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Wagging Pal

Just like a great business idea, the idea for a cause also evolves from a mind which wants to create a difference. The only difference between a business idea and an idea for a cause is the feeling to do something for someone not as fortunate as us. But this ‘only’ difference makes the biggest difference, and this it what makes us hail cause. One such idea is Wagging Pal

Today people around the world are working for millions of causes sizing from the tiniest to as big and evident as – climate change.

Well, this story is not about a beautiful cause. Someone from a small island country in the Caribbean – Trinidad & Tobago approached us with an idea to create an app for stray dogs, an app that would help in getting homes for the homeless canines.

Digging deeper we got to know that these guys were prompted to do so after the government of Trinidad & Tobago in 2014 passed a Dangerous Dog Act.
This act identifies a few breeds of dogs which are aggressive and attack people resulting in fatal or serious injuries. As a result people (majorly irresponsible) started to abandon their pet dogs.
This abandonment rendered a lot of dogs unsheltered and homeless and forced them to survive on the mercy of nature like many of their counterparts elsewhere in the world.

Whats it Wagging Pal?

Wagging Pal came into existence after implementing all those feelings into a model. And today they are available as an app too, making the cause handy with people of Caribbean countries. Waggin Pal collaborates with the pet shelters and kennels and helps them promote the pets to the new pet finders. The app connects the users to these shelters, and the users choose the type of canine they want to adopt.

Let’s have a look at the app:

On the homepage, there is a list of pets that are up for adoption. There is a single profile slideshow that enables the user to browse through the profiles. A user can tap the ‘heart’ which goes red if he/she likes the pet or can tap the “X” (cross) otherwise.

A button on each slideshow profile quickly brings up the full profile of the pet which would allow you to take a better decision. If the heart is tapped, it will be added to a list of favourite pets.

In the individual pet profile, there is an option “Adopt Now” tapping which the user will be directed to a page where he/she can fill out a small form with personal details like- name, email address, telephone number, mailing address. They can select a date and time they would like to be visited by the shelter by tapping another option ‘calendar’ on the same page.

The authority to approve or turn down an application is held by the super admin post which the application is sent to the shelter in case it is approved.

This prevents spammers from emailing the shelters directly through the app or the website. In case multiple people like one pet, it’s up to the shelter to decide whom to select as an adapter. The shelter shall interview and personally meet them to decide the same.

In short:

  1.  A User selects a pet from the slideshow.
  2.  The liked pets would be shown in a “favourite” list.
  3.  The selected pet can be adopted by clicking “Adopt Now” on the pet’s profile.
  4.  The user would fill out his/her personal information with scheduling the preferred date and time he/she would liked to be visited by the shelter.
  5.  Once approved by the third party the user shall be notified via email about the status of the application. In case it is approved, a meeting would be scheduled.


If you find a lost animal and wish it should get its home, there is an “SOS Lost Pet” option.This feature would allow the users to take a photo and share it with their friends on the social media like- Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. A short description can be put up about the lost pet to make it easier to identify the lost animal.

Dog breeders can register as vendors and promote their dogs for sale by paying WaggingPal for a premium space. Registering process is as follows:

  1. To register as a vendor on WaggingPal (Website or App) a dog breeder has to fill out a form with personal details like- name, kennel information, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number and the website.
  2. Once received by WaggingPal it shall be approved or rejected whatever the case may be. Once approved they can create dog profiles to display on the feature pet areas just as pet shelters.
  3. The vendor will be charged a flat $ rate for using the area.
  4. WaggingPal will be able to take 15 vendors for an area only on their platform.

How the app is built:

With beautiful material design, the app captures the attention of the users. It uses the latest material themes, card layouts for designing beautiful graphical interface. We not only focused on UI, but we cared about the User Experience also.

That makes it user-friendly. The app is developed using InstaMaterial sliding effects which make it easy and interactive for users to search pets. Users can search pets according to their preferences. The Android app was developed with Android Studio IDE and the iOS application with Swift Language.

For having an app of your own contact us at EngineerBabu.

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