Top 5 Tools For Building Android App Development

Tools For Building Android App

Best Android app development tools

The android app development  industry is increasing day by day and the android devices are leading the mobile phone operating system market with the great designs and innovations that are being introduced in the market every day. Most of the mobile and smart phones being used in the industry are android based and use the best technology that can be used to make things easier, convenient and simples for users. For people who are interested in working with android app development industry, there are 5 tools that they must know about and learn to use. They can make great advancements in this field with help of these 5 tools and take android app development industry to a higher level without any problem.

5 tools which the android app development industry should use for building a cool app are:
1.AppMaker: App-maker is a do-it-yourself app creation platform that lets anyone make your own iPhone apps, Android apps and HTML5 mobile formatted websites — with no coding required. The main focus of App-maker is on helping artists, musicians, creative, entrepreneurs, and bloggers.  It provides basic features and enables the users to accomplish their goals the right way. It has helped many recognized and reputable online companies to build their applications, but also to monetize their content.
2.ShoutEm: it is the mobile  app development platform that enables design, publishing and management of native iPhone, iPad and Android apps to long tail market of small and medium businesses. The process to build apps here is very convenient and the users get to use a separate interface that enables them to work how they chose.  It is without any doubt one of the oldest companies and because of this, it has the right experience to provide world class developing help to its users.
3.MobBase: For musicians looking forward to promote themselves and make their presence known among their fans, It is the right choice as it serves artists and musicians with the best tools and features to build apps where people can listen to their music and keep updated with the latest news too. You get features like ability to integrate a blog, or have an actual store available within your app – sell your newest records wherever you are.
4.MobiCart: It is a startup that is taking m-commerce to a new level of personalization by enabling anyone to quickly deploy a native storefront application on iOS and Android devices as well as HTML5. The best thing is that MobiCart brings together a customized application platform with an online ecosystem for sharing extensions that make things really easy.
5.Infinite Monkeys: It is perhaps the world’s largest DIY mobile app too that enables common man to create mobile apps without any coding. With more than 1 million niche app publishers in 100+ countries, the self-service platform that enables ordinary people to create their own app.

The above mentioned 5 tools everyone in the android development industry should be using are a great help for those who are stepping into the vast world of android and need a guiding hand.

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