When I had trouble – I Solved it Using Three Steps

solving business problems
How I solved my business problem in three steps
  1. Focus on Customers
  2. Serve your employees
  3. Learn from the competitors

1. Focus on Customers

Today everybody is talking about Investors number one, and I hate that. I think it’s always customer number one. It’s the clients who give you money, It’s the customer that gives to innovation, It’s the customer that makes you happy. When I face trouble my clients and friends were there to tell, Hey “Mayank keep going, You are doing a great thing, You can’t die like this? “When you think about the investor, you only think about revenues, more transaction, and you only think how you can get next level of investment.

It’s hard to make your investment as your customer, and I hardly found that. I don’t believe Sachin / Kohli drove that bike or car, and I don’t think Amitabh Bachchan uses Navaratan oil.
Customer goes up with you, He gives you money, he gives you hope, he gives you support.

2. Serve your employees

It’s your employee, Your team that makes the difference. It’s your team that makes the dream happen. If you listen to your employees’ innovation, happen, You get the ideas, love to solve their problems, to solve their family problems. They feel it’s not your company; It’s their business. They feel happy with you, and They feel glad to work with you. When you believe your people everybody start performing extraordinary, they love their job.

Try to find the right people, not the best people. 
Why we are successful
  1. We don’t have an MBA, IITs or any high experience people.
  2. We are not smart enough, and I could not crack IIT.
  3. We are not hard working; Rickshaw wala do more hard work than us.
We are successful because we have the dream, We have a dream to do something great. We have hope that we can achieve anything that we want to do. All the people that we hire from All big brands are gone because they can only be Team leaders, they can only drive process; They can’t drive passion.
When you are small, Don’t hire talent, Hire people. Because he is not here for the job. He is here for a dream to share.

3. Learn from the competitors

Love competitors, Learn from competitors. If you don’t have competitors, you can never grow that fast. Respect your competitors, learn as much as you can. Competitors are the best laboratory for you, Don’t copy from them; learn from them.

I love my competitors, every time, and I look at them; I admire. Competitors are not meant for fighting, find the examples, the models, why they are successful.
The most interesting part of the business is competition. When your competitors are using the money to compete, they start losing.
Business is about wisdom, Business is about hope, Business is about courage.
 Last and important things, never, ever, ever keep your dream die; If you don’t know how to survive. Ping me, Call me, and I can’t invest in your company, But I can tell the ways how you can push yourself to feed your mind and body.


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