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I mean, what are the odds? For a person like me to land up in what I consider as the best work culture company in Indore. By best, I mean the coolest, craziest and kind of a place where people have transcended themselves from the banal in habitats of a dingy office to exuberant beings of a striking workplace. I work at EngineerBabu IT Services Pvt. Ltd. where vivacity shimmers and flows like a river, falling onto each of our brains and causing our brain cells to vibrate like crazy. It feels as though it’s not merely an office but a place where we fellow colleagues come to nurture and outshine our inner selves.

Let me unfurl our joyous story. The Homo sapiens who work at EB don’t restrict themselves to the quotidian formalities of any typical office but rather feel free to call each other by some fit inducing names.
We don’t need any occasion for turning an evening into a sparkling jamboree. This is how we look when we party.
Merlin’s Beard! We also know how to work our brains out!
There’s some kind of manic and frenzied streak in each one of us which keeps pushing us to click some mad snaps
of each other. Have a quick look at these.

Sometimes, we wait in the office for longer than usual. But given some phenomenal working conditions, we cannot
obviously complain. Whenever we are needed to work in the late hours we crawl up at our CEO’s house for work cum
night out. Needless to say, this work is coupled with lots and lots of food, music, pranks, mischief’s and fervor. Fair enough?
Snacks and drinks are constant and super awaited visitors at our office. After all, we are True Indori’s by heart and thus understandably passionate foodie’s , Hey sometime we worked at night , we sleep but we called as sleepless night 🙂

By now you must have gotten a tiny idea that we do spend a significant amount of time together. This goes without saying that so many people cannot co-exist under one roof for so many hours if there is no mutual respect for each other.Yes, we do have a remarkable amount of reverence towards each other which helps us leave our meagre amount of arrogance right on the doorstep.

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For those of you who want to join and be a part of this enthusiastic company and take yourself to a pro level,
Leave us a mail at [email protected] along with your resume and a few links to your public profiles.

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