Tier 2 City to World’s 2nd Largest Content Company

Wittyfeed viral content company

About WittyFeed

When we talk about startups – the central India’s tier 2 city, Indore may pop up in our minds as a likely place for venture incubation. Indore after all, is known more for its history; its Chanderi and its Maheshwari saris-than as a cradle for budding IT entrepreneurs.
However, three city-based young entrepreneurs have shattered the glass ceiling with a product that is giving its competitors sleepless nights. Brothers Vinay Singhal, Parveen Singhal and their college friend Shashank Vaishnav are behind world’s 2nd largest viral content company – Wittyfeed. The trio has proven that creativity and entrepreneurship are independent of any age limits or geographical boundaries. The oldest of the three is just 26. Their creation, Wittyfeed, is already miles ahead or shall we say, more than 50 million site visits ahead of their closest (but perhaps more visible) Indian rival ScoopWhoop

Amazing early days

The two founders Singhal and Vaishnav at their college in Chennai, put together a hugely successful page on Facebook – Amazing Things in the World. The page went on to garner a whopping 4.2 million followers. “We realized that with such numbers it was time to monetize the audience. With our research and experience, we also surmised that the number of audience out there in the virtual world is mind boggling. But, there is a huge gap in the quality.
From here the idea of creating a content company; an integrating platform for content creators, consumers and publishers took shape. And our most successful product Wittyfeed was born”, reminisces Singhal, Founder CEO, Vatsana Technologies. Vatsana Technologies run WittyFeed.
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PHP Code Ignitor, Amazon Web services, Angular.js
We have a scalable solution that can handle millions of daily customers, thousands of fake attacks

Relations with Founders

Two unknown people met, discussed business, worked together, had dinner. We started Indore startup community together, We though Indore community has to join hands and work together, that’s the only way to grow faster.
We exchanged technologies, We exchanged team when required, We met at least twice a week. We have very strong relations you can say brothers with different mothers.

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