How to build a Mobile App for On-demand Bikes on Rent?

Bike Rental and Management

Today, the youth keep on changing their cities with new jobs and courses they undertake. Online transportation services have a great market today with the growing number of migrants in the city. Ola and Uber have made it easier for the migrants to travel in the city by living temporarily. With just a few clicks on the phone, one can book a cab of their own choice. Even for housewives who do not know how to drive, it’s easy for them to go for grocery shopping when their husbands are not home by booking an Ola or an Uber cab. Well, booking a car or renting one is very easy these days, but it’s hard to find bikes on rent.

People often prefer bikes on rent instead of booking a cab online. It is because they feel like driving a bike and exploring places themselves. When visiting a new city, the best thing is to get bikes on rent for a day or so instead of booking cabs every time they go somewhere out. We lack bikes on rent services in today’s market but it is one of the most demanding ones today. People search for ‘bikes on rent’, ‘rental bikes near me’, ‘self-driving bikes’ when they visit a new city.

Today’s youth is more of a traveler than a tourist. Bike rental is the latest trend and it’s a great business opportunity in the market and. Getting bikes on rent is a very famous thing among travelers these days. They don’t follow the traditional transportation options of using public transport or booking cabs, they seek for bikes on rent so that they can explore places like their own city. If you drive to places yourself, you remember the routes more clearly and places become more familiar to you. When you get bikes on rent and ride it yourself in a city, no matter the city is new to you, you feel like you live in the city and you know it very well.

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Traveling is a lot more fun when you get bikes on rent and experience the joy of riding in uncharted territory. It’s a craze among youth these days to ride premium motorbikes like ‘Royal Enfield’, ‘Harley Davidson’, ‘Duke’ and many others in mountainous regions. On bikes, you are exposed to nature more hence the joy of riding bikes in beautiful terrains surrounded by pleasant weather is ultimate. No cabs or taxis can match that.

To cater this market of traveling youth and motorbike enthusiasts, there’s a need to develop an awesome bike rental and management application that would make finding and getting bikes on rent easier. The goal of bike rental apps is to provide bikes on rent to whoever wants it and to manage the fleet with proper licensing and authority.

In Islands or hill stations, the demand for self-driving bikes is increasing with the growth of tourism. A bike rental app along with software for fleet management can serve as an incremental business model. Having a bike rental app on your phone wherever you go will give you a sense of ownership and freedom to ride your favorite bike at your favorite place.

Modules for a ‘Bikes on Rent’ Management App

This system has three modules namely Admin, Driver, and Vendor. Admin can log in, can add, update and delete vendor’s information and also bikes list. He/she can view inventory.

Purpose of the ‘Bikes on Rent’ App

  1. Our services are geared toward helping you reduce costs, From core services like maintenance and lease management and order management
  2. To provide flexible and comprehensive lease and finance solutions for the transportation and equipment needs of our corporate fleet customers nationwide.

Product Vision for a ‘Bikes on Rent’ App

To be a leading provider of fleet and equipment lease services to corporations nationwide and provide fundamental service offerings as a Bike Rental & Fleet Management Company.

How Bike Rentals help Businesses?

Leasing removes the many hidden costs of buying. Fleet ownership comes with the associated expenses of overhead, towing, taxes, washing, acquiring substitute vehicles, licensing and fuel, among other hard costs.

Leasing reduces maintenance and repair expenses. The longer you own a bike, the higher maintenance and repair costs will be. This includes givens like tires, oil changes, and routine inspections. A full-service lease will cover maintenance and repairs at predictable monthly costs.

Leasing eases hassles. Fleet ownership can include indirect costs and hassles such as potential compliance issues, time lost to breakdowns, fees associated with driver training and costs associated with replacing drivers, who may leave to work with firms that have newer equipment.

Leasing helps you better focus on your business model. Making a new bike purchase comes with huge up-front costs. In addition, bike owners pay sales tax and finance charges and lose the use of their capital. All these expenditures add up and can be better used to support programs and purchases that directly affect your company’s business model.

Leasing doesn’t depreciate. A new bike purchase is a depreciating asset. By contrast, leasing won’t show up on your chief financial officer’s balance sheet and won’t reduce your organization’s net worth. Leasing can allow companies the opportunity to place an asset in use at lower risk and at a better marginal cash flow.

The Benefit of Zero Debt Load

Another serious consideration of leased vehicle costs is your company’s debt ratio. Buying vehicles with loans and then paying off the loans features both a higher monthly overhead and a serious hit to your debt ratio. There are many ways to save money and create opportunities for your business with a higher credit score, which is exactly what you’ll get when you would be leasing rather than buying vehicles. If you study economics at depth and calculate then you’ll come to the conclusion that in today’s time, buying a new vehicle which isn’t a source of income is a liability. A vehicle loan, or collection of vehicle loans, will weigh down your debt ratio, company credit report and FICO until the debts are completely paid off.

Who is the target market of your ‘Bikes on Rent’ App?

Customers are likely to be small or big business owners who run logistics and delivery businesses. Can take a bike on lease instead of buying one.

What do we actually do?

Everyone wants to do a business of some kind or the other but due to the huge amount of money, most people drop their dream and look for a job. So the idea is to run a business without putting a huge amount into investment. It’s for people who are willing to do small or big businesses like logistics, food, braverge and so on. Every business needs a vehicle to deliver the item therefore we help them to provide the bike on lease.

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Here business owners don’t need to invest the money in buying the bike for delivery boy,  if they buy the bike and unfortunately they have to off the business then all the bikes which they had bought need to be sold at lower prices. And has to face huge amounts of losses because the money they invested is not recovered so here we reduce their investment amount at an early stage and help them to grow. The money our vendor has saved by not buying the bike, can be invested in business for expanding.

We not only provide the bike but also provide the services and maintenance time to time,

Business owner has to follow the agreement procedure to take the bike on lease, the legal team gets all necessary documents and people info and after completing all the procedures, the employee delivers the bike to the business owner’s location.

Despite it, business can also maintain the account and driver info, business owners will have the facility to add how much money is given to a particular driver and how much KM h/she drives the bike.

Drivers can upload the petrol fill and update the KM on a daily basis.


Business owners can see the report like how many orders have been received this month and how many orders delivered this month.

Start lease:

All the documents and formalities will be done through an offline process, our sales executive and operation make visits to every business owner who needs this system. Lease agreement process is taken care of by the legal team. The day we made the deal, the lease will start from that day only and bikes would be delivered to the vendor location. It is for the same city.

End of Lease:

A lease’s expiration date allows either party to end or extend the terms for another year (or whatever time frame is defined in the lease). Usually, there’s about 60 to 90 days before the lease period ends. This means the vendor can give notice that they are leaving or indicate that they are staying.

How does the system provide financial benefit to the Vendor?

  • Fleet costs and related gear – If 20 bikes were purchased for $250 each, your startup fleet costs $5,000. This is at the low end of new bike costs, and keep in mind that quality and durability are important because they’re liable to take a beating. You might also spend another $1,000-$2,000 or more on such related gear as helmets and bike locks.
  • Repairs – This is highly variable, but you could spend $5,000 a year or more on tools, parts and replacement bikes. On a related note, make sure you establish a relationship with a bike product distributor so you always have access to replacement parts and quick delivery. None of your bikes should be sidelined for more than two days.
  • Staff – This cost can range from your own income expectations if you have no employees to several staffers at a popular venue or more than one. Make sure you at least have one bike mechanic unless you can do the job yourself. Figure at least $18 in pay and withholdings for each hour you’ll need covered.

Tracking the Drivers of Bikes on Rent

Software for fleet management allows managers of fleets or vehicles to instruct their drivers with trips and jobs. The managers also have the opportunity to look into vehicle maintenance, inventory, and driver trip history.

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The cards and panels serve to organize and present the information about drivers, vehicles, and their tasks. First, categorization of the hierarchy of information from a high-level is done to determine which information would go to which card or panel. Then within each card or panel, information hierarchy is sold.

tracking drivers through a bike rental app

The map is the central interface through which a user will work from while managing a vehicle fleet. He/She can see where vehicles and destinations are in real time, as well as view and create geo-zones. The maps and related panels were designed. Based on the client’s evolved job stories, a way for managers to chat with their drivers from the map and assign tasks was created. This solution contextualizes the managers job by allowing him/her to see the drivers and their progress in relation to what needs to be done.

managing bikes on rent


Vehicles module of rental bike app

Vehicles module of app for bikes on rent

Dashboard of Bike rental management App

Request to repair the bikes on rent

Maintenance Service

Feature to add a Vendor

Features List

Let’s check the technicalities and functionalities for building a bike rental and management application.

Super Admin:

  1. Login
  2. Dashboard
  3. location(City & county)
  4. Vendor(All vendor, Active vendor, Inactive vendor, Vendor type,Vendor detail page)
  5. Vehicle(All vehicle,Assigned vehicle,Inventory,Create vehicle,vehicle list)
  6. Maintenance (Currently,Service history,Part history)
  7. Request for repair(All request,Open,Closed, detail page)
  8. Ticket(Open and Closed)
  9. Coupon (All coupon,Create coupon, consumption history)
  10. Request for model (Module list,Create module, request list)
  11. Payment(All Payment,Upcoming payment,Received)
  12. Report (Vehicle report,Payment report,Order management report,Maintenance report)


  1. Login & forgot password
  2. Dashboard
  3. Manage driver ( Enroll driver, All driver, Blocked driver, Driver profile, detail page)
  4. Assign Bike ( List of bike, assign to driver, available bike)
  5. Order management (Create order, All order,  Assign to driver)
  6. Alert module (Service history, Part History, Ongoing services, Upcoming)
  7. Track the driver (List of driver, Google map, current order status)
  8. Lease plan (List of bike on lease, Payment detail, detail page )
  9. Feedback of driver (List of driver with detail)
  10. SoS (List of message)
  11. Role management(Create new admin, List of all created admin,)
  12. Profile management Change password, Change profile pic)
  13. Ticket(Raise ticket, List of ticket, Resolved, Pending, ticket detail)
  14. Raise request for module (List of request)
  15. Report (Vehicle report, Payment report, Order management report, Maintenance report)

Driver App for Bikes on Rent

Driver App for Bikes on Rent


  1. Account created by business owner
  2. Splash Screen
  3. Login
  4. Otp
  5. Forgot Password
  6. Otp
  7. Reset password
  8. Dashboard
  9. Bike info which has assigner by business owner
  10. Upload driver license
  11. Upload daily fuel bill
  12. Update daily KM
  13. Can send live photo to business
  14. Google map for route
  15. Sos for emergency
  16. Live tracking
  17. Upload toll gate slip
  18. Can send bike services request
  19. Track Bike maintenance KM
  20. Receive Request
  21. On-going/Up-coming Booking & orders
  22. Past Bookings
  23. Notification
  24. My Profile
  25. Contact us
  26. Terms of use
  27. Privacy Policy
  28. Logout

Unique Functionalities:

  1. Bike on lease
  2. Maintenance
  3. Statics
  4. Order management
  5. Driver app
  6. Live tracking of the driver
  7. Bike servicing

Efficiency of Use:

  1. Database queries will be used to improve time complexity. b. Bulk indexing for faster dedup will give a substantial boost to the data processing
  2. Time which ultimately reduces the overall time taken between crawling and data delivery.

If you are also looking to build an exceptional and feature-rich bike rental application which has a great USP of providing extraordinary benefits and selling itself by providing a great user experience to the user then feel free to with us. Our team will be more than happy to help you at EngineerBabu. We have been developing similar apps and our mobile app developers can help you build the same as our team has already tested and tried the errors that may come and we have good experience in this field. If you wish to build your own software for fleet management or something similar, please feel free to reach out to us. Do not hesitate for any queries. Feel free to reach out to us even if you are in the initial planning phase. To read more blogs, you can visit our website.

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