Why basecamp Not Asana, Trello or Activecollab 

basecamp for project management

Basecamp Vs Asana, Trello or Activecollab

If you think Project Manager will manage your projects, and you will have fun!! You are slightly wrong.
“Employees replicate their founder’s habits. If you’re a lazy boss, don’t expect your employees to work hard while you enjoy life. Set an example they can look up to.”
When you are running an IT Services company, and you have multiple projects to work.  These are following pain points

  • Clients want to get an email for every progress on the project.
  • The time zone of Clients and ours are different.
  • Clients may be free on Sunday or Night while your team in a day.
  • There could be more than one co-founder, and both are in a different timezone.
  • One person wants to upload the files, and we need to make sure it goes to every team member.
  • Divide project in small chunks and clients must know when that part of the project is going to complete.
  • The Client can chat with Developer, Designer, Project Manager.
  • During the project development, if the key person left, it’s hard to repeat understanding to other.
  • In India; People prefer communication by email, The tool that could send an email to them not notifications.

Then we decided to use Trello (*Use for internal teams only not with clients)

  1. It is free
  2. Their app has awesome UI and frequent updates.
  3. It sends notifications to every task you do.
  4. It helps you to manage activities using drag and drop.
  5. When you want to manage one project, and many people are working on this, Trello is the best choice.
  6. Trello is not going to send email notification while Basecamp does.
  7. It’s best for the internal team but not with clients.

Asana Vs Basecamp
I am neither a basecamp affiliate and nor trying to sell anything; You have own choice to use anything:

  1. It is ten times cheaper than asana.
  2. The app is having weekly updates and very cool to use it.
  3. Basecamp has awesome support, Get your email reply within 10 min.
  4.  It is very simple to use, Don’t force your clients to learn tools. We purchased asana, but 6/70 clients were able to understand how to use it.
  5. It sends daily summary email; Just read that email, and you will get to know what happen in your project.
  6. In it you can chat with the team, clients, etc. You don’t need skype anymore.
  7. Using basecamp filter you can check who is doing what, who has more work, upcoming deliveries etc.
  8. File attachments, comments on that are really very simple.
  9. If you need task management go with asana, if you need project management basecamp is better.
  10. Basecamp is having what you did today section; where all team can update daily status.

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