Top 5 Android Mobile Applications of 2016

top 5 android mobile apps

Top Android Mobile Apps of 2016

The obsession of the android mobile apps is increasing every day. The reason behind this is mobile application makes your life easy. In this era of   smartphone an individual download and try many mobile applications. Every day developers develop new apps with some new ideas, but to sort which sis the best mobile application in the current year is tough.

To overcome this slight problem, experts at “ENGINEERBABU” have classified five most loved mobile apps of 2016.In our list of 5 best mobile applications, we have included two mobile applications developed by Google.

Google maps and  Waze
Google navigation is the base of all the navigation app available in the market. It gets regular, week by week upgrades. Beside the very nuts and bolts, Google Maps gives you access to spots of interest, activity information, headings to things like rest stops or corner stores. Now Google map has introduced an add-on by the name waze. This add-on comes with a lot of features, which will eventually help in your navigation.

Swiftkey keyboard
Swiftkey is the smartest Keyboard ever available in the market. Swift key is so smart that sometimes it behaves like AI {artificial intelligence}. Swiftkey makes your keyboard more attractive by introducing lots of beautiful and bright colored themes for the keyboard. Swiftkeys learn’s from you and auto-fetch the words that have been used by you at regular intervals.
This fantastic mobile application also puts spaces at missed places by recognizing the characters.

For performing some basic task’s TASKER can be your best pal. The tasks performed by Tasker depends on upon the date, time, location & gesture. Tasker will eventually make your smartphone more efficient. Tasker also helps the users to perform the various task with great precision. Tasker is basically an Automation mobile application that takes the advantage of the openness of the Android OS.

FITBIT is the leading android mobile application related to fitness. This mobile application tracks the daily activity of the individual. As it keeps track of all the time dedicated to Workout, sleep and office hours. Fitbit can also be paired with a wearable device which in turn give’s a detailed analysis of the daily activity performed by an individual.

Google Duo
Google Duo is a very simple and efficient way of doing video-call, it is available for both Android and iOS. It is one of the best mobile application that Google has offered till this date. Some individuals say that it’s a replica of face time (A video calling app developed by iOS). But if we compare both of them google Duo is somewhat better than the Facetime. Google Duo provide the user with the Crisp, clear images.

We at “ENGINEERBABU” have made several amazing android mobile applications, like the once I have mentioned above. Will be delighted to help with your idea and deliver you with a relevant mobile application.

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