10 Things To Consider While Hiring Full Stack Developer

Things to consider to hire full stack developer

Competition for hiring top talented developers is fierce, and the salaries are already reaching their peak. To look and hire for the right developers at the right time has become increasingly challenging. It reflects on the increasing demand for hiring Full-Stack Developers, which has skyrocketed during the last few years. However, hiring Full Stack Developer is quite a challenge for companies. In addition, hiring Full-Stack Developers is a tough nut to crack.!!!

To dig deeper into this issue, stay connected and read ahead. 

In this blog, we will provide you with an in-depth idea about how to find the right and talented Full-Stack Developer for your project. Apart from that, we will also highlight the qualities of the Full-Stack Developer that you should look out in one. All these points will help you in making decisions about whom to hire as a Full-Stack Developer for your project.

But first, let us learn who is a Full-Stack Developer and what responsibilities they can fulfil.

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Who is a Full-Stack Developer?

A Full-Stack Developer is a proficient who can develop the front-end and back-end of the projects simultaneously. Hence, they have the skills of working over multiple technologies and tools. 

Full-Stack Developers are experts in more than two programming languages, and can effortlessly work over databases and user interfaces. 

Becoming a Full-Stack Developer is a tough challenge to beat in meeting the client’s requirements and the company. As a result, the demand for such highly-skilled professionals is rising rapidly. 

Apart from that, a highly-skilled Full-Stack Developer can efficiently perform the following responsibilities along with managing multiple projects and coordinating with the clients at frequent intervals.

  • Can write Back-end codes in Python, Php, or Ruby.
  • Can write Front-end codes as well in HTML or JavaScript.
  • Can instantly Analyze and Debug database queries.
  • Can create Test Codes for application validation.
  • Can handle Web Apps and UI performances.
  • Can perform Testing and Resolving Web Application Bugs. 

All these skills don’t mean that a Full-Stack Developer is an expert in everything. They only possess a general working knowledge over a variety of technologies.

Interestingly, no two Full-Stack Developers are the same. Their knowledge always varies from each other in two ways. First is their knowledge related to any specific technology stack, and second, is if do they master any particular technology considering that some renowned web stacks are LAMP, MEAN, ROR, MEARN, and ASP.NET technologies.

Some Full-Stack Developers might be more experienced in Front-end development work, whereas others might be more proficient in working with Back-end development tasks. As a recruiter, you need to be aware of this fact and be clear about your requirements. This will help you in recruiting the right candidate. So, don’t get disheartened by differences in proficiency. Most talented Full-Stack Developers used to improve their skills and learn new technologies continuously with time.

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10 Things To Consider While Hiring Full-Stack Developers

When hiring Full-Stack Developers, make sure to analyze and verify their skills and experiences. It is a very responsible task for a company to carry-out and find a valuable developer who can work effectively on the different phases of project development. 

Therefore, it seems essential to look over 10 major things while performing the procedure of hiring Full-Stack Developers. These points are as follows.

1. When Requiring a Technical Head

A Full-Stack Developer can very well fill the shoes of the technical head in the projects. It is achievable for them because they have a comprehensive knowledge of the project requirements and can play a vital role in efficiently fulfilling all the needs. 

An experienced Full-Stack Developer is very much capable of making the appropriate decisions in time. These decisions prove to be effective in the success of the project and achieving the targets in-time. A Full-Stack Developer, while playing the role of a technical head, can also handle software related issues through different paths.

Therefore, while hiring Full-Stack Developers, make sure they can work effortlessly on different platforms, and have the ability to handle a team as well. The technical head needs to be a great team player and can assist with other programming tasks. Also, make sure that they are able to work on demand for the diverse projects while handling the client’s queries along with the project development.

2. When the Budget is Low

Consider hiring Full-Stack Developers when the budget of the project is low. On a low budget project, you can not afford the specialized developers. So, to save money and carry-out work effectively, hiring Full-Stack Developers will be an intelligent and budget-friendly call. 

A Full-Stack Developer can manage multiple tasks at a time while keeping an eye on the project’s progress to meet the deadline. A good Full-Stack Developer can understand the value of user attention as well as user retention. Therefore, they always maintain the pace of project development and avoid the miscommunication between the client and the company.

Hiring Full-Stack Developers in low budget projects is always preferred. But make sure to hire an experienced candidate and learn about their expertise as well. The technical expertise will help you to decide that the candidate would be apt for your project or not. Also, the developer had to meet the technical specification of the client’s project. So, it is very important to learn about the skills to work-out in the minimum budget too. 

3. Can Deal with End-to-End Application Development

While hiring Full-Stack Developers, make sure they can efficiently work on everything at some point or the other. In a team, the Specialized Developers usually perform work over specific parts of the application like database handling or working on UI/UX of the application or website. On the other hand, the Full-Stack Developers work over everything when the requirement arises. 

The Full-Stack Developer handles everything in a way or other, ranging from application designing at a high level to understand the data flow from the UI to the back-end. They can work smoothly on things like Data Flow (i.e., Database Design Flow) or System Design. All these works are considered as the most important aspect of any application.

A Full-Stack Developer might not be dedicatedly working on any of the tasks involved in the website or application development. So when hiring Full-Stack Developers, make sure they are aware of all such things to work upon. These are the people who come in handy to help each and every team member involved in the project development at some point.   

4. Can work with APIs

APIs are protocols and tools used for building software. It defines how the software components should interact. Overall, it is used to develop the GUI (Graphical User Interface) component in the project. The APIs send a request and get some data in return, or any action is performed as a result.

There are many reputed companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others that have created a massive number of APIs. These APIs make jobs more comfortable and can handle numerous operations at a time. The increasing demand and changing trend have created the demand of developers to create a variety of APIs. To fulfil such requirements, the companies are hiring Full-Stack Developers, who are mostly experts in API development. 

The Full-Stack Developers are not only assigned the responsibility of developing an API but also have to integrate it with the project. In contrast to this, many times, they don’t have to create complete APIs. They have to debug the errors and make the error-free quality API while making sure that things are working properly and are meeting the demands of the client. 

5. Can perform Debugging and Testing Accurately

In project development, the developers usually spend a tremendous amount of time in debugging and testing the codes. It is a very tiring and time taking process to achieve accuracy and perfection in the project. Developers spend about 70% of their time in performing the Debugging and Testing phase. 

The extensive debugging and testing of codes are required to check how the code is handling different conditions. While performing both the activities, make sure to check all the possible conditions and return the required result. In developing any project, Testing is basically a second step to perform. Along with that, Debugging is required, i.e., need to remove the error or bug which arises while performing the testing phase. The better the testing and debugging of the project, the more robust your project will be. Therefore, while hiring Full-Stack Developers, make sure to perform a deep analysis over their previous work. Always look for how efficient they are in performing different activities at a project. Overall, a Full-Stack Developer must be a complete package who can guide at every step and usually an expert in only a few tasks.

6. Aware of the Version Control System (VCS)

Version Control Systems is a software tool that helps the software developers to perform changes in the source code over a period of time. Basically, this keeps track of every small or big modification to the code under a special kind of database. It will help with undoing the actions if anything goes wrong or if a mistake has been done. 

The Version Control System tool allows developers to move their codes from one environment to another at any time they like. Some of the renowned VCS tools used in different projects by the developers are SVN, TFS, and GIT. These tools give you a free-hand to move your code if you are having a centralized system. The Version Control System makes it easier for developers to collaborate with the centralized system. 

The Full-Stack Developers need to make themselves updated with the basic commands and terminologies to understand the working over this tool. If you are a company working over a centralized system, then while hiring Full-Stack Developers, make sure they are aware of working over VCS. When the client’s demand may arise at any time, then they had to use this tool to make changes in the codes of existing projects. 

7. Ability to Write Quality Code Considering all the Possible Cases

Yes, it is very crucial not only for the coder but also for the company and the product. Suppose you received a demand from the client to implement a feature in the on-going project. Being a developer, you implemented it right away without considering the external dependencies or its consequences. 

As a result, after some time, you will again get a call from the client and saying your implemented feature coding that couldn’t handle 1 Million records. It might be possible that you have to work over instantly and leave the present task on-hold. Therefore, it is very important to give a little time to analyze it and figure out the end-to-end requirement before starting the coding part straight away. 

An intelligent Full-Stack Developer needs to consider first all the features which could get affected with the addition of new implementation. Make sure to produce the scalable and robust code at the end. This could only be done by optimizing the codes and taking efforts to make the code as clean as possible. 

So, being a company when you are looking for hiring Full-Stack Developers, then do test their coding skills. Analyze their coding style like it is easy to understand for others; the appropriate comments are added wherever it is necessary.  

8. Can fulfill Clients Requirements Appropriately

In a Specialized Developers team, the Business Analyst or the product owner explains the requirement to the developers. Then, the specialized developer designs the solution for the defined problem while considering all the feasible conditions. So, it becomes easy for a specialized team to get accurate results.

Whereas, all these procedures are not possible for Full-Stack Developers. They had to analyze and research the clients’ demands on their own. Then, they had to design the solution for the definite problem. In this single-handed procedure, there are chances of failure too, and not getting the required results. But, an experienced Full-Stack Developer is an expert in handling all these things on their own and fulfilling the client’s demand.

The Full-Stack Developers are also experts in handling the changing requirements. While hiring Full-Stack Developers, all these issues can be resolved and can effortlessly handle with a team of developers. But make sure to hire an intelligent and experienced developer who can shuffle between tasks quickly.

9. Can Keep Calm and Manage Multiple Tasks

Full-Stack Developers, one of their major skills, is problem-solving. But, many times, it happens that the developer gets stuck while working over a task. So, while looking for different approaches to solve the issue, the strict time limitation makes it difficult for the developer to complete the task with ease.

Along with that, the demand also arises to look over different tasks too, and each has their time constraints. This makes the situation intense and difficult for the developer to perform the assigned task and finish it in time. Therefore, in such a condition, the Full-Stack Developer needs to keep calm and maintain composure along with managing multiple tasks simultaneously.

An intelligent Full-Stack Developer also seeks some help, so never be hesitant when asking for help or have a discussion over the problems when you are stuck. Because whenever you might be stuck over the problem, someone can solve the same problem in 5 minutes only. So, look out for help and it is not a thing you feel about it. Being stuck over a problem is common because you might be overdoing things or tired of days working. So, without taking any burden, look for help to get rid of the issue and take the project ahead.

For the companies, while hiring Full-Stack Developers, do ask them about how they maintain their composure while performing multiple tasks at a time and at a tight schedule.  

10. A Quick Learner

Last and definitely not the least. A Full-Stack Developer who possesses multiple technological skills should be a quick learner too. As a matter of fact, a company doesn’t always work over a few specific technologies. With the changing time and evolving technologies, the client’s requirements also evolve, so companies have to shift their work as well.

Hence, it also becomes important for a Full-Stack Developer to shift their working skills and learnings as per the market demands. So, companies should also look over how effective the candidate is in technologies while hiring Full-Stack Developers. This includes how quickly they can shift their technology or can learn new technology in a period of time to fulfill the client’s demands. 

Other Important Points to be Considered While Hiring Full-Stack Developers

1. Good Communication Skills.

2. Flexible enough to work in different cultures (like language, country, industry, etc.).

3. A good team player and not a cause for any unnecessary cultural tensions.

4. Ability to deal with uncertainty.

5. Ask about their past experiences and project handling approach in different scenarios.

6. Ask them to submit some previous source code as a sample. It can be a side project or an open-source project contribution.

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