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ultra utility phones

Ultra-Utility Phones You don’t  Know About

We all know about the Android, iOS and windows phone available in the market. But there are many phones with amazing and stand aside features which are also available in the market, but many of us probably don’t know about them. These stunning phones signpost the forthcoming technology of mobile phone. Henceforth I have decided to have a look at the forthcoming technology of Phones on the basis of these phones. In this blog I would like to discuss about the recent technological advancements incorporated in these 5 phones. These phones have some ultra-unique features.

  • Yotaphone

It’s a Russian phone designed for book worms. It has amazing features like other android phones like 32 GB of Memory, 2 GB or RAM and it is also aesthetically amazing. But the main reason why I added this phone in my list is that, it has a dual screen. The front is ordinary screen with 4.3 inch of screen and 720X1280 pixels at 342 ppi. The rear screen or the secondary screen is always-on grayscale capacitive touch screen having 4.3 inch of screen and 360X640 pixels at 170 ppi.

  • Black Phone

This phone is considered world’s most secure phone. The OS of this phone is android based and developed with the full focus on the privacy of the device. As in today’s world the privacy of the mobile phones is compromised and to overcome this problem black phone has been invented. This phone is free from Bloatware, leaky data and hooks carrier. By the use of this phone a user will always be confident about his/her privacy.

  • Vertu Mobile

Vertu mobiles can be termed as the pinnacle of the luxury phones, as Vertu mobile offers the user to customise their phone in as exotic way as possible. The Vertu phone gives you an option to carve your phone with Gold, platinum and diamond. Other than these stuffs you can also carve your phone with Precious Gems and metal’s.

  • CAT S60

Everyone has a desire to have the toughest phone available in the market and now you can full fill your desire by buying this phone.CAT S6O has some amazing features as it is water resistant, dust resistant and also shock proof. It can survive a fall on a concrete from 1.8 m. If we talk about performance, this phone is packed with Snapdragon 617 octa-core processor. This phone also has one Thermal Micro camera that sense heat.

  • Project Ara

Google’s Project Ara can be termed as most customization phone available in the market. It’s a modular device, as the shell of the phone is covered by modules, which allows the user to put the attachment to the phone according to the requirement. In this phone you can replace certain things with other devices, for example if the user does not want a Camera in his/her phone he/she can put extra battery slot in it. If you are a music freak you can put extra set of speakers in your device.
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