This Valentine Week Introducing an Agile Way to Propose a Client

valentine week

Valentine week is here!
Hi to all the geeky fellas, quirky personalities, insane coders and each one of those who lives, eats and dreams the world of IT. Today, I am not going to deluge my insight identified with this industry but instead, give you a set of advice. All things considered, at present some you are caught up with wanting to take care of your valentine’s week and buck-up your confidence to chase down a lovely young lady whom you adore a lot. Are you the one whose mind stops processing, the system gets hung, and system crashes out of the blue just because of a beautiful face with a set of dark eyes? Geeks like us often face the problems of “Dude, are we going to be single again this Valentine?”. At that point my companion, your framework needs to get an antivirus asap. No stresses, I am here.

We as a whole know about the way that nowadays the Waterfall method for a Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is getting obsolete and AGILE framework is the new in. Yes, the conventional method for executing the activities of our customers are obsolete, and the industry is setting up new upgraded benchmarks by fusing AGILE system for SDLC.

All in all, you may ponder why the hell am I discussing the differences between these two methods and what it needs to do with Valentine’s week? Indeed, I am introducing some AGILE approaches to approach this current Valentine’s week and help you win a war over your relationship goals including your client.

Along these lines, here are a couple of analogies you should consider on the genuine note.

1. PLANNING – The ROSE DAY (7th February):

It’s customary and undeniable that a boy or a girl thinks about this day. There is nothing superior, to begin with, flowers, and if it’s a rose, gosh you don’t need to think further. So, always start with baby steps. It is all about “Detailed Planning”, where you do have a prior idea about how to approach your crush. And as they say, ‘The first impression is the last impression’. Well, have you heard about the famous childhood romantic duo, where the guy gifted his girl a bouquet of ‘chicken nuggets’ instead of flowers? Deliciously romantic, isn’t it?

2. ANALYSIS – PROPOSE DAY (8th February):

I don’t have the foggiest idea about how numerous hearts soften up during this 24 hour period and how many of them turn into sadness. So, here what you would do is “Detailed Analysis”. You have to be a spy (try being Sherlock, because he is the best in terms of deducing and sexy too) to the person you want to propose. Don’t be biased or jump over to conclusions, after all, it’s not a case to solve, it’s just an approach. Oh yes and once you would propose to your would-be girlfriend/boyfriend, then begins the after-math. You will have to analyse the possibilities of a YES or a NO, (as your engineering brain will work 100 times faster than it had while you were appearing for your engineering exams. All of a sudden Einstein’s spirit enters your body to calculate every minor detail). Look straight into their eyes and tell them honestly about your feelings for them. Okay, as-of-now you can stop staring into the mirror like that.

3. DESIGN – Chocolate Day (9th February):

Uhuuuu, young ladies simply adore chocolates. They go gaga about chocolates. In any case, believe me, there are young ladies who cherish books, espressos and a comfortable place to sit. Chocolates are the ultimate weapon to win them over. There are pizzas and panipuris as well. You could have a go at it by gifting them with a box of pizza straight from the wood-fired stoves, hot-n-fresh. So, this third step will help you design your project. Once analyzed you’ll get to know each other much better. Till now you thought that “She loved chocolates”, but now you know that “She loves panipuris too”. In this way, you can be the Michelangelo of your own relationship. Sculpt it the way you want. Trust me; it’ll reflect that appeal in your relationship.

4. DEVELOPMENT – Teddy Day (10th February):

Who doesn’t love to embrace, hope and respect that soft and delicate as-plume stuffed bear? Girls value their excellent recollections of their awesome childhood spent with this toy. Well, I am not asking you to be her “TEDDY BEAR” on which she can jump upon, rather I am asking you to gift her one. But, the idea of you being her teddy is fascinating enough, isn’t it? Imagine the way she’ll cuddle you, pull your cheeks, hug you and probably jump over (Uh, did the last one hurt you?). Hence, what I am trying to say is gifting her the world’s most desired toy i.e. a Teddy Bear, at least she’ll take you out for a dinner date. You never know.

5. TESTING – Promise Day (11th February):

What better way to knock out the possibilities of odds in your relationship with a trustworthy promise? No, dude not the “I will bring the stars and the moon for you” promise. Even, Christopher Nolan couldn’t do it in his film (Interstellar). So, make promises that you can abide yourself with for a lifetime with her. “Promises are meant to be broken” is just a pun we share with our friends, don’t get serious. Win the trust of your partner. Mean every promise you ever made since you met her. Follow your promises of change whenever and wherever your relationship requires it.

6. RELEASE – HUG Day (12th February):

There are circumstances and conditions that are created or happen between any kind of relationships. “Jadoo Ki happy” ie: after all tight hug, is the best healing agent on this planet. Doesn’t mean you go and hug your hot-looking professor because she is annoyed with your late submissions. You are an Engineering, after all; you know the after-effects of this, don’t you? In some cases, just a hug is all that could be needed to clarify the matter. Furthermore, believe me, nothing is more consoling than a hug.

7. MAINTENANCE – Kiss Day (13th February):

Predictably, this is the most famous day of this entire week. Stop pouting at the moment and focus on what am I saying. You can practice the type of kiss later. This day is not about going over to your girl, meeting her and making out. It’s something more than that. So, don’t be in a hurry, give time to your partner to feel comfortable and more secured with you and then try to take this step. She is not a bait; she is your life-partner. After all, it’s a festival of love and affection. Try not to over-think it.

8. Valentine’s Day (14th February):

So, this is basically the moment-of-truth day. The only day when guys have their confidence level more than the temperature of an erupting volcano. You feel as if you are in an ‘IRONMAN’ suit. But, it is a special day too. You should be your best and perfect for her. Essentially, this current valentine’s day doesn’t take after the customary ways, go your own specific manner. Discover yourself and in particular be familiar and unpretentious in whatever you need to do to win her heart. Try not to make stories, express it in a reasonable dialect. Not everybody comprehends poetry and ballads, in fact, they suck a big deal when you don’t get even a word outta it. In this way, this time, don’t go formal, go AGILE.

So pals, just be that badass-hero and win her heart over.

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