How do we design logo?

how do we design logo

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It is not easy being a designer and design logo. We have to imagine and think of so many things before delivering the final piece of art to the client. Sometimes the pressure is so much that chaos takes place. But a true artist always create something new and unique from it no matter it is task to design logo, because chaos has its own theory,and a true artist never allows the pressure and chaos to damage his creativity. We bring out the design to match up to the shades of your brand. Many of our clients ask for what makes us unique from the others?Our answer is very simple,we always cover the basics before creating something new and this is what makes us stand out from the rest.

Briefing: Our process starts with your query, what do you want? What do you want it for? How do you want it to be? and more of these types of questions we ask our clients before start working. Understanding our client’s goals is critical. A logo is the shadow of any company’s work culture, people and values. We gather as much information as possible from our client at first hand. It is important to learn where the design logo is going to be used.

Research:  As a creative artist, we have to know what our client does and how we can make it better. By knowing about their brand, we allow ourselves to think outside of our domain of work and to establish a common line between the client and the design.By knowing the right details, we keep our selves away from many complications. By keeping up to date on client’s requirement and the recent updates on colors, design formats and typos, we save a lot of precious time for our client’s and for ourselves.

Brainstorming: We never stick to one single idea. We always open ourselves up to multiple iterations and concepts. We always keep our minds open to all options. Brainstorming is the one element that always makes a difference in our final product.Identifying keywords related to the client’s business is the most important practice at this point in our creative process. We use them to inspire ourselves for possible visual representations. Sketching these ideas on paper is the one step of the process which encourages us to slow down and consider all possible angles and directions.

Conceptual Drafting: Once we spent sufficient time on research and sketching, the conceptual begins. We use various tools for digital implementation of sketches, like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw etc. At this point we recreate the most successful idea son the computer developed during the sketching. They will starting to come to life with the addition of colors and details, and they will be nudged and tweaked until they satisfy the client’s wishes.

Feedback: After we create enough options, the most compelling choices are presented to the client for review. We encourage our clients to consider the ideas and respond with their feedback notes. Then we take the feedback into consideration, and make changes accordingly. The revised logo is again presented to the client. Generally there are many rounds of revisions and considerations before the client is fully satisfied with the final product.

Final Delivery: Once the client gives us thumbs up, we create a logo standards package for them. Including important file types like EPS, JPEG, PNG,TIF etc. Some of our clients also asked us for a black and white version of the final logo design. This provides our clients with everything they need to make the most of the new logo in all of the promotional stuff.
Although a logo seems so small and simple but the creative process behind it is very time consuming and needs concentration and creativity. Visual representation of the brand can make established image of it for its potential customers.

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