Outsourcing: Get The Perfect Catch In An Ocean of Opportunities


Ever been on a fishing spree? Late hours in the saline waters. Fishing out too long shores, in the quest for a perfect catch.
Similarly, talent is like a vast spread ocean of opportunities and hiring the perfect match for the profile can be a mammoth task.
Then what is the answer to it? Outsourcing

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing might be an alien term to many today. Go out and try and explain about outsourcing, “Huh? What’s that?” would be the reaction.
To outsource is the smartest and most efficient way to manage IT industries today. It has many benefits to accrue.
Gone are the days where the key to building a vibrant outsourcing relationship was to select a service provider with a good strategic fit rather than the lowest bidder.
Now, with an ocean full of freelancers and IT vendors available to choose from, who provide equally good services and strategy for business development, it’s easy to get the correct catch!

The much-celebrated boom in the service sector paved the way for new players in town.
Visionaries, with a keen acumen for business, ventured into this ever growing agglomeration.
The game point of the business came when there was a merger between fresh talent and vendor satisfaction.
By hook or crook, get the job done.
What has made the role of freelancers and vendors critical has primarily been the demand for the services, but more importantly the ways in which they have handled and delivered the job to be done.
There has been a general misconception regarding the small-scale teams, that they aren’t valued for money.
Today these small and medium scaled teams have risen up because of their ingenious talents.
There is no cookbook to success, just some basic ingredients that should be used judiciously.
1. Harvard- #1 in Quality ALWAYS!
Let us consider the example of Harvard, Yale or Ivy League Universities.
They are termed as the best among the best universities. The intake never increases but they hold their head high when it comes to quality.
Similarly, there exists a perfectly competitive market in freelancing, thus the quality of work keeps on increasing.
They work with a high sense of professionalism. Of course, there are exceptions to the same, as all the students are not same in a class.
2. When work is your first love
Freelancers are highly motivated to reach the top and achieve what they always wanted to.
They will mix their blood and sweat to get the job done right.
They Love their job and can spend hours with this sweet darling 😛
3. Saving big bucks! Because you always wanted those crisp banknotes
Freelancers are heads up to face and take up challenges.
The pricing talks are always in the negotiation region when a worthy and challenging project is pitched to them.
4. Adjusting the focus of the lenses called job
Their insatiable hunger for growth always keeps them within the loop.
These professionals never second guess the idea of working a little extra if it is the need of the hour.
5. A powerhouse of knowledge
A new book always wears out the old one. Freelancers are the new books of the industry.
They are well equipped with the services they provide.
They know the problems encountered or will be encountered in the future and the solutions to those problems like the back of their hand.
6. Click! Click! It’s all about clicking with the client
Building client relationships are at the fore in their minds.
They realise the value of maintaining good relations with their clients and work in that direction tirelessly.
7. Jugaad is the brother of innovation!!!
Englishmen call it innovation we call it jugaad. The real genius of mind lies in finding alternate technologies and methods.
Freelancers do not shy away from trying new things. They can find alternatives for anything and everything.
8. Fancy huge building, Luxurious travel, and expensive business suits
Costs of a fancy office building, extra staff, etc. are not considered by these professionals while giving a pricing quotation.
So, the proposed cost is automatically less. Moreover, in a pool of service providers, one can find a service provider which suits his/her budget.
I would here highlight the fact that Freelancers and IT service providers have made IT accessible to everyone, today anyone may it be a shopkeeper or a small business owner everyone can seek IT services today in their budget.
In the present scenario, anyone can get their logos designed professionally, get their websites build, get promoted on social media, get content writers and even get software developed.
Knights in shining Armour
Freelancers have made IT media management a reality. They are the knights in shining armours.

For finding and to hire these amazing superheroes that come to our rescue when no one does visit engineerbabu.com the faster and the smarter way of hiring the perfect outsourcing partner for all your IT needs. 😉
Have a Happy Day!

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