Why we started building products?

building products

We have seen many IT companies having excellent engineering team but having zero expertise in sales. We did many innovations in sales & marketing and were able to generate significant business in the last two years. As we were also an IT Company without any white labeled products and could feel the pain of sales so we finally decided to launch a product that could bridge this gap.

Please allow me 60 Sec to share the solution. We tested our product model for three months in a satisfactory manner. The first month we started with ten vendors. In the second and third month, we worked with 25 vendors. In the next two months, we were approaching 50 more Vendors that will be first come first serve basis.

Product Development


As an IT company, you need continuous projects of your expertise that should fit your budget. It’s easy and better to focus on building product, rather then marketing and sales.


We are creating a platform that can help expert developers/companies to get more Business, without focusing on sales. It is similar, yet different than other platforms, where you need to apply for projects with price and time. You are free to work with the client through our platform or directly.

How will this work

You can check our projects and products on the portal. We will make sure 80% of the information is already collected. The closest cost estimate will be displayed, however, the final price and budget need to be discussed with the client.


a) We are focusing on getting more projects than managing. We are good at sales and want to stick to that.
b) We will create a company profile and later will record video of that company. We will also recommend top developers matching their work experience and the client’s project requirement.
c) We have a tie-up with almost every incubation / co-working space in India, Singapore, USA, and Dubai.

Charges and Why these are worth paying?

We are charging a flat Rs.10,000 Per month *including all the taxes and no hidden charges. There are more features and plans for member companies.

  1. Hiring a Professional salesperson will cost Rs.25,000 per month but can he generates 30 – 50 projects inquiry a month with the full description?
  2. Marketing efforts SEO, SMO, Content Writing to cater leads 30,000 Per month.
  3. Upwork connects Angel.co or USA calling requires at least 20,000Per month.
  4. We already have a sales team in the USA, Saudi, and the UK from where clients are coming directly, not through any portal.
  5. Project prices are much higher compared to freelancing sites or local clients.
  6. We spent quality time with customers to understand what they need and why they need to. Doing this helps developers to get a real picture with minimum efforts.
  7. If you close one project in 3 months, you can recover five times what you paid.

We want to have qualified and professional developers or companies to take this opportunity


  1. What is different than another portal?
    We can build different and highly complex platform, but should it really be built? Companies like you need more business- that’s what this platform is going to do. We are focusing more on sales, getting clearing requirement, having 2-4 calls before posting. This will reduce 70% of your sales process
  1. How can you discuss with the client?
    You can speak to the client using Skype, Direct call or through our platform.
  1. How many projects can you apply per month?
    max 60 Projects per month could be applied.
  1. What if you didn’t get any project in a Month?
    1. We are taking signup amount 10,000 Rs. that is refundable if you didn’t receive the value that we promise.

    We will charge Rs. 10,000 per month after Jan where you can apply a minimum 20 projects, which means 200 projects over ten months. I am sure the probability to get a project is much high. One project will give the minimum return of Rs. 1 Lakh.

  1. Other benefits
    a) We will share our learning about how you can take a subsidy from the government.b) We will have monthly meetings- exclusively for members.c) You can get most of the products like fresh sales, servers at a discounted price.
    d) If you come under the Top 10 and Top 50 IT companies on this platform then we arrange a meeting for you with big clients.
    e) People who are making good revenues, as well as clients, are satisfied with their work and we love to promote their name which usually appears in most newspapers. We even like to take them abroad at our expense.

There is a lot more to do, and the ‘Idea’ is simple- “India has the power of Technology and the whole world need services. Let’s do it together, bigger than what the world has ever seen”
If you are interested drop me an email [email protected]

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