Mr. Sundar Pichai : Another Indian to take over Google’s new Company!

Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai – The CEO of Google’s new Company

Google has announced a new company on Monday which would be subsumed within a new parent company named ‘Alphabet’ which had a bonus for people of Indian ­origin world over.
Sundar Pichai was the company’s head of Product and engineering, who has now been appointed as the CEO of the company “slimmed down” google.

The google’s then CEO, Larry Page said who has restructured this company with his Co-­founder Sergey Brin, that “Chennai-born Sundar Sundararajan(43), is a key part of this company” Mr. Pichai, is a graduate from IIT Kharagpur and Stanford University “came out from the canvas in October last year, when he took and handled the product and engineering responsibility for their internet business”.
Mr. Page said in a blog post that “ I and Mr. Brin are super excited about his progress and dedication to the company”.

Obviously, they have a valid reason to feel fortunate that Mr. Pichal is the man to head their $16 billion revenue and by most accounts, he combines a deep passion for engineering excellence with a rare managerial quality of attracting the best talent into the team he works with.

Mr. Pichai started as “low­key manager at google in 2004. He worked on google toolbars and then led to the launch of super successful Chrome Browser in 2008. Then he never ever turned back.
He rose on an increasing meteoric tenor and soon became the Vice President, Senior Vise President and then supervised all the Google Apps, including Gmail and Google drive and finally he was given control of Android itself.
Another apparent talent of Google’s new CEO – his thinking seems to be ahead of the curve.
Although Mr. Pichai is trained in metallurgy and material science at IIT Kharagpur and then Stanford University also an MBA from Wharton, he is already deeply interested in the world of electronics.
According to one of his college professors, “ he was doing work in this field of electronics when no separate course in this subject existed”.

The Google CEO’s believe that he is a man with a vision and will push the boundaries in the field of technology.
Mr. Pichai outlined his mission when he quoted “For me, it matters that we drive technology as an equalizing force, as an enabler for everyone around the world.
Which is why I do want Google to see, push, and invest more in making sure computing is more accessible, connectivity is more accessible”.
The technology sector has been the biggest platform for Indians to showcase their talent and capabilities.
What do you think inspires them to reach the great levels? Lets us know your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, feedback in comments.

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