Android App Development Tutorials

Android App Development Tutorials

What is Android app development?

It is the process through which new smartphone applications are created for the Android operating system. These mobile applications are generally developed in Java programming language using the popular Android SDK (Software Development Kit), but there are other software development engines and environments are also available. Android is an open-source development platform, which means it can be utilized in a number of ways and there is no barrier of entry. So if you are looking Android App Development Tutorials, following are the list of great resources for Android App development:

1. Vogella:
Vogella has a huge amount of collection of free Android app development tutorials that guide you on everything from very basic to highly advanced topics. Their tutorials are well written, easy to understand, providing explained code examples and links to further documentation and resources.
2. Developer Android:
The Developer Android is an official Android development documentation provided by Google itself. It contains nearly all the documentation one might need and there is also training sections that will guide developers how to build an Android application from scratch. It also offers app development tutorials for design and distribution as well.
3. Technotalkative:
Technotalkative is a tutorial website run by Paresh Mayani and in this platform he has collected all the tutorials and important articles he has written for Android in one place. These free tutorials cover the particular aspect of Android application development and aim to offer an in-depth answer to specific questions.
4. Treehouse:
Treehouse is another subscription-based website with a huge collection of lessons and tutorials that will teach a developer through Android app development from the very basics to advance topics. Subscribing to their services allows you to all of their resources which you can complete at your pace and leisure.
5. My life with Android:
It is a blog run by Gabor Pellar and more like a developer’s diary than anything else. It details his personal development experience with Android platform. While it is a powerful resource, This kind of app development tutorial might contain some errors as well. Still it is a great resource and developers might be able to learn lots of things by reading someone’s personal Android development experience.

Video tutorials for Android App Development

There are some video tutorials available online includes:
1. App Inventor for Android: These video tutorials are provided my MIT’s App Inventor and very helpful for those who have no programming knowledge and still want to develop an Android application.
2. Android Tutorials: for Apps and Game Development: It is the collection of more than 35 (and counting) very useful tutorial videos that teaches developer how to develop Android Apps geared towards absolute beginners.
3. Android Application Development: The New Boston has an increasing collection of more than 200 well-structured Android app development tutorials videos.
4. Other video tutorials: Some other online video tutorials for Android app development are: Android Course, CS193a Android Programming, Vogella Android Resources and Learn Java for Android Development: Introduction to Java etc, free learning app development tutorials

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