How our Python Developers delivered a Project in less than 4 Weeks?

Python Developers

Before I start, I assume that you are aware of triple constraints –scope, budget, and schedule. Achieving each one of them is the most troublesome task. But the Python Developers from EngineerBabu accomplished the project ahead of time.

Code by Python Developers

I know it sounds like a bit impossible, but that’s true! Do you want to know how our Python Developers did this? Read this curated article.

Python is a general-purpose programming language that can be used for nearly everything. Python can also be used to process text, display numbers or images, solve scientific equations, and save data. NASA uses Python when they are programming their equipment and space machinery.

Clients Requirements: Our Client was from Singapore; he wanted to build a Travel app with an idea to reduce 70% travel cost and get the best memories using this excellent travel app. The app has to build for iOS as wells as for Android users. With the same approach, the client wants a two-phased application, one for the Admin side and another for the Users with distinguished feature list.

Estimated Time: What generally happens is when you estimate a timeline to the clients, it depends on various factors like complexity of the project, resources, code reusability, testing, etc. but things are not so usual here. The time to complete the project was less. The client asks us to make the Travel app within 1.5 months under the strict frame of budget.

How did the PM’s approach fall on the point?

The Project Manager (PM) is responsible for knowing the “who, what, where, when, and why” of the software project. The software development process required a ton of documentation upfront before any coding was done. The project Manager first wrote a business requirements document that captured everything the business needed in the application.

Project Management Approach

Being an established IT company, the Project Manager of EngineerBabu knows his responsibility. Since freezing the requirement doc to the end delivery of the project, the project manager handled everything swiftly.

Efforts of Python Developers

The Python Developers are responsible for building the deliverables and communicating the status of the software project to the Technical Lead and Project Manager.

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It is critical that the other team members effectively communicate the technical requirements to the Software Developers to reduce project risk and provide the software project with the highest chance of success.

Efforts of Python Developers

Our Python Developers took the whole responsibilities over themselves and started working on the very first day of the project dedicatedly. Our Python Developers are well experienced, and they have easily managed to drag out the project from sinking. 😛

Counting the single Minute

Initially, it seems natural for us to accomplish the project within the given, but as the projects grow, we encountered several complexities, including designing, code structure, API integrations, etc. But the Python Programmers of EngineerBabu separated the whole Python web app development process from the mobile version. They started working individually in different modules, including back end and front end. See what they have done to make every minute count:

1. Break out large tasks into smaller pieces

We were facing a large project, so our step first was to break the whole process out into smaller goals. Then, break those goals down into smaller tasks. The more chances we have to feel like we “finished” part of it, the more motivation we got from our progress.

2. Use RescueTime to track the progress

One of the hardest parts of tracking progress is actively tracking it. Rescue Time worked in the background, meaning it automatically tracked the progress our Python Developers made each day.

3. Learned to Say “No”

One of the most essential and yet terrifying things we have ever done was to say ‘no.’ No to any new project, no to a commitment, no to someone’s request. Sometimes it is considered selfish, but for us, our client is our priority!

4. Used ‘Dead Time’ for Advantage

“Dead Time” is a time which wasted while someone else is working in their task. The point of utilizing wasted time is to use those random, useless moments to for advantage as we look for any errors, is everything well documented? Take some relaxation breaks, etc.

Agile Approach and Testing

The Agile Approach and Testing used by our Python Developers

The Agile methodology and regular testing made our web app development process smoother. As with all problems, context is a primary constraint to solving this predicament. The agile approach helped us with:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

Testing was done by both the parties we as well as by their product manager. For continuing the flow, the regular feedback and progress report has been sent to the clients by our developers so than they can find out the bugs at the very first moment. This helped our team to catch the ball within the timeframe.

Update the Project schedule and review the Critical Path

Within 3 weeks, our project was 80% completed, so we preponed the project schedule and devoted the rest of the time to work on critical and typical parts of the project before going live. The project was successfully delivered within the given time, and the client was much happier.

This was made possible only because of the Remote Team 😎

EngineerBabu enables the facility to make your own offshore development team. We have distinct team members with distinct skills but the same approach. The awareness with new market trends, building the web app was made easy.

Yes, we have come across many challenges, assumptions, and constraints during development, but the team lifts the project and made us proud.

Remote Teams for Python Development

Have you ever heard this before?

Seriously, this was one of the best and the fastest projects our team has ever accomplished. If you also want to develop your project at the same pace hire Python Developers from EngineerBabu and get the best IT services. Currently, our Python Development team is working on its updates and maintenance.

Do you want to build a web app in Python?  or mail me at [email protected].

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