptions.
Now we started writing and sharing our all experience as blog, I hope you will like it

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