Angular- Digital Transformation Guide for Non-Tech Founder

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In this guide, I’m going to give you in-depth knowledge of a very popular and widely used client-side framework called Angular. This guide intends to help Founders of non-technical background who wish to learn the basic idea behind Angular. It will also  help you make a decision if it’s the right choice for your upcoming project and subsequently what a Front-end developer must know about Angular and how to hire angular developers in the current scenario.

Let us tell you why we are experts on this topic. We have worked with 1000+ CTOs, hundreds of products amongst them have been funded by Venture Capitalists including MIT DeltaV, Harvard innovation Lab. 

We want to share why they chose to hire Angular developers to build scalable solutions, and what a Venture Capitalist looks in technology products.

The front-end web development ecosystem has evolved a lot. Large and small companies/communities have made multiple efforts to make it better. You won’t be surprised when I say that front-end development in 2020 revolves around Single Page Applications (SPAs). Angular has been around for nearly half a decade now. Its developer community has created an enormous number of applications and is still considered the top choice of developers. Hence, the huge number of startups prefer to hire Angular developers for quality front-end development.

It can be a time consuming task to evaluate and hire Angular developers. However, some of the crucial factors include whether you should look for offshore or onshore hiring. As the technology and working culture is constantly evolving, you can also prefer to hire remote Angular developers who  can work dedicatedly on your project.

Without any further delay, let’s warm you up with some initial questions that you may have and then we will explain in more detail.

Suitable Technology for Front-End Development

From a business point of view, if you are looking for front-end technology you couldn’t risk going wrong here since these risks can cash-on in any minute. 

The fact that there are numerous reasons for using Angular framework depending on the project complexity and why it is among the most recommended technologies for businesses and enterprises.

The latest Angular version 9 fixes all the bugs that created problems in Angular 8. The framework is not just better than most of the available frameworks, but also delivers continuous improvement on its previous versions.

As Angular 9 is available with Ivy as standard renderer. It means, developers can ship optimized code as fewer instructions are required now. This results in more advantage where previous versions were lacking.

Why the Right Choice of Front-End Tech Matters?

The front-end is the user’s side. It is the interface that enables the user to interact with the program. However, its basic purpose is that the application should give provision of access, convenience, a pleasuring user experience, call to actions, and events. The user-side development of your product is mainly based on the selection of your front-end technology. 

As the user can’t really see the back-end of your product. Thus, it becomes important to give them a feel that the web-application is capable of handling all the functionalities at user’s convenience. If the application fails to solve their problems, sooner or later the product owner will stop investing in it. Hence, make sure the navigation is clear, uncluttered, not overloaded and logical for a user. 

You may also use breadcrumbs as indicators to show where users are, if the site is really complex. Great product experience is based on usability and benefits. Such experiences can be delivered by selecting the right front-end technology, which is what the user is able to see and interact with. To select right technology is as essential to hire angular developers who follow a structured approach in building applications.

Define Angular

It is a TypeScript-based open-source framework for building client-side web applications. TypeScript may be a superset of JavaScript, allowing us to first understand JavaScript briefly. 

JavaScript is a client-side programming language, which runs directly on the web browser. Typically, JavaScript is employed for interface interactions, slideshows, and other interactive components.

Angular plays an important role in Front-end development. Its basic role is to rearrange front-end advancement. The front-end lets you show how your website should look. As a result, it covers your whole website which users will see and communicate. Thus, the live animations, creative images, navigation menus are done with the help of Angular. 

This is the reason, most companies go with Angular Web Development service or Hire Angular Developers and also Hire Front-end developers to make their website more attractive and user-friendly.

Difference Between TypeScript and JavaScript

A TypeScript-based open-source front-end web application platform is led by the Angular Team at Google and by a community of people and corporations.

  • JavaScript is a scripting language which helps you create interactive sites whereas TypeScript may be a superset of JavaScript.
  • TypeScript code requires compilation while JavaScript code doesn’t.
  • TypeScript supports some features of prototyping while JavaScript doesn’t.

Angular is basically rewritten by the same team who built AngularJS earlier. Despite that Angular is completely a different language from AngularJS. 

Now, Let us understand the differences between Angular and AngularJS.

Difference Between Angular and AngularJS

  • The architecture of an Angular application is different from AngularJS. The primary building blocks for Angular can be stated as modules, components, templates, metadata, data binding, directives, services, and dependency injection.
  • In Angular there is no such concept of “scope” or controllers. Whereas, it follows the hierarchy of components as the main architectural concept.
  • Desktop development can be much easier when mobile performance issues are dealt with first.
  • Angular follows Modularity. Hence, the similar functionalities are kept together in a module. Thus, results in a lighter & faster Angular core.

It is safe to say that with every update and iteration of components of Angular, it has smaller bundle size, fast testing, and improved debugging. However, one should use the latest technology updates only to implement on their project to maintain the product’s market quality.

Features of Angular 9

Performance and file size are some downsides of Angular vs. React, Vue or Svelte.js. One major problem of the previous versions of Angular is that the large size of the ultimate bundle. It impacts the download time and affects the general performance of the application. Angular 9 introduces a couple of new features most significantly, such as the Ivy compiler which provides an enormous boost in performance. Some pointers that a Startup should also know in updates of technology as it helps to analyze and hire angular developers who are well-versed with the recent changes.

Overall following are the new features of Angular 9;

  • Smaller bundle sizes and augmented performance,
  • Multiple improvements in Testing,
  • Better Debugging,
  • Improved CSS class and Style Binding,
  • Improved type checking,
  • Improvement in Build Times and Errors,
  • Improvement in Component and Directive Class Inheritance,
  • Latest TypeScript versions,
  • Improved Server-Side Rendering with Angular Universal,
  • Improved Styling Experience.

Companies using Angular at Different Industries

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Looking at Angular customers based on different industries; we infer that Computer Software (12%), and Information Technology and Services (6%) are the largest segments among the numerous industries.

Top Countries that use Angular

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52% of Angular customers are from the United States and 6% are from the United Kingdom.

Companies (Small, Mid, or Large) using Angular

EngineerBabu Distribution of companies by company size

Of all the companies that are using Angular, a majority (59%) are small-sized (<50 employees), 14% are large (>1000 employees) and 26% are medium-sized companies.

Companies Revenue Generation after using Angular

EngineerBabu Distribution of Revenue

Of all the companies that are using Angular, a majority (79%) are small revenue generators (<$50M), 11% are large (>$1000M) and 6% are medium-sized revenue generator companies.

Top Websites Handling Maximum Visitors with Angular

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Comparison Between React and Angular

Although React and Angular won’t perform an equivalent task which is front-end web development. Both use contrasting programming paradigms and offer different features, functionality, and performance. Hence, let’s do a comparative analysis between React and Angular. 

1. The Rivalry

There are numerous JavaScript library options like Vue.js, jQuery, and JavaScript frameworks like Ember, Backbone.js.

Along with the multiple functionalities, React and Angular is backed by tech giants, Facebook and Google respectively. 

React and Angular together cover an enormous share of today’s front web space. Some of the popular websites that use React and Angular – the two competitors to build their product.

Angular – Google, PayPal, The Guardian, Freelancer, etc.

React – Facebook, Airbnb, Netflix, Dropbox, etc.

Further, React vs Angular, we take a glance at the Google Trends search volume of those two technologies between 2015-2017. In terms of recognition, it’s observed that originally Angular is on top, this comes as no surprise since its initial release was in 2009.

However, React was introduced in 2013, which shows a rising trend and is neck to neck with Angular in some recent months. Although Angular 2 is gradually rising, it’s lagging behind React. This will be attributed to the fact Angular 2 was released in mid-2016.

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2. Performance

React is known for its superior rendering speed. Thus the name “React”, a moment reaction to vary with minimum delay.

Angular 2 has drastically improved its performance by modifying it’s detection algorithm. While Angular is neck to neck with React in smaller applications, because the size and complexity of custom UI increases. React clearly outperforms Angular.

Angular can be said as an end-to-end solution, whereas React can provide with only UI support suitable for deploying simple applications.

However, React is often combined with Redux (or Flux) to form bigger applications. React Native is far more focused on interfaces unlike Angular.

3. Debugging

The code needs to be viewed in two aspects namely your logic and markup. As in the case of logic, React uses compile time debugging and detects error early. Thereby, making it the preferred choice for debugging JavaScript while Angular uses run-time debugging which leads to undetected errors that appear at run-time.

With respect to markup, React uses JSX that is HTML like syntax and needs to be traced back to the generated HTML which can be a tedious task. Angular’s HTML template being analogous to the generated HTML allows seamless debugging.

We cannot simply predict a winner between the two but we will help you pick a side based on the given context.

4. Developer Team Experience

For an experienced developer with prior experience in Java or any other static-typed language like C#, the developer can easily move to TypeScript.

Having said that it might be an uphill task for any newbie developer to find out Angular specific syntax. On the other hand, given a team of experienced developers who can take full advantage of Angular’s TypeScript will end in reliable code and fewer errors. This is often a better fit to larger enterprise applications.

5. Application Requirements

Angular being declarative will suit your app if your UI is of generic nature. It delivers a solid built-in architecture and it offers a well organized approach.

It all comes right down to strike a balance between a ‘flexible and faster React’ or a ‘more structured and organized’ Angular.

We leave it to you, whether you wish all the features ‘in-the-box’ like Angular or prefer to catch on ‘out-of-the-box’ because it is with React.

The beauty of both the technologies is that; in React, you’ll add TypeScript if you would like to, and in Angular you’ll improve your architecture by including Redux.

Both these technologies are supported by large developer communities and backed by Facebook and Google.

Hire Angular Developers for SEO and Marketing

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an important feature in any web application. They allow your app to be discovered by search engines and social media networks.

You can build SEO-friendly applications by server-rendering it with Angular. For startups it’s important to hire angular developers, who are experienced enough to better optimize it according to the marketing needs of the application.

Angular is beneficial for user interaction and increased conversion rates. Still, it impacts organic search traffic and is challenging for creating an SEO strategy.

However, Google updates shows that bots are now capable of rendering JavaScript, but it is still a doubtful area and caution is required to dig deep into this matter. The below points will guide you to make your AngularJS app search engine friendly and easy to index by Google bots.

1. URL Structure

The main component of Angular SEO is a URL of an application as it must be user-friendly and does not contain any harsh garbage such as # or-. You will leverage the $routeProvider and $locationProvider to set your SEO friendly URL. This helps in angular websites in maintenance of URL Structure which helps in better public visibility & reach.

2. XML Sitemaps

The best way to get your all pages crawled and indexed is by creating an XML Sitemap file that includes all your canonical URLs. This file must be submitted in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tool. This indexing helps in making Angular more SEO friendly which in turn is an added benefit when selecting this technology.

3. Search Engine Index

To check the most recent cached version of Angular application, type “site:[domain]” query in Google or Bing and look for your website URL in search results. At the end of the URL locate the drop down caret and select “cache” in Google or Bing. In this way, you will know what bots found in your web page in the last crawl by Google.

Let’s discuss if Angular is SEO Friendly or not:

  • Angular has been created and maintained by enthusiastic Google engineers. This implies there is a huge group out there for you to acquire info. Aside from that, there are engineers that can help you to handle any difficulties.
  • Angular development is easy to pursue and to begin one on the off chance that you as of now have basic knowledge in HTML.
  • New information you add to the application, which is built on Angular is easily updated and hence, the app users can get new changes pretty soon.
  • Angular has extended characteristics like routing, dependency injection, view orchestration, animations and much more.

The most important thing that we have learned here is that Google is endlessly upgrading its crawling and indexing mechanisms and will continue to upgrade in the later years also. So, despite leaving the indexing of your site in the hands of the search engines, get in touch with the web development company. 

Likewise, Google is 100% committed towards Angular to make it a valuable SEO-friendly platform to develop websites. Therefore you should be careful when you are looking to hire angular developers as the more experienced they are the better they know the ins and outs of making your product SEO friendly.

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Top Companies Hire Angular Developers

1. Gmail

There’s no better way to determine how powerful Angular is, than by taking a glance at Gmail service. Angular may be a product built by the Google engineering heroes, and Google products leverage this framework. Apart from Google, startups also look to hire angular developers when they need to implement a similar feature.

The important fact to note is that Gmail is a single-page app. Unlike multi-page websites, this website renders data on the front-end, enables access to cached data in the offline regime, and embodies many other amazing SPA advantages. To build the impressive user experience; Gmail preferred to hire Angular developers for front-end development.

  • Initial load may take up to several seconds; however, once the app is loaded, you can open any email or check any category without delay.
  • Once loaded, Gmail app content is available offline; even if there’s no Internet connection, you can open some recent emails.
  • Live Hangout chats available in Gmail are of great simplicity and performance. The feature was made with Angular, and thanks to the out-of-the-box Angular module, now everyone can integrate Google Hangouts to their Angular apps.
2. Forbes

One of the world’s most visited websites is one of the best Angular examples, made with Angular 5. Forbes works well everywhere; Forbes looks nice everywhere. Its author page is developed with Angular showcases how beneficial it is to pick this framework as one of the primary tools for your app. 

Forbes recently upgraded to newer versions of angular and was required to hire angular developers to better optimize their product.

  • “Write once, use everywhere” principle: The reusable codebase allows the website of Forbes to perform well on any device, OS, or browser.
  • Uninterrupted & rich experience is provided here as well. Readers just scroll and browse the website as long as they want to; interesting articles organically appear on the screen.
  • Simple Support and Maintenance: The framework grows and improves, so the Forbes website does as well.
3. Upwork

Upwork is one of the Angular based apps. It is a service where employers from all over the world can find freelancing specialists for any job. At the same time, specialists from different countries can find part-time or full-time employment on a freelance basis.

As the popularity of remote work and freelancing rises, freelance marketplace development is of huge potential. The MVP is a short and painless way to launch an initial version of a platform, and once you get the initial product, it will start bringing in money.

  • The Angular framework provides out-of-the-box solutions to upgrade any website with intuitive navigation and filtering.
  • Just like many other websites written in Angular, Upwork shows high webpage performance.
4. PayPal

Online money transfer wouldn’t be so fast and simple without PayPal. The platform looks great and works so well, thanks to Angular. Angular contributes to PayPal’s internal functionality and enables enormous integration opportunities. Seeing good growth and improvement of Angular, PayPal started seeking to hire angular developers and make the platform even more secure and bug-free. 

  • On an internet site, you’ll notice an easy few-clicks authorization feature for both individual or business use inbuilt Angular.
  • Seamless checkout that permits completion of the acquisition without leaving the online store is real because of checkout.js — an Angular tool.
  • There is plenty of information, tutorials, and tips regarding PayPal integrations with Angular websites.
5. Weather.com

Weather forecasts, related news, interesting facts, and entertainment content are available here. Best way to describe how well Angular may work is by demonstrating its use on the Weather.com Angular website. 

Angular modules stored in separate directories allow independent teams to handle specific elements of the website. Besides, there are numerous Angular-powered features we will enjoy here:

  • Integration with multiple maps
  • Real-time broadcasting
  • HD videos from aerials, etc.

Combined with an easy design, this functionality with Angular makes weather.com a source of serious information.

6. Wikiwand

Wikiwand, a brand-new solution that  can be installed on your browser, takes all these disadvantages into account and offers a more convenient Wikipedia experience. It’s founders majorly tried to achieve the following two goals with their product:

  • With Angular, it becomes possible to divide a webpage into simple and easy readable sections.
  • On both website and mobile, it provides advanced navigation functionality.

As a result, the team reports “higher traffic and usage” on a new version of the Wikiwand, thanks to leveraging the Angular framework. To achieve such results, the company opted to hire angular developers. It helped SPAs to be easily divided into multiple sections.

7. JetBlue

JetBlue, a website of a low-cost American airline built with Angular. On the website, you can book tickets, explore destinations, view road maps, access the flight tracker section, and so much more. Dynamic features available with Angular are quite important for travel and transport apps:

  • Seamless Search and Booking Flight features help to find the best fares.
  • Integration with third-party services for accommodation bookings and car rentals.

This powerful American airline strives to provide skilled and experienced developers to actively hire Angular developers to upgrade the JetBlue app’s functionality.

Role of Angular in Scaling Business

Angular is advantageous from both business and development standpoints. It’s one among those frameworks of angular which will work productively with various back-end languages also as combine business logic and UI.

What entrepreneurs expect from Angular may be a robust, cost-efficient front-end. It is a part of the merchandise which will allow them to win large audiences and make money. That expectation comes true because the framework has it all.

Let’s take an in-depth study of business and the technical strengths of Angular and see how they’re related.

1. Effective Cross-Platform Development

Besides providing cost-friendly Angular progressive web app solutions which will meet mobile platforms, the framework is widely utilized in native-like mobile applications. Many companies look to create cross-platform solutions with Angular because they’re good at imitating real native apps. 

Earlier, front-end developers used the Ionic + Angular formula for cross-platform development. Whereas, now the most popular formula is Angular + NativeScript.

By using Angular with TypeScript capabilities like services, dependency injection, and routing, a developer can create a native-like UI. With NativeScript, a programmer has access to native APIs. As a result, it can build an app that runs on both iOS and Android. Still, if you would like to make both web and mobile apps, those would be two different projects. Various startups are looking to hire Angular developers as the web application  can also be developed on mobile devices using angular native.

2. Top Quality of Appliances

Angular may be a complex platform that’s difficult to find out. So it requires adequate qualifications from a developer. Many structural elements that include Injectors, Components, Directives, Pipes, Services, etc. could be challenging for beginning developers to find out. 

However, they’re additional qualities for the merchandise success. It allows you to create anything you consider due to a comprehensive set of built-in features in Angular. Enterprises also hire angular developers as there are many functional libraries which can be re-used with a little effort in customizing it.

3. Improved Speed and Performance

The diversity of Angular capabilities, such as template syntax, Angular CLI, routers, etc. make programmer’s work easier and enable quick loading of applications. The framework is compatible with multiple back-end programming languages to display the data within the UI efficiently. 

Startups are assured that if they hire angular developers who are experienced enough they can play a significant role in improving speed and performance.

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4. Faster Development Process

The Angular framework allows a developer to make Angular web apps faster and highly efficient because of the technical advantages offered by the framework. Below you’ll see the list of things assisting programmers in faster development with Angular.

  1. Detailed Documentation: Angular developers take care of creating Angular approachable and straightforward to find out. They provide carefully written documents endowed with great code. For example, for clarity, a developer could easily find out of issues while building an application. It should be noted that one should hire angular developers who have good interpretation skills to understand documentation.
  2. Angular CLI: The Angular command-line interface makes the developer’s job easier because it offers a group of helpful tools for coding. Besides its powerful built-in features, Angular CLI are often extended with third-party libraries to unravel unusual and sophisticated software issues.
  3. Two-Way Data Binding: Two-way data binding feature saves time and automates some code generation processes. In Angular, within a Model-View-Controller architecture, if a developer changes something during a model, the view matching thereto model also changes other way around. In brief, when app data is modified, the UI also changes. Enterprises hire angular developers because for complex projects two-way data binding plays a crucial role.
  4. Differential Loading: The recent versions of Angular allow creating two bundles – the tools that contain code and therefore the resources required for efficient programming. To form the app browser-compatible, one bundle is employed for contemporary browsers that support ES2015+ and another one for older browsers that support ES5 JS version. With differential loading, browsers can load less code and polyfills, which makes the app more productive.
  5. Google Support: Google created Angular to use it internally for its official websites and solve problems in Google’s internal systems. Angular updates every 6 months offering small changes for every gradual remake. Yet delivers confident and continuous evolution of the framework.
  6. Large Developer Community: Angular is widely popular among developers throughout the planet. Since the very first set of Angular, there has always been a strong community round the framework. Angular specialists constantly contribute to the framework, share programming experience, discuss specific issues, and find ways to unravel problems together.
5. Readable and Testable Code

What makes Angular code logical, consistent, and straightforward to follow for a front-end specialist is its structural elements, namely:

  1. Modules: Angular modularity is related to the structure of the framework, which incorporates modules, components, directives, pipes, and services. The division of the framework’s structure into modules and components makes your application perfect for unit-testing. Each code unit is tested separately throughout the event process, which allows taking meticulous control of the standard .
  2. Components: With Angular, it’s possible to write down applications with the normal MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) and MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, which improve code reusability. The applicability of the framework caused the MVW (Model-View-Whatever) acronym to seem because you’ll build anything with a model-view pattern. 

The new versions are defined by a component-based structure where all elements are independent to each other. Whereas the MVC pattern breaks down the structure into different levels of the appliance, components include the features during a single class. 

Thus, whatever component a developer creates, the general structure is preserved, which contributes to code consistency.

6. More Lightweight Web Applications

In older versions of the framework, there was a well-liked issue reported by the developer community about overlarge bundle size that impedes the fast loading of applications. As a result, the Angular creators confront this issue in newer versions with the subsequent improvements:

  1. Modules: Modules are the logical elements that divide consecutive business components. Large apps written in Angular can use lazy-load modules to display various app components supported where a user is within the application. This feature helps to improve the performance of such apps by reducing the dimensions of the initially-loaded application.
  2. Ivy Renderer: A renderer is an engine that takes the instructions written by a developer and translates them for DOM – an internet page interface that helps control page content, structure, and designs. The Ivy renderer allows making smaller bundles to hurry up the appliance.
7. Efficient Problem-Solving Patterns

Angular offers powerful DI (Dependency Injection) instrument and services to resolve various productivity issues and speed up the event process:

  1. Dependency Injection: DI may be a design pattern that creates it to enhance the modularity and efficiency of an application. In this way objects are made dependable over another object. With dependency injection, Angular makes it possible to delegate some server-side services to the client-side.
  2. Angular Services: Angular components aren’t alleged to capture and save data; they specialize in representing and giving access to the present data to services. Angular Services help to combine business logic and app UI to make the code cleaner. A programmer can import a service just once within the code then use it wherever it is required. As a result, a specialist works faster because less code is required.
8. Excellent Material Design Library

Angular had a library that permits implementing Material Design elements. Material Design system is made by Google which enables creating productive and highly responsive user interfaces. Therefore, programmers choose Angular Material because once they learn it, it gets easier and faster to include Angular design elements in further projects.

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Factors Affect the Budget and Timeline of Product

Factors which will affect the budget and timeline for developing Angular Website or App are as follows;

1. Number of Functions

Most often it’s been made evident by the applications or websites created by Angular development company that this solution comes with a good range of features. All of those features are mostly interconnected with one another but they’re definite in every aspect. Hence, all of those features essentially required a well-formulated string of codes individually. 

Higher the amount of codes or basic functions for the website; higher is going to be the quantity of coding required to run the answer. It’ll have an immediate influence on your angular app development budget.

2. Operational Storage

Every angular website essentially stores an amount of knowledge. The Angular web application you need to host or display must have a minimum of one section of information through interaction.  Thus, it directs that data to an area to be stored.

Accounting for this storage it’s important to inculcate the thought in your angular product. It’s a relational concept which suggests that more the info, the more are going to be the cash.

Required Budget & Timeline for Your Project Development

When you are determined to make a shocking website or application, it’s advised to bring the simplest web development company within the frame. However, the simplest technology or the simplest company directly means you would possibly need to be flexible with the value of the project. 

If you’re looking to urge an estimate for an angular web or development project then you’ll follow the range- $500 (this is for a simplified website or application) to $20k (this includes a highly-customized, feature-rich application or website which will perform outstanding things like video streaming, social networking, etc.). 

The general cost to develop an internet site or an application entirely depends upon the dimensions, complexity, type, specifications, and most significantly the budget of your organization. It also includes the geographical location of the developer which suggests that if you’re outsourcing the answer, taking near shore or local help.

If you are interested in hiring an IT agency in India then, the monthly quotes for the project can start from $1000 USD/month to $2999 USD/month. Based on project requirement. Hence, hire Angular developers based on project needs.

However, in any case, if you’ve chosen to hire Angular developers or a corporation on a hard and fast basis then it has different stages and price categorizations. Mostly the categorizations go from simple to complex and because the complexity increases, the value for an equivalent also increases.

1. An Easy Website

A simple website or application having a basic structure like simple designs, limited text or images, general inquiry form, and one or two blogs can cost you the smallest amount. For this sort of angular solution, you’ll have an estimate of around $1000 to $2000.

2. Functional Website Or Application

If instead of displaying the inquiry form and basic details you’re determined to incorporate better functions. Therefore, to reinforce the customer experience, it can cost you around $3000 to $8000. This sort of application or website is very useful due to its amazing features and custom designs. 

These angular solutions aren’t just plug and play or CMS-driven solutions but they’re smartly crafted as web applications to affect UI flow, calculations, database, etc.

3. Highly-Functional Website Or Application

If you’re proceeding with a highly-functional angular web application having a strong customized back-end admin panel, dynamic content, or CMS then this sort of website or application suits the category of 2nd level applications. 

It’s inclusive of features like handling user-generated queries, photos, pictures, multimedia, attributes of user-profiles, supreme rendering of quality across multiple devices, etc. The back-end admin panel of this sort of solution is very customized and standard. It can cost you around $10000 to $20000.

4. Comprehensive Projects

This is the supreme category for angular applications on websites, and that they sync with the newest tools and solutions. Their functions are more complex to handle the user-generated queries and it’s the last word degree of privacy and security for all the users. 

These are custom solutions that are specially made for e-commerce businesses on enterprises so as to perform highly specific job operations and improve the functions of the organization. The worth range for this sort of angular application or website starts from $2k and may exceed $10k. This is often due to the unique features, complexity and also the problem-solving abilities of the web site or application. 

For comprehensive projects it is recommended to hire angular developers as maintaining structure is very essential while there are multiple modules needed to deal with.

Sources to Hire Angular Developers 

When it comes to hire Angular developers, you have three options to choose from:

  1. Freelance Angular Developer
  2. In-house Angular Developer
  3. Outsourced Angular Developer

Let’s discuss these in detail and figure out the best for your business.

1. Freelance Developer

A freelance developer is the one who works for him/herself. You can find them on various freelance channels or job portals. A freelancer is the best option when you want to develop intricate apps or websites and do not have the exact requirement.


  • More affordable than in-house developers or agencies.
  • Good to complete specific tasks.


  • Code quality depends on the professional work experience of a developer.
  • If your freelancer disappears, your project will be in heavy risk.
  • Time-zone difference between you and the developer.
2. In-house Developer

An In-house angular development team works from your office and under your supervision. You get to employ every member of the team. It is a perfect example of running a startup. You can hire angular developers or a team of developers to work together and build the app.


  • Your employees are available round the clock.
  • More efficient collaboration among team members during the development phase.
  • No language or communication gap.


  • In-house developers require monthly wages which are more costly than freelancers.
  • The process of hiring and acquainting of new employees with each other takes time.
  • Taxes, office rent, and other requirements of developers will add a large sum to your monthly costs.
3. Outsourced Developer

This is the most affordable and convenient option. Therefore, you can outsource the work or hire a development team. These people are experts in their field and provide all the necessary tools.


  • Cost Control: You don’t need to pay additional taxes, you always know what you will need to pay and control your expenses, especially if you choose a fixed price model.
  • Consideration of all Requirements: A dedicated outsourcing development team has a fully equipped staff of specialists that are in-charge of each phase of software development life cycle.
  • Cost Reduction: You can choose the country where Angular programmer salary is far less than the one in your local region, whereas the standard is on an equivalent level. Hence, it will reduce the general cost.
  • Flexibility: If the merchandise requires some changes, they will be avoided. The re-development of software by specialists has everything to implement it.
  • Quality: Outsourcing companies are responsible for quality and deadlines. So your products are going to be built within set time frames and meeting the specified quality.


  • Language barriers and communication gap.
  • Time-zone difference.

Future Perspective of Angular Technology

The world of programming is continuously changing, and there are new products introduced within the market after every single minute of the time span.

However, many of them fail due to less understanding of the market need the programming community has. Being backed by technological titan like Google and Microsoft, along with its pioneer status, has put Angular before its competitor.

The reasons of predicting a unprecedented future for Angular are as follows:

1. Fast and Intuitive

Programming has come an extended way, from first computers taking whole rooms, to having the ability to make highly professional apps during a matter of hours. It’s incredibly easy to begin Angular and make a smoothly operating website within 5 minutes.

It also features a comprehensive tutorial for beginners or developers who are new to the framework which helps to make an identical web application in only a couple of minutes.

2. It’s Comprehensive

Angular is written with test-ability in mind, it gives the developer the chance to seek out the bugs before users do. Angular can do all of the work on the client while providing an upscale, fast experience for the top user.

3. Provides Top Quality

It’s important to recollect that hobbyists create most frameworks. Whereas Angular is made by professional engineers who help developers through the training process while answering their questions as fast as possible.

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Type of Apps you can Build with Angular 

Angular accelerates the method of development, opens new opportunities, provides off-shelf solutions and scalability. As always, such a choice always depends on the project and therefore the client’s needs. Here’s our choice of products which will be created with Angular.

1. Single-Page Applications (SPA)

This is one among the foremost popular solutions for websites. The user interacts with the app on one page, where the knowledge appears dynamically. SPAs are so popular because they supply an improved user experience (UX) as compared to traditional multi-page applications. Angular’s routing and data management make building SPAs easier and deliver top performance.

2. Enterprise Web Apps

Big organizations, like corporations or government institutions, often need sophisticated software. Angular has been a go-to framework for giant teams. First, it’s scalable. Second, the components are often reused in other projects. Third, the architecture is unified, which helps to maintain the event process. Fourth, it delivers high security standards.

3. Mobile Apps

Angular is a superb tool for building any mobile app. Naturally, you’ll use this framework to create an internet application that runs on any device. However, you’ll combine Angular with NativeScript, another open-source framework that permits building iOS and Android.

On the other hand, you’ll use Ionic to make a hybrid app that gives almost native-like experience but shares the bulk of code between the iOS and Android platforms.

4. Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

PWA must adapt to the user’s screen, load quickly, and be available offline. This is often a crucial breakthrough for web applications, as within the past, they were often worthless when the mobile user loses connectivity.

To build a PWA with Angular, you’ll use the command “ng add @angular/pwa”, which accelerates the setup process. Of course, additional work of the developers is required to make sure that each one PWA rules are met and therefore the application will work properly. Enterprises also hire angular developers as angular technology easily adapts with PWAs.

5. Server-Side Rendered (SSR) Apps

Web applications are often rendered either within the browser or on the server. Within the second case, the server is liable for preparing (pre-populating) custom user data, which vastly improves the load time of the location.

It also improves the site’s visibility in program result pages (SERPs), which can do wonders for promoting your product and reaching the proper audience. Angular is useful for pre-rendering solution that creates SSR development far more straight forward.

6. Interfaces with Beautiful Animations

Beautiful User Interface animations are increasingly often the source of web apps’ competitive advantage. They’ll be quite compelling, but if done wrong, they’ll make people hate using your app. 

Angular is quite useful in building large scale applications that require extensive libraries and functionalities. However if you’re looking to hire angular developers, you should make sure that the developers can handle these libraries efficiently. Many CTOs agree to hire angular developers as the angular technology has the ability to provide interfaces with distinctive support of animations.

Required Skills & Knowledge to Hire Angular Developers

It is pretty challenging to rent the proper Angular developers to handle your Angular Web Development. To hire Angular developers, ensure the following fundamental skills and other skills based on your project demands:

  • Knowledge of Core JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Persistent Skill on the Angular Framework.
  • Experience with RESTful API interaction.
  • Knowledge of technologies like Webpack and Node.

As like other software developers, the position of Angular developers starts from a junior level and extends to middle & senior levels. The table below depicts the talents required for basic, middle and senior level Angular developers:

Basic Level Angular Developers Middle-Level Angular Developers Senior Level Angular Developers
  • HTML5 & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Skills on Angular Practices
  • Modules & Components
  • SPA Building
  • Knowledge of Web Services
  • RxJS Observables
  • XHRs Creation
  • Users’ actions validation
  • Infrastructure for front-end application serving
  • Unit Tests
  • Scripts Creation for CIE
  • TypeScript Features
  • REST Architecture
  • Browsers APIs
  • Server-Side Rendering
  • Sockets Handling
Required Soft Skills to Hire Angular Developers
  • Basic communication skills,
  • Creativity,
  • Teamwork,
  • Conflict management,
  • Decision making,
  • Adaptability,
  • Dedication towards work,
  • Response to particular actions.
Rising Graph to Hire Angular Developers

Here is a statistical report showing the rising job of angular developers on different job portals.


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Salary of Angular Developers in Different Countries & in India

The salary structure of angular developers varies from country to country and on their experiences. Here we compiled a list of Angular developer average salaries across different countries which also depicts a high rate of web development job opportunities.

The below table depicts an average range of salary based on skills and experience which users self-reported from Payscale reports.

Country Avg. Salary
US $83k
UK €48k
Germany €48k
France  €37k
Australia AU$79k
Netherlands €46k
Japan ¥5m
Switzerland 94k Fr.
Canada C$69k
India $80k

*Note that these figures that are reported may not be accurate as they vary depending on the current market demand. However, these salaries are represented to get a good picture and relatively the costs of hiring developers in different countries.

Major Takeaway

Angular is one of the most powerful TypeScript frameworks. It is heavily used for front-end web application development. Angular is a part of popular web development technology stacks like MEAN. As a reason, start-ups and mid-sized businesses also look to hire Angular developers. 

If you have an app idea in mind, you can go ahead and choose angular framework as it provides a complete solution. Angular also ensures your SEO & marketing needs. However, to transform your ideas to full-fledged products it is important for the businesses to hire Angular developers.

Hope this article delivered a brief understanding on what role Angular plays and its importance for the Front-End development and will continue to do so. 

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