21 Learnings of My Life

21 Learning of Life

Biggest Learnings of My Life

  1. We got funding and Got Coverage in Top newspaper and popular Media

2. Sexy Office in Heart of City.
3. Appreciated by many big names including Vijay Shekar Sharma, Sharddha Sharma.
I made my father proud
This is the same company I started three years back with two people.
While working in MNC, I realize people are not talking to each other; Humans are called resources.
No one is interested in helping others, Even most of the people don’t know the name of their colleagues. I decided to quit and build a company, Learning till today.
3. Employees replicate their founder’s habits. If you’re a lazy boss, don’t expect your employees to work hard while you enjoy life. Set an example they can look up to.
This is an old saying of Chanakya, Jaisa raja vaisi Praja, It applies to startups as well!
4. The Team helps to achieve your dream.
Two times in my career, I had to choose between my team and my dream? I took a hard decision later achieved all my dreams with the same team.
5. People have no value, positions make.
Some people start calling you Sir, mam. They bring a coffee before even asking.  It’s not for you, it is for the position that you hold, it’s for the success that you have.
You are the same person who doesn’t care about hairstyle, clothing, bank balance, but you do care why office boy or lift man is wearing an old shirt and how you can give new.
6. Delegation is Bakwas concept.
You can’t force someone to do the work with passion if he is not interested. It’s better to build a culture where people come, you work for the common mission.
7. Try to find the right people, not the best people.
Why we are successful
We don’t have an MBA, IITs or any high experience people.
We are not smart enough, and I could not crack IIT.
We are not hard-working; Rickshawalas do more hard work than us.
We do face challenges like others.
We are successful because we have the dream, We have a dream to do something great. We have hope that we can achieve anything that we want to. All the people that we hire from All big brands are gone because they can only be Team leaders, they can only drive process; They can’t drive passion.
When you are small, Don’t hire talent, Hire people. Because he is not here for the job. He is here for a dream to share.
8. When everything constantly needs approval, you create a culture of non-thinkers
When you treat people like children, you get children’s work.
Employees need to ask permission before they can do anything. They need to get approval for every tiny expenditure.
When everything constantly needs approval, you create a culture of nonthinkers. You create a boss vs worker relationship that screams, ” I don’t try out.”

They are actually not working eight hours; people need diversions. It helps disrupt the monotony of the workday. A little YouTube or Facebook time never hurt anyone

9. Startup without customers is a hobby.
10. Value is something that you build and customer buy, everything else is waste
If you have an idea, and not having sales, one day it’s going to stop.
11. Sales are the result of trust, loyalty, and attitude to help others.
We are lucky to have 10+ Clients who got funding, Big brands like Samsung, YourStory due to trust and loyalty, else we were a very small company, and there are 1000s of IT Services company.
12.  The Jugaad is innovation
This pic is retweeted by Vijay Sir, Payment and 70+ More, So every small idea can take your company into the next level.
13. Don’t take silence for rejection! It is not the handsome guy that gets the girl, but the most persistent one.
14.  Don’t do things because your heart wants to do this, Do what is right. The heart is emotional; It makes you take biased decisions. X = 9*8%7-6*5+4; Same digit, same symbols but result depends on decisions / priorities / brackets. in startup term, the team, vision, and more important founders.
15.  Schools and colleges are not designed for an entrepreneur; they tough us to work inside boundaries. Maybe your mom and dad have good connections, and you spent 10-15 years thereafter you do startup or launch product; market didn’t give a fuck about who the hell your parent is?
By Gary Vaynerchuk
16. I think I can do it. Don’t think – do it.
17. Work is not life, it’s a part of life.
18. Everything is fair in Startup & love, the important thing is “never give up”
19. Jinka koi nahi hota, unka bhagwan hota hai!!
In class 6th, I asked my mom ” हम लोग मन्दिर जाते ह ै, भगवान को फूल पत्ती खिलाते है, भगवान बकरी हैं क्या ? When I read the book and understand, in ancient time humans were also not knowing how to cook food, they learned gradually, तब मुझे लगा these idiots still considering God illiterate. Very next day, I thought I will give God the same what I eat.
I bought 10 samosas, and Pujari was very happy. He thanked me, he took 9 and returned me one.
Conclusion I got
” The God who is giving to all of us, he doesn’t need anything from you. It’s the pujari who demand, भगवान पत्थर ऑर मिट्टी में नहीं ह ै, इंसान में भगवान है ऑर भगवान में इंसान है ”
Stay positive, Good luck.

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