Python- Digital Transformation Guide for Non-Tech Founder

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What does it require to create a startup that succeeds? Is it knowing the art of making successful apps? Or is it all about technical skills? For many startups the non-technical entrepreneurs have also created numerous award-winning tech products. They ensure to build the most reliable and secure back-end, and to do so they hire Python developers and generate best results.

Considering you as an entrepreneur from a non-technical background, all you would be having is a vision for your product. We understand that it can become quite difficult to deal with converting that vision into reality and how it can be implemented.

After reading this blog, you will know all the in’s and out’s of Python technology and how to hire Python developers that we are going to discuss.

As an Entrepreneur of Non-Technical background, are you aware about essential aspects of Python technology? It’s Market presence? What future holds for this technology? and the finance involved with it?  Don’t worry, you will get all the information here.

This Digital Transformation guide for Python is bundled with all you need to know about Python for building your next project & to enable you make an informed decision. Let us tell you why we are experts on this technology.

We have worked with 1000+ CTOs, hundreds of products amongst them have been funded by VC including MIT DeltaV, Harvard innovation Lab.

We want to share why they chose to hire Python developers to build scalable solutions.

Do you know What Python is?

Python is a programming language, developed by ‘Guido Van Rossum’, and was released in 1991. It follows language constructs and object oriented approaches to help programmers in developing clear, logical code for  projects, small and large.

Python is used for Server-side web and software development, system scripting, and mathematics. It can be used with software to develop workflows and can connect to databases.

Its code can be combined with other languages like C, Java to enhance efficiency, high performance and scripting capabilities which other languages usually cannot provide.

Python is often termed as Batteries included language due to its comprehensive standard library. It is a multi-paradigm programming language which supports Object-oriented programming, and structured programming.

Object-oriented programming is a classification of programming that supports the concept of “objects”, which may contain data and code: data within the sort of fields, and code, within the sort of procedures. This feature is the core to easy-deployment structure of python.

Also, equally important is the feature; Structured programming. Structured programming is a programming paradigm that facilitates the creation of programs with readable code and reusable components.

Many features of python also support aspect-oriented programming and functional programming (metaprogramming and metaobject). About this feature we will get into details in the later part of the document.

Python has many reliable built-in libraries and also has many free and open-source libraries introduced by Python developers. Therefore, you can hire python developers to fulfil your project needs.

Python development has been found as a popular choice among Tech Startups  as it is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs looking to build the product with minimum viable products (MVPs) and prototypes. Therefore, tech startup founders look to hire Python developers because it is an easy, quick, efficient and ideal language for developing and prototyping concepts.

Let’s Introduce you to Django (Python Framework)

Django is that one tool which can solve all your problems and in any kind of operation out there, we can use it. It’s very simple and easy to use.  It’s a free and open source framework. All its features are inside Python. Now, Python is considered as the most popular language of the market.

It is a high-level Python Web framework that supports fast and clean development and designing. Django is built by experienced developers, it minimizes the hassle of Web development, so you can write your app without reinventing the complete process. Companies look to hire remote python developers having expertise in the Django framework.

EngineerBabu Introduce Python Developers

Features of Django

  1. Tremendously Fast: Django was developed to support quick development ranging from concept to completion of the application.
  2. Reassuringly Secure: Django helps developers in avoiding many common security mistakes, as security is its major priority .
  3. Exceedingly Scalable: Some of the busy sites on the Web very well exercise Django’s ability to quickly and flexibly scale the product.

Why Prefer Python Over Other Technology?

Python is preferred over other technologies, due to multiple reasons. We have listed them here to help you understand which is better and in decision making to hire Python developers or not for your project.

  1. Powerful And Easy Implementation

Python is considered as a beginner’s language, because it is easy to learn and have a steep learning curve. The developer with basic knowledge can also work over it with a little practice.

The developers don’t have to bother about software engineering constraints or on debugging time. They can dedicate more time in developing algorithms and heuristics related to AI and ML programming.

  1. Ease of Libraries

Python is available with a number of inbuilt libraries for technologies, specially for Machine Learning (MI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Some of the most popular libraries are Pytorch, TensorFlow (high-level neural network library for deep learning), scikit-learn (for data mining, data analysis and machine learning), matplotlib, seaborn, scikit (data visualization), etc.

Due to Python’s popularity, there are numerous resources out there where Python libraries are utilized.

To help other developers, the researchers used to build their own libraries and share it on GitHub or similar platforms. Thus, makes it easier for entrepreneurs to look for trending frameworks and features and then hire python developers for building the product.

Python’s Market Presence

Python has been the highest gainer in the Tiobe Index of Language Popularity in 2018. It raised by 3.62% from January 2018 to 8.294% in January 2019.

Python is the most-frequently-taught first language at universities now, says the software quality services vendor. It resulted into increased trend of hiring offshore python developers.

It is a leading programming language in the Artificial Intelligence, Statistical, System Testing, and Scripting domains. And is also leading in web app development and scientific computing.

The PyPL Top 10 for January 2019

The rival PyPL “Popularity of Programming Language Index”, analyzes the frequency of language tutorials searched on Google. In this analysis Python dominates its ranks. The PyPL Top 10 %ge share by the following languages:

  1. Python- 95%
  2. Java- 42%
  3. JavaScript- 26%
  4. C#- 62%
  5. PHP- 7.37%
  6. C++/C- 6.31%
  7. R- 4.04%
  8. Objective-C- 15%
  9. Swift- 2.56%
  10. Matlab- 2.04%

Top Project Domains opt to Hire Python Developers

Python has gained popularity in numerous domains and produced many wonderful platforms. However, it is majorly preferred in these following industries (as depicted in the below figure).

EngineerBabu top Python Developers

Top Industry Verticals Hire Python Developers

Here, in the below figure we can analyze that Python is a great tool effectively working as an allrounder in numerous industries. Whereas, it is majorly preferred in Science and Education industries along with many other industries.

EngineerBabu top Python Industries

Top Websites Using Python Development

Traffic Rank
Monthly Visitors
fool.com 824 60.8M
opera.com 850 51.3M
pixabay.com 736 41.9M
techtudo.com.br 1978 35.2M
bitchute.com 1814 31.5M
cian.ru 581 27.1M
prezi.com 2068 26.5M


Top 10 Reasons: Python’s Rising Popularity

  1. Renowned Corporates are majorly looking to Hire Python Developers

Programming languages usually grow faster when it receives support from renowned corporates.

Thus, Python Programming language attains a heavy backing by Amazon Web Services, Facebook, and especially by Google.

In 2006, Google adopted python language and since then has used it for building numerous applications and platforms. Google has created a dedicated portal only for python.

  1. Plethora of Open Source Python Libraries and Frameworks

Due to its corporate sponsorship and big supportive community of python, python has excellent libraries that you can use to select and save your time and effort on the initial cycle of development.

There are loads of cloud media services to offer cross-platform support through library-like tools, which can be very helpful in product development.

  1. Only Language offers Versatility, Efficiency, Reliability & Speed at one place

To hire python developers it is important to check that these developers will wholeheartedly agree that the python language is very reliable, efficient, and quite faster than many modern languages.

Another best thing about Python’s versatility is that it can be used in a variety of environments, such as desktop and mobile application development, web development, hardware programming, and many more.

The versatility of python makes it more attractive to use due to its high number of applications.

  1. Python Ruling in Big data, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Big Data are some of the hottest trends in the computer science world right now, which helps lots of organizations to transform and improve their processes and workflows.

Majority of data processing workloads in the organization are powered by python language only.

Lots of research and development takes place in python language due to its many applications, including ease of analyzing and organizing the usable data.

Not only this, but hundreds of python libraries are being used in thousands of machine learning projects every day, such as TensorFlow for neural networks and OpenCV for computer vision, etc.

  1. Python has penetrated into Essential Academic Curriculum

Python language is being taught as the core programming language in schools and colleges due to its countless uses in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Science, etc.

It has now become a fundamental part of the development world that schools and colleges cannot afford not to teach python language.

Hence, the number of start-ups looking to hire Python Developers are increasing and resulting in the expansion of its growth and popularity. This leads to Tech-Giants wanting to hire python developers.

  1. Python another name for Automation

Python language can help tons in automation of tasks as multiple tools and modules are available, which makes things a lot more comfortable and easier.

It is incredible to understand that reaching an advanced level of automation becomes  easy, just by using the relevant python codes.

Python is considered as the best performance booster in the automation of software testing. It surprises everyone with its performance in terms of less time and few numbers of lines to write down codes for automation tools using python.

  1. Majorly utilized in the Internet of Things

After the growth of the Internet of Things- small low-power devices which are linked on the internet and can run any custom code has risen to the top for multiple devices you can buy or think for. It becomes possible only due to the Python programming language.

Devices such as the Raspberry Pi are very small and hooked up with a multitude of sensors, lights, robots, displays, and many more. It allows developers to write code and establish communication between these parts, and can also send and receive data over Bluetooth, the internet and various communication methods.

  1. Python is Versatile for Web Development

Python is incredibly versatile and powerful and this extends to the online also . When fixing an internet server, you would possibly consider Node.js, .NET or Java, but Python is another great contender. While it lacks a number of the performance of the opposite languages and frameworks, it is easy to push something up and running in Python very quickly and to continue being very productive.

The developer experience can outweigh the reduced performance, and scaling your system for performance has become easier than ever with cloud services like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc. Hence, we can see why hire python developers.

  1. Python in Entertainment Applications

As unbelievable as it sounds, the world-class Industrial Light and Magic studio also utilizes the best of Python in its proprietary lighting software for adding special effects in Hollywood movies.

At the time, Python was about five years old but was recognized as an influence language that was easy to code in. Hence, ILM made the decision that Python is the way to go. It was clothed to be an honest decision for them, because they were also ready to incorporate it into a number of the computer graphics pipeline also.

Thus, we can see that these corporations built entertainment applications. When they hire python developers, they bring goodness to their application.

Since Python can help C and C++ ask other sorts of hardware and software (such as renderers), a number of the finished computer graphics you see in most movies today are through Python.

EngineerBabu top Python developers

Abilities Django Framework that helps Businesses

1. Businesses Scaling

A lot of MNCs on a worldwide scale use Django and it gets implemented there without any defects or errors. It’s the simplest example of Django being scalable.

Scalability means at what scope or level, our technology gets to implement. For bigger websites like Instagram, there are many active users (millions of them) which generate data in huge amounts (terabytes of data per day). This type of level requires our system or application to be very precise and error-free. It is difficult for programmers who are also web developers that have many years of experience.

Thousands of tests and debugging and now with lots of time on the market side as the open source project makes Django ideal for anyone who wants to make their websites error-free and scalable to a bigger environment.

2. Provides High-Security

Django is super secure. To prove the feature, you’ll always take samples of many websites which are worldwide and possess huge traffic. Django is secure because it covers the loopholes by default which were once left open for the backend developer to end.

Although while using Django you’ll not feel it but those expert backend developers can tell the standard and security of the work done by Django. The writing of Django’s code is completely from scratch while that accounts for its other features also , but it also accounts for the safety you’re getting with this framework.

We cannot get security at such a huge scale with this much expertise of code in other technologies.

3. Thoroughly Tested Framework

“Django has been in the industry for a long time and will remain a well-liked technology which is thrashing frameworks like Laravel (PHP) in their own game.”

MNCs everywhere the planet extensively use Django for creating projects so we will say that it works well to handle all the traffic and also accomplish international standards. It has been around for therefore much time that many bugs and errors are taken care of. It’s an honest time to find out.

The number of developers that are using Django for web development keeps growing daily. Hence, it makes Django a public-tested technology. If it was not stable or a task accomplishing why would it gain popularity and still be in the market.

Various Use-Cases of Django Framework:

Django is additionally used to build eCommerce websites, health care and financial applications for transportation and booking, social media sites, and many more.

Here are some project types that you can develop using this framework:

  • Financial platforms with features for analyzing and calculating approximate results based on personal data, risk tolerance, the probability of achieving goals;
  • Built-in custom CRM systems for internal data;
  • B2B CRM systems for handling communication between businesses;
  • Platforms that facilitate communication between two parties, such as a business and a consumer;
  • High-load booking engines or shopping platforms;
  • Android and iOS mobile apps that support web applications;
  • Real estate property evaluation systems;
  • Document management systems;

Some companies prefer to build their projects simply on one framework. Django can be the first preference to create individual features, such as:

  • An emailing system for sending notifications to users;
  • A filtering system with advanced logic and dynamically changing rules;
  • Algorithm-based generators;
  • Data-analysis tools;
  • Interfaces for managing investment funds;
  • Admin dashboards;
  • Photo-based verification systems;
  • And other features that facilitate the development of CRM and B2B platforms, online marketplaces, booking systems, and more.

EngineerBabu top Python developers

Python plays a vital role in SEO & Marketing needs

SEOs and web developers aren’t always known to play nice together. The task of a developer and optimization of an SEO sometimes seem to be at cross purposes. Thankfully, when said developers are using Django, this is often less of a problem .

For one, Python’s Django framework supports the utilization of human-readable website URLs, which isn’t only helpful from the particular user’s perspective, but also to look engines, which use the keywords within the URL when ranking sites.

Your SEO team will thank you for using Django. Besides, it just makes more sense to make sure URLs mean something rather than being just a series of random numbers and letters. When it involves Django SEO, this easy tutorial will get you started on the proper path.

Python provides many automation opportunities for low-level tasks which we might usually spend several hours undertaking.

Python empowers SEO professionals during a number of the way because it not only enables us to automate repetitive tasks, but also to extract and analyze large data sets. The amount of data marketers work with is only increasing, so being able to efficiently analyze this will help to solve many complex problems in a shorter amount of time.

This in turn saves valuable time and allows us to be more efficient in undertaking other important SEO tasks. These factors combined have led to a growth within the popularity of Python amongst SEO professionals. The ability to better understand data will not only help us do our jobs better, but will also allow us to make data-driven decisions. These decisions will then enable us to provide concrete insights for our clients and stakeholders and have more confidence in the recommendations we implement.

Automating with Python helps in Marketing

While Python won’t be ready to imitate human, emotion-led strategy, Python scripts are often needed to automate an outsized number of time-consuming tasks. This list of tasks you’ll automate with Python is growing continuously:

  • Identifying user intent.
  • Mapping URLs before a migration.
  • Internal link analysis.
  • Performing keyword research.
  • Optimizing images.
  • Scraping websites.

Marketing automation is all about using software to automate marketing activities. Many marketing departments automate repetitive tasks like email marketing, social media posting, and even ad campaigns — not only for the sake of efficiency, but in order that they can provide a more personalized experience for his or her customers.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Python for Marketers

Python is extensively utilized in automating different tasks used for digital marketing campaigns nowadays. The most objective of using Python as an automation code development is to enhance the marketing efficiency and effectiveness to make a competitive advantage over the competitors.

Let’s find out a couple of important reasons for using the Python for marketing within the modern digital marketing field.

1. Sizable amount of knowledge Analytics Libraries

Python language is powered by numerous data analytics related libraries that are extensively useful for the digital marketing professionals. The examples of such tools include NumPy, Pandas, StatsModel, SciPy and others.

These tools are large-scale libraries for data mining, analyzing, converting, cleaning, processing, summarizing, visualizing, and reporting.

There are many other libraries that can help you get a deeper perspective on the user data that you, as a marketer, are interested in. The present-day digital marketing is useless if it is not properly driven by the meaningful information behind it.

The information can efficiently be achieved by using the power of the Python language. CTOs also look to hire python developers as their marketing needs get satisfied more easily.

2. Increased Data Mining Efficiency

By using the Python programming language, the marketers achieve huge efficiency in the data mining process. The traditional data mining processes mostly used excel sheet processing, which has its own limits and performance.

For instance, processing an excel sheet of about 100 MB data at a better speed and performance would be difficult.

But, Python code can just roll in the hay during a few seconds without sweating in the least . Thus, Python increases the efficiency of knowledge mining processes commonly used for getting insight into the marketing campaigns also as launching the new campaigns.

3. Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the core components to make your marketing campaign a success. A better ranking index of the website can help improve the visibility of your website and business.

A large number of matters related to SEO, such as 404 errors, meta tags, descriptions, robot text file, content duplication, faulty navigation map, and others can easily be detected through a custom Python code for automating the SEO process.

Once the SEO faults are detected, it is easy to remove them instantly before they could damage the search engine ranking badly. It is very critical to use the simplest white label SEO rules recommended for a high ranking index, which may be achieved by getting a deeper perspective on the web site technical and content related issues within the early stages.

4. Efficient Use of Big Data

According to the Research and Markets predictions, the global market of big data will grow over 14% CAGR for the next three years from the present value of about $65 billion in 2018.

The total volume of big data will cross 44 zettabytes by 2020. To skim the valuable information from this valuable heap of data, Python plays an important role. Developing customized Python codes to combine, process, analyze, and visualize the big data makes the big data so useful for the marketers.

5. Effective Campaign Monitoring

One of the most critical bottlenecks in making the digital marketing campaigns successful includes the monitoring and course correction of the marketing campaigns. The use of Python custom codes can make life so easy in monitoring the ads, effectiveness, clicks, checkouts, conversion rate, and other parameters in the real-time.

This monitoring can help the marketers make the campaigns more focused towards the desired segments by correcting the fault lines in the campaign components. A good Python code is able to monitor Facebook, Google, YouTube, and other ads in real time by using the APIs of the social websites.

Now, you know how Python & its framework Django works. Let’s take a look at its competitor “Java” which is also trending in the market.

EngineerBabu python effective campaign

Notable Differences Between Python & Java

  • Java features a complex learning curve whereas Python is straightforward to find out and use.
  • The programming language Java takes 10 lines of code to read from a file while Python only needs 2 lines of code.
  • Java offers limited string related functions, whereas Python offers many string related functions.
  • Very simple syntax compared to Java, C and C++ languages.
  • Used for Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and therefore the general overarching AI field. Very useful in data analysis and visualization.
  • Extensive library and handy tools for developers
  • Python is cross-compatible
  • Compared with the code of other languages, python code is straightforward to write down and debug. Therefore, its ASCII text file is comparatively easy to take care of .
  • Python may be a portable language in order that it can run on a good sort of Operating systems and platforms.
  • Python comes with many prebuilt libraries, which makes your development task easy.
  • The programming language helps you to form complex programming simpler because it internally deals with memory addresses, garbage pickup .
  • Python offers database interfaces to all or any major commercial DBMS systems.
  • Supports imperative and functional programming
  • Python is legendary for its use in IoT.
Java vs. Python: Most Used Language

Below graph is the Stack Overflow Most-used Language graph of Java vs. Python. It depicts the growth of Python as compared to Java, ultimately resulting in increasing demand to hire python developers.

EngineerBabu Java vs. python

Features of Python

Here, are some important features that Python provides:

  • Easy to find out , read, and maintain code.
  • It can run on various hardware platforms & using an equivalent interface.
  • You can include low-level modules to the Python interpreter.
  • Python offers a perfect structure and support for giant programs.
  • Python offers support for automatic garbage pickup .
  • It supports an interactive mode of testing and debugging.
  • It offers high-level dynamic data types and also supports dynamic type checking.
  • Python language are often integrated with Java, C, and C++ programming code.

Java or Python: Which is better?

Python is an ideal choice for beginners as the language is more intuitive, and its syntax is very much similar to the English language. However, its open-source nature facilitates a slew of new tools that improve it.

Also, Java may be a general-purpose programming language that was designed with a selected goal of allowing developers to write down once run anywhere.

Selecting one language among these ultimately minimizes the cost of the project development.

Popular Companies that Switched to Python

Now we’re going to tell you about eight top-tier companies that use Python. That way you can see what great real world opportunities there are for Python development out there.

1. Industrial Light and Magic

Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) is the special effects powerhouse that was founded in 1975 by George Lucas to create the FX for Star Wars.

ILM chose Python 1.4 over Perl and Tcl, opting to use Python because it had been much faster to integrate into their existing infrastructure. due to Python’s easy interoperability with C and C++.

EngineerBabu Features of Python

2. Google

Google has been a supporter of Python from nearly the very beginning. The company moved to python due to the convenience of deployment and the way simple Python is to take care of .

In fact, consistent with Steven Levy– author of “In the Plex,” Google’s very first web-crawling spider was first written in Java 1.0 and was so difficult that they rewrote it into Python.

3. Facebook

The ease of using Python libraries means the assembly engineers don’t need to write or maintain the maximum number of code, allowing them to specialize in getting improvements live.

It also ensures that the infrastructure of Facebook is in a position to scale efficiently. Python is currently liable for multiple services in infrastructure management.

4. Instagram

“We initially chose to use Python because of its reputation for simplicity and practicality, which aligns well with our philosophy of ‘do the simple thing first.’ –Instagram Official.

Since then, Instagram’s engineering team has invested time and resources into keeping their Python deployment viable at the massive scale (~800 million monthly active users).

5. Spotify

This music streaming giant may be a huge proponent of Python, using the language primarily for data analysis and rear services.

The reason that the services are written in Python is because Spotify likes how briskly the event pipeline is when writing and coding in Python.

To provide suggestions and proposals for users, Spotify relies on an outsized volume of analytics.

6. Quora

Quora is a huge crowd-sourced question and answer platform thought long and hard about what language they wanted to use to implement their idea.

According to Adam D’Angelo, they decided not to go with C# because it’s a proprietary Microsoft language and they didn’t want to be beholden to any future changes put out.

7. Dropbox

It is a cloud based storage system that uses Python in its desktop client. If you have any doubt at all about how invested Dropbox is in Python, consider that in 2012, they managed to convince Guido van Rossum.

Rossum joined Dropbox under the condition that he would be an engineer, not a lead or even a manager.

8. Reddit

This website had 542 million visitors every month across 2017, making it the fourth most visited website in the United States and seventh most visited in the world.

In 2015, there have been 73.15 million submissions and 82.54 billion pageviews. Thus resulted into, forming the software backbone, with Python.

Reddit was originally coded in Lisp, but in December of 2005, six months after its launch, the site was recorded into Python.

Stats of Python vs Other Back-End Technologies

Since 2012, Python has been consistently growing in popularity, and therefore the trend is probably going to continue, if not increase, within the future.

As Per the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018:

EngineerBabu hire Python developers

The demand and support for Python also are on the increase , and if projections are to be believed, Python will overtake Java within the coming years and claim the highest spot.

Among the most important differences we saw was within the programming language Python. Once we specialise in high-income countries, the expansion of Python is even larger than it’d appear from tools like Stack Overflow Trends, or in other rankings that consider global software development.

We’ll explore the extraordinary growth of the Python programing language within the last five years, as seen by Stack Overflow traffic within high-income countries. The term “fastest-growing” are often hard to define precisely, but we make the case that Python features a solid claim to being the fastest-growing major programming language .

It’s worth emphasizing up front that the amount of users of a language isn’t a measure of the language’s quality: we’re describing the languages developers use, but not prescribing anything.

Python’s Rapid Growth Across the Globe

We have data on Stack Overflow question views going back to late 2011, and during this period of time we will consider the expansion of Python relative to 5 other major programming languages.

EngineerBabu hire Python developers

June 2017 was the primary month that Python was the foremost visited append Stack Overflow within high-income nations. This included being the foremost visited tag within the US and therefore the UK, and within the top 2 in most other high income nations (next to either Java or JavaScript). This is often especially impressive because in 2012, it had been less visited than any of the opposite 5 languages, and has grown by 2.5-fold therein time.

Is Python’s Popularity an honest thing?

Yes, considerably so. While generally what’s popular isn’t always the simplest, within the case of programming languages the recognition pays off. because of Python’s popularity, you’re likely to seek out a ready-made solution to any problem you’ll be experiencing.

The community of Python enthusiasts is robust and that they are working tirelessly on improving the language a day. Python also features a number of corporate sponsors, pushing to popularize the language further still. Among them are tech giants like Google, which itself is using Python.

Effects on Product Timeline when you Hire Python Developers

If you or your company wants to create a product and are looking to hire python developers, your choice of language may ultimately boil down to preference and expertise.

But if you’re running on a budget and wish a product unrolled directly , the selection of language then becomes more important. the larger the project, the more important this choice becomes.

Python is a perfect option for bootstrappers and startups due to its quick deployment and—as mentioned earlier—a lesser amount of required code next to Java, C, and PHP among others.

If you hire python developers they will assure quicker delivery of your product from your development team. However it also depends on the complexity of your project and based on your planning to scale it in future.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Web Application In Python?

The value to create a web application with python will depend on the appliance features, functionality, your budget, and therefore the number of hours invested by the programming team. The ultimate cost to create a Python web app by knowledgeable Python web development company is often within the range of $1000-$5000, which can go further if you modify your requirements at different stages of the project.

If you are interested in hiring an IT agency in Indian then, the monthly quotes for the project can start from $1000 USD/month to $2999 USD/month. Based on project requirement. Hence, hire Python developers based on project needs.

Factors which Affect The Expense of Python Web App Development

Are you looking to hire python developers, then the cost that is generally associated with building a web app using python? If yes, then you are the right place, but before we start discussing the cost required for web app development, let’s get familiar with this wonderful and unique programming language called Python.

EngineerBabu hire Python developers

Factor 1: Features & Functionalities

First, you need to understand that the development cost of a web app cannot be a static quantity, which is not possible to be simply put in front of you by anyone. Why so?

This is because an internet app contains a spread of features like graphics, functionality, and connectivity to the online server. The more complex an app features are, the upper would be its development cost. So, the final price of the web app depends upon the requirements provided by you.

The clients are mostly required to provide details about the number and types of features they require in the web app. This basic concept applies within the case of Python web app development also. So price is largely affected by the features and functionality you want in your python web app. Additionally, ensure years of experience when looking to hire Python developers (entry-level, mid-level, or experienced developers).

Factor 2: Your budget

Yes, the budget is surprisingly an important aspect that will ultimately contribute to the final price of your web application. Generally, the final cost of a web app is 1.2 to 1.5 times higher than the cost or budget decided by a client initially.

This is because the other factors such as the number of work hours and the complexity of the app features boost the actual price. Typically, you ought to set a budget around $3000 while trying to find development of a typical Python web application.

Factor 3: Design Cost

While making a Python web application, the programmers are required to get a website name for the web site. Adding to the present , all the required website data also is stored on a hosting server, which also incurs some cost to the clients.

Further, the planning and therefore the website layout requested by the clients also influence the ultimate price of the Python web app. This is often because web designers make an additional effort to make your customized design or may need to purchase paid design templates.

It is important to hire python developers who understand the needs of the project and write codes that don’t impact the design of the User Interface and can be scaled easily.

Factor 4: Development Cost

The development process is that the most vital factor and that affects the ultimate price of a Python web application. If you hire python developers that meet your requirements and can handle back-end efficiently then it is a huge plus.

A number of tech experts are usually involved in the development of a single Python web app, including front-end designers, back-end programmers, testers or quality assurance individuals. Typically, a web development company will put a price quote of $3000-$30,000 for developing a Python web application.

However, if you’re on a decent budget, then you’ll alternatively prefer to hire python developers (freelancer), who generally charges around $5 to $75 per hour, which mainly depends upon their skills, expertise, and site.

Future Perspective and Growth of Python

It is expected that Python is having a bright future ahead, and the following reasons will justify the prediction.

  1. Python has been voted as the most favorite programming language beating C, C++ and java programming. It is an open source programming language and used to develop almost every kind of application.
  2. Python is being used worldwide as a wide range of application development and system development programming languages. Big brands and program giants are using python programming to form their task easier. Google, Yahoo, Quora, Facebook are using python programming to unravel their complex programming problems.
  3. It is flexible, robust and comprehensive programming language. Python is a high-level programming language and easy to learn as well as it reduces the coding effort compared to other programming languages.
  4. Python programming is employed to write down test scripts and test mobile devices performance. it’s one among the foremost versatile languages lately . To hire Python developers are most in demand within the IT industry lately and often paid more compared to a different language programmer.

Here, is the graph showing projections of Python vs other programming languages, it is anticipated that Python will lead in the future:

EngineerBabu Python Future Perspective

According to this model, Python could either stay in the lead or be overtaken by Java in the fall (it’s roughly within the variation of the model’s predictions), but it’s clearly on target to become the foremost visited tag in 2018. STL also suggests that JavaScript and Java will remain at similar levels of traffic among high income countries, even as they need for the last two years.

Rising Jobs & Salary of Python Developers in Different Countries

As Python is becoming the new market trend and developer favorite, we will see why there is a rise in new job openings and companies are looking to hire python developers.

If you’re on a decent budget, then you’ll prefer to hire python developers, or can search for agencies from Asian Countries. The freelancers generally charge around $5 to $75 per hour, which mainly depends upon their skills, expertise, and site .

On the opposite hand, the agencies in Asian Countries charge relatively but western countries.

Python Developer Rates in the US, Europe, and Australia

Country Junior Python Developer Middle Python Developer Senior Python Developer
USA $87,000 $116,000 $160,000
UK $45,000 $65,000 $105,000
Sweden $51,000 $57,000 $64,000
Norway $75,000 $78,000 $91,500
Denmark $71,500 $73,500 $88,000
Finland $42,500 $50,500 $62,500
Israel $58,500 $68,000 $94,500
Netherlands $45,500 $58,500 $69,500
Australia $49 500 $66 000 $70 000
Switzerland $74,500 $100,500 $109,000
Spain $35,000 $36,000 $41,500
Portugal $17,000 $22,500 $32,000

Salary of Python Developer in India can be affected by multiple number of factors and to hire python developers there are some affecting factors:

  • Experience
  • Location
  • Job Role
  • Skillset

An entry-level Python developer’s average salary in India is ₹427,293.

The average salary of a mid-level Python developer is ₹909,818 and that of an experienced Python developer is ₹1,150,000.

*The salary structure varies from based on their job roles (Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Web Developer, etc.) and city to city in India. Python developers from Gurugram & Bangalore earn 26% & 21% more than the rest of India respectively. However, the lowest-paying cities for the Python developers in India are Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad.

Skills And Qualities Of A Good Python Developer

Some key qualities that you should look for before you hire python developers:

Required Technical Skills to Hire Python Developers
  1. Expertise in Core Python (Iterators, Generators, Exception Handling, File handling concepts, Data types and variables, OOPs Concepts, Data Structures)
  2. Sound Knowledge of Web Frameworks (Flask and Django most popular frameworks, along with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML knowledge is beneficial for good Python Developer)
  3. Knowledge of object-oriented Programming language.
  4. Good understanding of MVT (Model View Template) and MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture.
  5. Expertise in Designing and Analytical Skill.
  6. Basic understanding of Front-End Technologies (React, HTML, CSS).
  7. Good Understanding of Data Science and Machine Learning.
  8. Knowledge of how to develop RESTful APIs with Python to integrate apps with other elements.
Required Soft Skills to Hire Python Developers
  1. The ability to effectively interact with coworkers, clearly convey ideas, discuss the project’s technical details, and share the project vision.
  2. Have a desire to contribute to achieving common goals, a willingness to put the interests of the team ahead of personal interests, and the ability to deal with conflict.
  3. The ability to set priorities, manage time, and meet tight deadlines.
  4. The motivation to work well and a willingness to accept guidance, enhance skills, and learn new technologies
  5. A Critical thinker, having interest in testing different scenarios and choosing the most efficient when faced with numerous possible solutions
  6. Lack of ego and a willingness to accept criticism, learn from feedback, and be humble

Although Python has created a reputation of being an easy-to-learn language in the programming world, to hire python developers you should still look out for an expert programmer.

The syntax and structure of Python are easy to learn even for novice programmers, but companies look to hire python developers, who are able to solve the real-world problems using logical thinking.


Python has already taken place within the web application development market. It is clothed to be the simplest option. However, now, businesses also are curious about adopting Python to make custom mobile applications. within the near future, the utilization of Python to make mobile applications will increase rapidly, with the increased demand for mobile applications.

However, to transform your ideas to full-fledged products it is important for the businesses to hire python developers.

Hope this article delivered a brief understanding on how Python supports and is important for the Back-End development of a website app and will continue to do so.

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