10 Reasons Why Women Make The Best Co-Founders

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Running a business is fun and motivating, however, it can be a bit demoralising especially when it comes to startups. Are you planning to start a new business? If so, have you considered having a woman co-founder? While trust, synergy and diligence are fundamental in every business, gender diversity within the principal teams also plays a crucial role in coming up with a successful business.

Reasons why Women are the Best Co-founders?

Women co-founders serve as an incredible asset when it comes to business startup. This is simply because they bring with them experience, diversity of views as well as a clear thought process into the boardroom.
When it comes to choosing a co-founder, there are several important factors that come into play. First, you are likely to ask yourself, is your he/she faithful, trustworthy, smart or diligent? You wouldn’t work with someone who is less than the best. That said and done, you would like to have a woman in your panel because of certain vibrant characteristics. What advantage would you gain by having a woman co-founder in your company compared to a man? What unique qualities do they have?
1. Approach to problem-solving
When a man is confronted by a tricky situation, what is their approach to solving the problem? When faced with a difficult problem at home or work, women come up with a fresh approach to problem-solving coupled with exceptional leadership styles that bring a different perspective to a certain problem, task or activity. This encourages diversity in different situations which are vital to better decision making and ultimately the success of an organisation.
2. Superior role
Female are very influential in some businesses such as education, healthcare or a welfare company. Therefore, it’s essential to have a female viewpoint in some industries since they have a better understanding and feel of what goes on and what is supposed to be done. Having a woman as a partner in a health care centre or food production enterprise can help understand issues and problems in fine detail. This not only improves the final product but also provides the company with new and brilliant ideas which make it stronger and more successful.
3. Calm
In a start-up a company, there are high chances that conflicting situations will arise which need to be dealt with when there is utmost sanity. Women are better at handling such situations since they are more sensitive than men and have less fragile ego issues. In addition, they look at a problem much deeper than men and try to work it out end-to-end until they come up with a solution. Research has found that companies under the leadership of a woman are more civilised and people friendly.
4. Gender equality
Have you ever wondered how gender diversity affects the general success of an organisation? The truth is that, numbers do not lie. Several studies have shown that gender diversity is directly proportional to the financial success of an organisation. When you have a woman co-founder, there are high chances of experiencing immense success in your company.
5. Emotionally stronger
Do you know that women are emotionally stronger than men? Having an emotionally strong woman protects the image of the company at times of weaknesses. Even when things are crumbling, they hold things up just like they do in their homes and families.
6. Multitasking
If you are good at multi-tasking, it means that you will do multiple things at a go perfectly. Having a woman business partner will give your company more power when it comes to creating an edge in the market.
7. Discipline
They say that discipline is key to success. Women are naturally disciplined, an important asset in every organisation. This makes them the better counterparts when it comes to dealing with startup chaos and mishaps efficiently.
8. Communication skills
Have you heard that women are better at listening, communicating and responding to verbal, emotional and visual factors than men? Women have better communication and networking skills which they can use to encourage collaborations and group work in an organisation. Having a female partner is a plus especially when you are starting up your company. They are more likely to listen to the team members attentively, encourage teamwork and share ideas while maintaining utmost professionalism.
9. Intuition and sensitivity
Women have the power to interpret unspoken cues and body language, unlike men. When the power of intuition is balanced with emotional intelligence, women get the ability to enforce well-rounded personnel. The ability to bring forth a cooperative workforce and to interpret emotions before any conflict crops up among co-workers creates the main building blocks for any startup. Women make the best team leaders, bosses and co-founders. This is because, they are intrinsic to success since they promote stability, dedication and bring a wealth of experience at all levels of the organisation.
10. Success
An organisation where there are effective communication and collaboration among co-workers, strong relationships exist both inside and outside the company. Ultimately, this leads to an extremely successful business with a commendable reputation. With the combined effort from the women and men, such organisations are unstoppable. If you are starting a business, get a woman as a co-founder, it will never be the same. Your business will break records and success will be yours.


Do you believe that a woman is the best partner when it comes to a startup business? They are better in soft skills which give them an edge when it comes to relating to people. If you have her as a co-founder, chances are delays associated with decision making will be avoided since they are fast at making decisions. Just like they run their families, they do not have time to waste. They will bring balance to every perspective of business while paying a keen eye to every detail. They ensure that the best is delivered since their main aim is a success in the future. Women want the best for their children, co-workers and the organisation. It’s true that in most circumstances, companies that have a woman as a boss have happier and cooperative coworkers. Have a woman co-founder; you will never be disappointed!

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