Node.JS – The rising Technology behind PayPal

NodeJS is the technology behind PayPal

Node.js development is the most buzzing technology that many businesses decided to embrace in production. Recently, including most of the famous fintech companies, PayPal swapped Java for Node.js to serve web pages more quickly. As a result, it takes 75% of less time to load the web pages.

Node.JS and PayPal

PayPal is a world-known online payment system that allows you to pay for items using a secure internet account. Withholding 286 million users with $315 transactions daily, Paypal was mainly dependent on the JAVA as the backend technology. But as the year passes, it became challenging to satisfy the demands of ultramodern and high tech users. So the Head of Engineering at PayPal, Jeff Harrell decided to move complete PayPal services to a newly introduced technology Node.js.

Why PayPal migrated to a newer tech stack, aka Node.JS?

PayPal had initially been written in JAVA and using simple HTML and JavaScript code for front-endThings were going till the time an HTML developer who has to ask a Java developer to link together page “A” and “B.” When PayPal was adapting new algorithms and enhancing its security features, the model was demanding a full-stack developer who can manage everything solely. By adopting Node.js solved a major problem, as it permitted for writing the browser and the server applications in the same programming language – “JavaScript”. As a result, the team is able to understand problems at both ends and react more effectively and quickly to the customer needs.

PayPal migrated to Node.JS

Node.js application was built faster with fewer resources, there were written in 1/3 lines of code while developing in Node application as compared to Java, and the app was constructed with 40% fewer files. There are many other reasons why PayPal shifted its tech stack to Node.js

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Get High Performance with Node.JS Development: Performance is an essential factor when it comes to choosing a tech stack. Node.js development gives the flexibility to use the same functionality and built by more or less the same teams: one with an internal Java framework based on Spring and the other built on kraken.js with express.js, dust.js, and other open-source code of JavaScript. The following graph can better explain this:

Comparing Java and Node.JS

Less Development Time: According to Jeff Harrell, they started migrating PayPal in January, and it took hardly a few months to get the desired infrastructure. Initially, they assigned five engineers for the Java applications. After two months with Java development, two engineers simultaneously started working with node.js app development. In the first week of June, the whole team met at the same point and accomplished the whole project within timeframe with:

  • Almost the same features.
  • It was built almost twice as fast with fewer people.
  • They were written in 33% fewer lines of code.
  • They constructed an application that is more dynamic and has improved UI.

Low cost: Someone well said that more resource is directly proportional to more development cost. As node.js development requires fewer developers, the cost of the whole development cycle will be reduced. PayPal invested the least number of engineers in resettling its application from Java to node.js. Thus, they gained a notable amount of profit.

Enhanced Productivity: The node.js facilitates developers to write code in comparatively less time with fewer additional files. Node.js improved developer’s productivity by allowing them to less code for a single module. Therefore, the time atrophied to write lengthy codes has been utilized well. Whereas in Java development, the developer has to include unnecessary files and code to run a single module.

Enhanced Productivity

Other Companies who have shifted their web app on Node.JS Development?

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the world’s #1 business and employment-oriented social networking application. LinkedIn trusted node.js and migrated their application from Ruby on Rails. It was a smart move by the company as the node.js development made the whole process 10x faster, and LinkedIn gains a competitive advantage too.

Walmart: Walmart is the world’s biggest eCommerce site with approximately the $481.32 billion global net sales in 2017. The company has chosen to work with node.js and trusted a new technology keeping aside all the risks. The development team of Walmart appreciated the Node.js famous single-threaded event loop models that can swiftly handle concurrent customer requests with no hassle.

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Uber: Uber is a platform that connects customers who are in need to hire Taxi or any other transportation, now also stared food ordering services. It has used several tools, but recently, they migrated their application to node.js to give their users a better and engaging experience.

Medium: Medium is one of the most beautiful examples of how node.js helping businesses to make a profit. Medium is an online podium that publishes blogs that use Node.js for their web servers. At first glance, it looks like a simple HTML page, but it is much more than a simple technology. Node.js is especially useful when it comes to running A/B tests to get a better comparison of products and experiment with innovative ideas.

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I think PayPal has taken the right decision at the right time. Do you also want to migrate your current website to the trending technology? Hire a dedicated Node.JS developer from EngineerBabu. For more information,  or mail me on [email protected].

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