Android- Digital Transformation Guide for Non-Tech Founder

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A huge number of new businesses and startups used to rely on the Internet and mobile application as their entire marketplace or a major part of their growth strategies. Thus, the mobile industry is lucrative in this respect and delivers best results. So, if you are having a promising business idea in mind, then the next best step could be to develop the app instantly. Going with the number of smartphone users Android users overpower iOS therefore, hire Android developers to easily establish your business in the market.

We understand, you are from a non-technical background, and don’t understand programming jargon very well. Then, let me assure you that not every startup entrepreneur is a programmer or developer. It is not a big deal being a novice in the field and despite that you wish to build an app and hire Android developers.

We know, it is difficult for people like you to put an idea to life without having any prior knowledge of technicalities and market. But, don’t feel intimidated. We are here to guide and educate you in all aspects through this blog.

By Further reading this blog, you can infer which technology is good for your android app development, estimated time, cost, and manpower to build the app, along with how you can hire Android developers based on your products requirements. 

Don’t worry, we are experts on this topic. We have worked with 1000+ CTOs, hundreds of products amongst them have been funded by Venture Capitalists including MIT DeltaV, Harvard innovation Lab.

Through this detailed guide, we would like to share with you, why such companies not only chose to hire android developers but also are open to hire offshore android developers to build the best product. 

Without any further delay, let’s move ahead with some initial questions that you may have and then we will explain in more detail and guide you to build and hire Android app developers. 

Most Suitable Technology for Mobile App Development

If you play a game with an aim to win, you presumably will taste the flavor of success. Mobile app development is not any easy feat, but if you’ve got a transparent idea of the defining traits of the merchandise and a vision for strategic implementation, you can dance on your own tune and architect a strong and scalable app. Let’s dive deeper and check the best tech stacks that are popularly chosen to make a top-quality app.

For developing Android apps, “Kotlin” and “Java” are always high in demand, and therefore the preferred toolset is “Android Studio”.

When it involves Android App Development, the name of Java is sure to top the list. Being Open Source, this class-based Object Oriented Programming language comes with a bunch of rich libraries and tools that makes it easy to craft top-quality apps.

A hard-to-miss downfall with Java is the fact that sometimes it is slow and eats up significant memory. However, overall the language is much-loved for its robustness, scalability and ability to create complex applications.

In comparison to Java; Kotlin is quite new in the market, making its appearance in 2011. The language is often deemed as an answer that blends simplicity and power, and is supported by JetBrains, and several third-party contributors.

Along with being a popular OOP (Object Oriented Programming) Language, Kotlin makes an exceptional choice for functional programming by supporting higher order functions and lambadas. Hence, Android development becomes easier in terms of enhancing the speeding of day-to-day tasks.

Today, Kotlin is emerging as a go-to option to enable mixed-language projects.

Importance of Selecting Right Technology

There are a variety of elements that are hooked into the choice of the proper mobile app tech stack. The probability of whether your app is strong or will it’s ready to scale to different OS versions, relies heavily on the combination of technology that you choose for its development.

Any wrong or hasty, uncalculated decision with reference to the choice of nothing but the simplest technology stack for mobile application, will affect its current performance and future growth prospects negatively.

While these are the problems attached at a way deeper level, which you’d face only if you’re deep inside the mobile app development process. There are a variety of first level issues attached with the incorrect choice of the mobile app technology stack. Also, considering the Budget, Know how much it costs to develop a mobile app and grab an idea of how to hire Android Developers? 

What is Android App Development?

Android is an open-source platform for smartphones and tablets, and is very actively utilized across the mobile space. The OS is open-source, supports Linux and is compatible with JAVA Library. It was developed by Google and therefore the Open Handset Alliance.

Moreover, Android provides a superb opportunity for third-party developers and an efficient open marketplace. The operating system’s rich engagement with the global audience may be a result of its efficient process for building and launching apps. Thus, making it an easier process than other operating systems.

Currently, the Android platform serves 3.5 billion users, (in 2020) which is quite higher than other mobile OS. The open platform is out there on a mess of various smartphones and tablets also as wearables through the Android Wear OS. Today every business or brand needs an innovative Android App to extend its popularity, and attract a number of users.

There are many Android mobile apps within the App Market, and the demand for mobile applications ready to skyrocket within the coming years. High quality branded apps, enterprise tools, games, and (AR) Augmented Reality apps all are possible to build. As more hardware is made into the newest Android handsets and wearables even more functionality are going to be unlocked. 

Therefore, companies are seeking it as a great opportunity and open to hire Android developers to develop innovative yet user-friendly mobile applications.

Benefits to Hire Android Developers

  • A large number of potential customers.
  • Customized profitable apps.
  • Google support.
  • Highly competent and functional application.
  • Feature-rich & user-friendly.

As mobile app usage is increasing continuously worldwide, thus Android solutions are vital for strategic business growth. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers.

What is Java?

Java is an Android native language application that communicates directly with the operating system and assigns hardware by using Java. This language allows the development of any program and extends its support to almost all types of machines, and OS X like, Android, Windows, or Linux. “Sun Microsystems” developed the Java programming language (now owned by Oracle) and can also use Microservices with Java.


  1. Java supports multiple platforms and can practically work on any device, operating system, or server.
  2. Java delivers robust coding, and it is almost impossible for Java instruction to compromise data or corrupt memory from other applications of OS X.
  3. It is an object-oriented programming language, hence it becomes easier to create modular applications and reuse the parts. Such parts help in contributing robustness to the app codes.
  4. With Java, the developers will get a lot of third-part code which is ready to be used.
  5. While comparing Kotlin and Java performance to other languages- Java is straightforward to use, easy compiling and debugging, and deployment is even simpler.
  6. Java is an open-source language that ensures safety since many of its libraries are managed by trusted companies like Google, Apache, etc.


  1. The syntax that Java uses often seems complicated or cumbersome while comparing to other languages like C++ or Python.
  2. With Java, it is not possible to access specific contents which are incompatible with the device or the equipment being used.
  3. In app development, it is not easy to access the new Java enhancements.
  4. Many times Java causes problems with Android API design.
  5. Test-Driven Development for Java requires writing more code and carries a way higher risk of programming errors and bugs.
  6. Java may be a bit slower compared to other programming languages and takes tons of system memory.

Applications of Java

  1. Spotify
  2. Twitter
  3. Cash App
  4. Signal
  5. Amaze File Manager

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is the newly created language- inspired by Java. Though it is an improved version of it with many additional features. It is clean, relatively simple, and carries fewer formalities and rules compared to Java and other programming languages. 

In order to use this language to program Android apps, developers still need to understand basic programming concepts and structures.


  1. Kotlin Application Deployment is fast to compile, lightweight, and prevent applications from increasing size.
  2. Any chunk of code written in Kotlin is much smaller compared to Java. As it is less verbose and less code means fewer bugs.
  3. Kotlin compiles the code to a bytecode which can be executed in the JVM. Thus, all the libraries and frameworks made in Java can be moved and run in a Kotlin project.
  4. Kotlin script can be used to configure projects in Android Studio for auto-completion aids, and it helps to reduce compile-time error detection.
  5. It is a safe language against NullPointerException (The Billion Dollar Mistake ). 
  6. Kotlin incorporates co-routines, as well as interoperability with Javascript for web development.


  1. Kotlin is not so popular, and so the developer community is sparse compared to other well-established languages ​​like Java.
  2. Kotlin matches weak patterns, and initial code readability becomes a bit difficult to read and understand at first.
  3. It has a small support community as Kotlin is younger than Java. Moreover, it has fewer libraries, blog posts and tutorials.
  4. Kotlin has a steep learning curve, and switching teams to Kotlin because of language’s concise syntax can be a real challenge.
  5. There are very few Kotlin developers available in the market. So, finding an experienced mentor is quite tricky.

Applications of Kotlin

  • Pinterest
  • Trello
  • Evernote
  • Twidere for Twitter
  • Shadowsocks

Java vs Kotlin: Which one is better?

The answer is ‘Kotlin’. This is often so because Kotlin interworks with Java and provides incremental change of code and superior type system to Java and provides the straightforward Migration path from Java with backward compatibility.

Some characteristics like being more declarative, less code, mixed language database. Kotlin is more expressive than Java. In Kotlin vs Java, it makes Kotlin the long term language for enterprise applications and Mobile app development.

Business Benefits of Kotlin
  • Adoption of Kotlin may be a shallow risk thanks to its interoperability with Java.
  • The code review and learning curve of Kotlin is simple, and developers can learn it quickly.
  • Among Kotlin vs Java, Kotlin has a strong customer service team with an excellent reputation. So, no downtime.
  • Kotlin comprises of both functional and procedural programming.

Businesses & Startups can use Kotlin for any mobile app development, including server-based, client web, or Android. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers.

Building Native Apps for Android as iOS using React

You may have heard about React Native and Flutter. These are all frameworks for building a hybrid mobile application, which may be a way of building an iOS and Android app from one codebase.

React Native (homepage) may be a JavaScript framework for developing mobile applications which will run natively on both Android and iOS. It is ReactJS supported, developed by Facebook. It is a declarative, component-based framework for developing web user interfaces (UIs).

React Native may be a brilliant tool for teams that are already conversant in web technology, but it’s not going to be beneficial for teams who like to develop a more complex application.

For example, if during development you’d wish to make quick iterations, then it is often an excellent choice. However, if you’re striving to make a totally custom app that:

  • Utilizes many custom Ul Components,
  • Performs heavy animations,
  • Uses tons of device-specific APIs, or
  • Uses a bleeding edge iOS and/or Android feature.

Then it might probably be worth exploring independent native applications. This often comes right down to the reliance on a third-party as a layer between your code and iOS or Android platforms.

So, if a replacement feature or a breaking change was released from Apple or Google, it might often take a while before the third-party dependency added support for it, if at all. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers.

Companies using React Native

There are some large companies that now use React Native, including the creators of Facebook marketplace and ads, Tesla, Bloomberg, and lots of others.

EngineerBabu hire android developers

Bloomberg iOS and Android apps are built with React Native.

The Bloomberg team claims it took the team of developers roughly half the time, which might have been not possible if they had gone with another language than React Native. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers.

Market Presence of Java & Kotlin

Kotlin is now being popular among the whole Android community, as reported by Google. The rationale being, android apps are often written in many languages and may run (JVM) and Kotlin may be a JVM compatible programming language. Let’s check out a number of the market stats to urge better overview:

Market Statistics:
  1. The influence of Java on the event world is large, which is protected by the reputable Tiobe Index. But Kotlin has improved its position to 33 this year as compared to 50 last year.
  2. AppBrain offers the subsequent numbers for share of Kotlin apps and this number has significantly increased thanks to its gaining popularity among new users.

EngineerBabu hire android developers

When Google announced Kotlin as a politician programming language for Android, its popularity among some regions saw a quite six fold increase. Kotlin may be a great fit for developing Android applications thanks to its 100% interoperability and high performance.‍

According to Pusher, 2018 –

“Kotlin developers rank null safety (81%), extension functions (64%) and Java interoperability (61%) as their favorite features of the language.”

According to TechCrunch, “Kotlin is now Google’s preferred language for Android app development.”

Android development will become increasingly Kotlin-first. Code-written in Kotlin often means much less code – less code to type, test, and maintain.

For a long time, Java programming language has been preferred for Android app development. Over the course of the last two years, the recognition of Kotlin has only increased. Over 50% of professional Android developers now use Kotlin as the language to develop their apps, according to the Stack Overflow developer survey. Kotlin has ranked as the second-most-loved programming language. More developers want to continue working with Kotlin. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers.

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Benefits of Android Over iOS in the Market

If we compare the expansion of rivals within the Asian market, there’s a transparent win of the Android over iPhone. Alone, China is using 90% mobile phones running on the Android operating system. But the surprising report is that Android has dominated the U.S market over iOS. Hence, startups are actively considering to hire android developers.

The U.S is using almost 52% mobile phones running on Android OS, on the other side iOS running on 37% mobile phones. It means having the vision with Android gives you a bright future not only in Asia. Whereas, the U.S country is additionally opening the way for the Android application developer. It could be a great opportunity for all the entrepreneurs to hire Android developers and focus on building android apps instead of iOS apps. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers.

EngineerBabu hire android developers

Flexible Android Environment Offers Ease to developers
  1. Android will offer you a wide open environment. It permits you to publish the data through one application and allow you to use it in another application. However, it is not possible with an iOS application. The iOS possesses some regulations which limits you to use the apps data to a different application.
  2. The consciousness of Google to keep the Android apps updated offers you resourceful development tools, commanding SDK (Software Development Kit). This advancement lets you create an exclusive and inventive application.
  3. Android offers device and app compatibility. The applications developed by two different manufacturers can be compatible with a single android device. It means there is no limitation in developing a unique application in Android.

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Why is SEO for Apps is Vital for Your Marketing Strategy?

With Google confirming that more searches occur now on mobile devices than they are doing on desktops. It also follows different ways through which your apps can appear in search results. Hence, it’s becoming increasingly important to be visible in mobile searches.

That being said, getting your mobile apps found in mobile search results isn’t only relevant to accumulate new users but to retarget existing ones. It could happen that your users are trying to find something, you’re offering in your apps. Doing SEO for apps, you’ll make them return to your app just by clicking on the search results.

This concludes that if you never thought about SEO for your app or if it isn’t visible in the (mobile) Google search, you are losing 27% of the potential traffic.

Not only organic search results, Search ads are effective in driving app downloads too. Out of all types of ads used for app promotion and installs, 50% of the downloads are influenced by search ads and the other 50% via all different kinds of ads combined.

With search being such an important driver of app installs, every app marketer must invest in app SEO. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers.

Responsible Factors for SEO Ranking App

You might have understood how much SEO for mobile apps is important like any other optimization strategy. Let’s find out what influences your app’s ranking in the search results..

  1. Keywords: Like other SEO strategies, mobile apps also need the proper keywords to rank higher in search results. Find the proper keywords using Google Keyword Planner or some third-party ASO tool (e.g. App Radar) and strategically place it in your app’s title and outline. It could additionally help when your app package holds the name and relevant keywords too. Since it’ll be a part of your app store listing URL.
  2. Ratings and Reviews: These not only affect your ranking in mobile app store search results (App Store Optimization) but they are also a significant factor in SEO. Ranking Factor of Google is majorly dependent on what users think about your app. Therefore, having good ratings and reviews from those users is utmost important to attract new users and better service delivery. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers to better optimize apps SEO.

EngineerBabu hire android developers

  1. Quality Backlinks: No SEO strategy is complete without backlinks. Start by adding a link to your download page from your website, and try to get different media talking about your app. The domain strength is the key here, and therefore the more quality backlinks you’ve got, the higher Google will rank your app in search results.

Tip: Add a link towards your app store download page within the header of the mobile version of your website, or build a fanatical landing page to market your mobile apps.

How to Boost Visibility in App Store Search?

After discussing all the ways to make your app rank higher in web search results, one must not forget that the number one app discovery channel is still app store search. Thus, you ought to not ditch App Store Optimization (ASO).

What is App Store Optimization and How is it differ from SEO for Apps?

App Store Optimization is an iterative process to reinforce the visibility of your app in mobile app stores. Similar to SEO, ASO is about increasing one’s ranking in relevant search rankings. The most crucial difference between SEO and ASO, however, is that ASO mainly happens in mobile app stores (like Google Play Store or Apple App Store), while SEO focuses on web searches. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers who know the best SEO practices.

Companies Opt to Hire Android Developers

Let us now undergo some companies case studies on mobile apps to urge a sneak peek into the successful marketing strategies for mobile apps:

  1. Multi-Channel Marketing Redefined: “ARGOS”

ARGOs, a Retail business based in the United Kingdom.


Multi-channel marketing ensures that enterprises can connect with their customers through a mix of indirect and direct communication channels. Argos defined an ambitious target of the needs of its customers to be met through a wide range of channels. The British retail giant was ambitious to deliver a multi-channel experience; which comprised 14 different combinations of customer orders and their fulfillment. To achieve this objective company preferred to hire Android developers and did their best.

Strategy Implemented

The multi-channel experience comprises a mobile-optimized website and applications for Android and iOS device friendly. This meant that customers can begin their journey from one channel and may complete an equivalent through another.


As a result, Argos.co.uk started registering 440 Million visitors per annum. Its multi-channel sales comprises over 50% of the entire sales. The company’s fastest-growing channel was Check and Reserve, where consumers had the choice to order products available at the local store. A slice of 42% of total company sales was accounted through the web. At the app front, their iPhone, iPad, and Android applications recorded downloads exceeding 2,50,000, 4,50,000, and 6,25,000 times respectively.

2. A User-Friendly App that Exceeded Expectations: “ASDA” 

ASDA is the UK’s second largest supermarket chain that has about 500 stores.


To provide customers with a fast and convenient shopping experience through a mobile application. ASDA specifically wanted to return up with an industry-leading app to drive sales, especially home shopping of grocery. For achieving these objectives, Asda opt to hire Android developers and deliver best user experience.

Strategy Implemented

According to customer feedback, ASDA acknowledged that customers want an easy and user-friendly mobile app. Based on the feedback, the corporation included a barcode scanner, a recipe finder, and a store locator.


The successful implementation of strategies resulted in getting results much better than their set objective. Such that their apps are handling almost 90% of all grocery sales. The shopping frequency from their mobile app was 1.8 times above their desktop site. The customers started shopping frequently and repeatedly through the mobile app. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers.

  1. Bidding Goodbye to Paper Work: “Cumberland Farms”

Cumberland Farm is a leading privately held retail company with over 500 retail stores and gas stations across the world.


The company had over 6,000 employees spread over all retail stores. The organization wanted to eliminate paperwork and reduce operational costs because it had become impossible for its employees to compile and organize data from each store during a specified time-period. To build the mobile app, Cumberland Farms instantly decided to hire Android developers and moved ahead to achieve their objectives quickly.

Strategy Implemented

The company switched to mobile devices with the launch of Cumberland Farms application specifically for its employees. The application consists of forms which includes sections such as, Part Inventory, Parts Request, Guest Experience, and many more.


The company successfully reduced paper costs by $11,000 per annum and picked up over 145,000 digital reports. They realized a full return on investment within the time-frame of 6 months after the app deployment. Cumberland Farms has registered a recurring ROI of over $400,000 as a results of an incredible increase in productivity.

  1. Empowering Patients Digitally: Janssen (Psoriasis 360)

Janssen (Psoriasis 360) is a Pharmaceutical company based in Belgium.


To help psoriasis patients in understanding their health condition, especially the severity of psoriasis during a precise manner. It had the objective of enabling an idea of when to seek professional assistance. To achieve this objective Janssen looked to hire Android developers and ease the services. 

Strategy Implemented

The company launched a mobile application that helped psoriasis patients to trace the seriousness of their condition. The app index allowed medical professionals to take a look over the state of psoriasis patients. JANSSEN (PSORIASIS 360) also available with a Facebook page serving as a platform for patients to share their stories.


It received more than 30,000 posts and comments from patients on its Facebook page. The investment surpassed the return on the investment made for mobile app development. The company said they were proud of delivering the proper therapy to each patient during the critical time. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers.

  1. An App with Something More for Foodies: Marriott

A 5-star hotel and hospitality business with a combined count of over 4,000 properties spread across 80 countries.


Marriott aimed to distinguish its steak restaurant — Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar — from its competitors and find new business prospects through their mobile application.

Strategy Implemented

The 5-star hospitality business seeks to launch a mobile application. It provided interesting information associated with steak and gin to the users and allowed them to book tables. Users are also entitled to access exclusive deals and updates available over the app.


With Marriott’s mobile app step, their app registered over 1,500 downloads in 60 countries and got 27,000 screen views. As well as, gained more than 60% returned users to its application multiple times. Each of them accessed almost 11 screens on an average in every session. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers.

Advantages of Mobile App Development

According to some estimates, the mobile app industry can grow by the utmost amount to $100 billion by 2020. Therefore, it has prompted many businesses to embrace this technology to engage their customers further and acquire solid insights into their users to improve customer experience.

Mobile apps have become a necessity for each business, whether it is a startup or an established business. Therefore, an intelligent business owner can’t afford to ignore its benefits to boost the business. Below are a variety of the ways mobile app development by app developers is beneficial for businesses;

  1. Strengthen Customer Engagement

This is one of the foremost significant benefits of mobile apps to businesses. It helps create an instant marketing channel between businesses and their customers, allowing direct and effective communication. Together with your mobile app, you’ll install and send push and in-app notifications to as many purchasers as possible. 

If your notifications seem to carry essential and relevant information from the customer point of view. In that case, customers will get attached and become loyal to your brand and choose your offerings whenever they need it.

  1. Increase Accessibility

One of the significant advantages of mobile apps is that it enhances business accessibility. It allows businesses to send notifications about something new or updated in the product services. It equally will enable businesses to be ready to build a robust relationship with customers, allowing the event of a real customer base and powerful loyalty. Businesses can quickly build a strong relationship with old customers by offering special discounts within the mobile app.

  1. Provide Value for Customers

Mobile apps make it possible for you to digitize any loyalty program that you simply could even be offering your customers. Instead of re-using the old-collection card, you can make it easier for your customers to receive their rewards through the mobile app. This results in more customer returns and increased downloads.

  1. Transforming the Retail Experience

Mobile application helps in transforming the retail experience, enabling retailers to stay before customer expectation through the delivery of unique customer experience. Also, mobile apps help to drive a digital process and model which might invariably hamper on store cost and increase profitability. There are many startups that are built and based mainly on mobile apps. This helps to reduce the overhead cost related to the standard brick and mortar establishment. 

  1. Build Brand Awareness and Recognition

A mobile application can be quite an efficient tool for building brand awareness and recognition. For the aim of description, mobile apps are often likened to a blank billboard sign, it’s available for you to try to do whatever you would like there to . you ought to aim at creating an app that your customers will love but which comes with beautiful design and is well branded.

  1. Stand out from the Competition

Presently, mobile apps for startups are still rare and this is often where you’ll make a difference and take an enormous leap. By offering mobile app service in your business you’re bound to stand out from the fray. this may quite surprise your customers, who may be blown away by your forward-thinking approach. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers.

  1. Cultivate Customer Loyalty

With the number of apps out there; Facebook ads, coupons, flyers, email marketing etc. It can be difficult for businesses to hold their presence on their customers. The immense amount of advertising out there can function a distraction for patrons who can easily lose focus. The answer to this is to use a marketing technique which can create a true and sincere regard to customers. This marketing technique should be one which can make loyal lovers of your product and/or services. Mobile apps have a good ability of making strong customer loyalty.

  1. Unique Services and Payment

Mobile apps accompany different features that match different industries. For example, if you’re within the industry , e.g. salon, healthcare, online food retail, spa etc, your mobile app is often helpful for your target customers to book a gathering. Then, push notifications are often used to remind them or update them on their appointment. These payment platforms are user-friendly, fast and secure.

How Long Does it Take to Build an App?

We know apps are unique in their own specific way, there’s no black or white answer for How long does it take to develop an app?

We have seen some apps get LIVE in 4 weeks. Some applications had taken 12 to 18 weeks thanks to the complex features or any advertisements that occurred within the projects. It usually depends on the kind of application and knowledge of a development company who has been handling the project. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers.

However, there’s one thing you want to remember (because you’re investing your hard-earned money) that the value of your mobile app is directly proportional to the time taken to develop an app.

So, meticulously, inspecting for all stages in app development and time it takes is critical for planning your business app launch.

EngineerBabu hire android developers

Timeline to Finalize App Requirements

Scoping and requirement gathering is that the initiative for any app development. You have to capture the feature list, create detailed requirements and scope of the app. Hence, if you’re good at it, you’ll roll in the hay in 1-2 weeks for a smaller app, 2-3 weeks for a mid-sized app and 3-4 weeks for a much bigger app. You will have to look at other apps in the market and decide what features are important for your mobile app.


Small App 1-2 weeks
Mid Size App 2-3 weeks
Big Size App 3-4 weeks
Required Time to Design UI/UX

The design is the most vital step to putting together the mobile app. The method requires creating the wireframes for the mobile application that supports the wants and reviewing/adjusting them. Once wireframes are done, the graphical UI design must be completed which incorporates font, color, theme, and pictures for the App.

For an easy app, it can take 3-4 weeks for this process, 6-7 weeks for a mid-sized app and 9-10 weeks for a much bigger app design process involving several UI and UX experts.

Small App 2-3 weeks
Mid Size App 5-6 weeks
Big Size App 9-10 weeks
Time Required for Development and Testing

Most startups and individuals want to build apps with lots of features imaginable. Based on the feature list; the company will determine the time it takes to develop the app. 

You will get to build the mobile app and also the backend for the mobile app. All development: iOS App, Android App, and therefore the backend should happen in parallel. 

For the smaller version, it is often achieved in 2 months, a mid-sized app can take around 3-3.5 months; whereas an enormous sized app might take around 5-6 months. This involves technical architect, UI coder, setup backend, functional implementation, integration, and testing.

You should look to have 5-10 Alpha Testers during this process.

Small App 6-7 weeks
Mid Size App 14-15 Weeks
Big Size App 20-22 Weeks
Time Required for Beta Testing and Deployment

Once your app is fully developed, you would like to try to do beta testing to seek out additional possible bugs. You can spend 1-3 weeks on beta testing counting on the dimensions of your app.

Make sure to possess an inventory of beta testers ready and do the testing very aggressively to finish it.

Small App 1 Week
Mid Size App 2 Week
Big Size App 3 Week

As you’ll see that point for every step will depend on the dimensions of the app. At a high level, you would like to stay around 10-12 weeks for a little app, 23-25 weeks for a mid-sized app and 35-38 weeks for an outsized sized app.

Skipping all the factors in cost breakdown, a median price to create an app by expert agencies is $171,450, according to a Clutch survey. While the typical cost range stated by app development companies is $100,000 – $500,000. But no need to panic – small apps with few basic features could cost between $10,000 and $50,000, so there’s an opportunity for any type of business.

The cost of app development doesn’t only depend on development time and hourly rates. Whereas, it also depends on a variety of things, including the problem of finding talent, the complexity of the merchandise, and post-release support expenses.

If you are interested in hiring an IT agency in India then, the monthly quotes for the project can start from $1000 USD/month to $2999 USD/month for a single developer working on a project. Based on project requirement, hire Android developers based on your project needs.

EngineerBabu hire android developers

Factors Affect the App Development Cost

  1. App Development Team

Depending on the project requirements, an offshore or local development team are often basic or extended. A complete project team includes a business analyst, an answer architect, one or more developers (depending on the platform), a project manager, a top quality assurance specialist, UI/UX designer. And albeit you’re getting to economize on the interface (no bright colors, no fine-featured menu, no eye-filling animations, just the basics), you’ll still need a correct user experience.

  1. Technical Complexity

There are often many features that add technical complexity to a project. As an example, we built a platform for last-minute bedroom bookings with a classy search filtering algorithm that’s connected with real-time discounts. once we built it, 

there was no available filter integration we could use, so developing the algorithm on our own was the sole possibility. This led to extra development time and, as a result, a better cost for the app.

  1. Back-End Development

You might be planning an enormous dynamic app for many users who will exchange an enormous amount of data in real time and can definitely want their data to be synchronized across platforms and stored in the cloud. In this case, you’ll surely need a back-end that can withstand huge loads and work smoothly under any conditions, which will entail more time spent on designing and building a complex app architecture. Moreover, you’ll require multiple programming languages to make your app’s backend, which suggests you’ll got to buy a more diverse team of execs.

  1. Niche Third-Party Integrations

There are many third-party integrations which will boost your development speed, including niche-specific ones. As, third-party integrations, sometimes provide inconsistent and complex documentation. This can cause overtime spent puzzling out the way to integrate them into your app. In addition, you may pay a fee to use these services.

  1. Custom Designs and Animations

Custom user interfaces are rather complex to implement, therefore the cost of a custom interface is going to be above the value of an interface built from standard components or without a design at all.

When custom animations are considered, you can use one of ours. Seriously. We’ve got various open-source projects which will fit differing types of apps. For example, one among our animations, called Eat Fit, is meant for activity tracking apps.

  1. Post-Release Expenses

The average app development budget isn’t solely comprised of the value for actual programming. You should also consider the money that goes into growing the product. Similarly with any business, an application needs updates, customer support, backend server maintenance, cloud hosting, and even legal support, to not mention application marketing and promotion, which have a huge impact on the product’s success.

If you integrate any third-party tools in your app, you’ll need to pay to use them. For example, Stripe charges 2.9% + 30 cents for any credit or open-end credit payment that you simply accept in your app. These costs are important when evaluating your app support expenses.

Unlike an app development team and dear app components, post-release support isn’t included within the initial cost estimate but rather is provided as a further service by most software companies.

How to Hire Android Developers?

  1. Freelance Developer

A freelance developer is that the one who works for him/herself. you’ll find them on various freelance channels or job portals. A freelancer is that the best choice once you want to develop intricate apps or websites and don’t have the precise requirement.


  • More affordable than in-house developers or agencies.
  • Good to finish specific tasks.


  • Code quality depends on the professional work experience of a developer.
  • If your freelancer disappears, your project is going to be in heavy risk.
  • Time-zone difference between you and therefore the developer.
  1. In-house Developer

An In-house android development team works from your office and under your supervision. You get to use every member of the team. it’s an ideal example of running a startup. you’ll hire android developers or a team of developers to figure together and build the app.


  • Your employees are available around the clock.
  • More efficient collaboration among team members during the event phase.
  • No language or communication gap.


  • In-house developers require monthly wages which are more costly than freelancers.
  • The process of hiring and acquainting the latest employees with one another takes time.
  • Taxes, office rent, and other requirements of developers will add an outsized sum to your monthly costs.
  1. Outsourced Developer

This is the foremost affordable and convenient option. you’ll outsource the work or hire a development team. These people are experts in their field and supply all the required tools.


  • Skilled team of developers: once you are hiring at a workplace you’ll get a knowledgeable team that consists of designers, developers, managers, QAs, et al. . Every employee tends to work for the betterment of your project.
  • Latest technology and trends: Software development agencies have a good scope to the market trends thus they’re conscious of all the newest developments and innovations and check out to implement it on your project.
  • Product quality: Software companies do work with the policy of maintaining a healthy long-term relationship with clients hence, their main focus remains on the product quality.
  • Legal issues: With the right documentation and other formalities there’s less chance of any legal issues.
  • On-time delivery: With a team of skilled developers and designers companies can deliver your project before deadlines.
  • Maintenance and support: Companies always attempt to maintain their clients for the future as profit isn’t the only motive. they supply constant maintenance, regular updates and bug fixes if any.


  • Language barriers.
  • Time-zone difference.

Future Scope of Mobile App Development in Android

Nowadays Android has become very fashionable because it is an open-source, Linux-based OS, mainly designed by Google for smart-phones and tablets. It’s designed in such a way that permits the developers and device manufacturers to change the software design consistent with their needs.

No doubt, Android is taking up the world’s tech. As a result, the Android OS is holding 85% of the entire market share for the mobile OS. the companies who are looking forward to investing within the mobile application should consider. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers.

In this dynamic world, there are tons of technologies that are providing significant potential in mobile application development:

  • IoT & Cloud
  • Swift
  • Blockchain
  • 5G Technology
  • Wearables
  • Cross-Platform Apps
  • AR & VR
  • AI & ML
  • Chatbots

The wide adoption of Android App development is ultimately leading to an increasing demand to rent Android app developers alongside offshore Android developers.

Hire Android Developers- Required Skills and Knowledge

To hire Android developers who are experienced and qualified. search for the subsequent technical skills within the developer alongside the soft-skills; in order that they will apply the technical skill at the proper place and time to supply the simplest experience to your users.

Here are the essential skills you would like to seem for while opting to rent Android developers.

Required Technical Skills to Hire Android Developers
  1. Java – Although Java knowledge alone isn’t enough to form an excellent Android developer, mastery of the Java fundamentals are a requirement .
  2. Android SDK – It is expected that the android developer you would be hiring should have the basic understanding of layouts and views, activities and their lifecycle, user input, Collection views and Adapters, etc.
  3. APIs- Look for his knowledge and understanding of JSON/REST APIs and XML/SOAP, along with your API or some other third-party.
  4. Back-End Skills – You don’t need to necessarily dive deep into back-end skills of an android developer. Just search for the developer’s understanding of back-end skills.
  5. Familiarity with Dev Resources.
  6. Proficient In SQL and Android Studio.
Required Soft Skills to Hire Android Developers
  1. Developers should have good communication skills to collaborate successfully.
  2. Look for the candidate’s passion for getting involved and learning new technologies.
  3. Know how well the developer performs in a team environment.
  4. Hire android developers who are culturally fit with your working environment. Thus, will flourish in their roles, drive growth and success for your organization and ultimately save your time and money.
Increasing Demand to Hire Android Developers

IT professionals with mobile development skills are a hot commodity immediately . The demand for Android developers is even hotter. Employers are looking to hire Android developers much faster and more in numbers than the other professionals in mobile technology.  Matt Miller, CTO at CyberCoders said “For mobile programmers who specialize (in) and are conversant in the Android OS , there’s no better time to enhance your Android skills and look for a job.”

Recent trends also confirm about the recent and increasing demand for Android development skills. This can be due to the increasing number of android users. India has around 220 million smartphone users presently. A majority of those – roughly 80% – are Android users. The number of smartphone users is projected

to go up to 810 million by 2020. And, the amount of Android developers and users also are set to extend in tandem with this growth. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers.

Android Is Growing Steadily

The job marketplace for mobile app developers has grown by 32% from 2010 through 2020, creating over 300,000 new jobs. this may perhaps be the most important increase ever witnessed for any job position, IT or otherwise. The majority of those opportunities are going to be for Android and iOS app development, as these mobile giants have control of about 90% of all smartphones operating systems.

According to Statista, Android’s share in smartphones and mobile operating systems globally may be a staggering 86.1%. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers. The platform will presumably retain a transparent majority within the coming years, thanks to the worth for money it offers and affordability.

Here may be a list of organizations that are trying to find Android developers. (source: Indeed)

  • Ford Motor Company
  • Marriott International, Inc
  • Deloitte
  • American Express
  • Stanley Black & Decker
  • Intel
  • Groupon
  • Uber
  • Systel
  • Amazon Corporate LLC
  • AOL
  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • VMware
  • Tealium, Inc
  • Facebook
  • Salesforce

As far because the increased enterprise interest in hiring mobile developers, Indeed noted job postings for iOS developers increased 1.79 percent during an equivalent May-to-May timeframe, while Android postings increased 10.61 percent.

Indeed speculated that the increase of Kotlin as a neater alternative to Java for Android development could be a contributing factor to the greater demand for Android talent. Hence, startups are looking to hire android developers.

Hire Android Developers Globally Based on Salaries

The highest average annual salaries for Android developers are seen in countries like the US, Australia, Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland and therefore the lowest average annual salaries are present in countries like Egypt and India.


EngineerBabu hire android developers

The average Android developer salary in India is around $5982, and that in the United States is around $86,121.

Android Developers Salary Based on their Experiences

Based on the experience of the candidates, there are three main types of android app developers – beginner (entry-level), mid-level and senior.

1. Entry-Level Android Developers

Beginner application developers are people who have just started working in the field of mobile app development. These developers are required to have at least one-two functioning apps in the Android marketplace. Familiarity with Java, Android SDK, and version control systems (like Git) is important for Entry-level app developers.

According to PayScale, the annual average salary for an Entry-Level Android Developer in India is ₹205,563 or $2723 and in the US is $68,166.

EngineerBabu Pay by Experience level

  1. Mid-level Android Developers

Mid-level app developers are seen because the people that have already put in a while and research into their area of experience . Hands-on experience with Java, Android, and XML are essential Mid-level app developers. 

According to PayScale, the average salary for a Mid-Level Android Developer in India is ₹820,884 or $10,874 and within the US is $102,418.

  1. Senior level Android Developers

Senior application developers are often tasked with high priority tasks which end in the very best Android developer salary. However, some of the highest required skills are working experience with web applications, interface, Android API, etc.

According to PayScale, the annual average salary for a Senior Android Developer in India is ₹1,316,973 or $17,446 and within the US is $116,065.

Android Developer Salary based on Skills

According to PayScale, the talents that are likely to extend the salary are the knowledge of C++ and/or Kotlin. Knowledge of knowledge management also influences the salary of Android developers.

EngineerBabu hire android developers


In most cases, when creating a mobile app, the primary decision to form is which platform you’ll release it to: Android, iOS, or another OS.

Choosing the proper Android app development platform may be a tricky task but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to seek out the simplest match for your project. Following these simple tips can assist you achieve just this. However, the most important aspect of the entire process is understanding your application.

Therefore, hire Android developers who are well equipped and experienced in Kotlin along with other related technologies. Hope this article delivered a brief understanding on what role Kotlin plays and its importance for Android app development and will continue to do so.

Share your experience in the comments and help us keep updated.

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