How to increase the number of Android App Downloaders?

increase Android App Downloaders?

What Android App Downloaders normally look for? Quality and review free Android apps from verified developers, isn’t it? The things that fascinate developers most is-easy access to e-books, games, music and several other utility app.
Android app developers fall in love with the Android’s experience. If you too are willing to experience the world of Android, create a Google Play account. There you will get the highest degree of freedom. It is the most popular App market with ruling technology.
Studies have shown that the number of mobile devices with an installed Android OS has crossed 230 million worldwide.  It means that 80% of the Smartphone global market.  This staggering figure makes the android app downloaders go crazy.
Android App Downloaders download the app seeing its popularity. They normally seek below given tips from the developers to get the most popular apps:

1.Great Translated Descriptions

Android app developers make sure you get a nice, long description of the app. To put it up in the marketplace they translate the descriptions. This is for the clients and app’s ranking. For this, you need to invest the credit and do it right.

2.CPI (Cost-Per-Install) Burst Campaigns

Most of the traffic that comes from Google Play and the App Store will go only as far as the 50th app in the list. Unsurprisingly, app developers try to make their app reach the great spot as possible.
Developers use CPI (Cost-Per-Install) operation via different promoters. To make the Android App Downloaders fall in love with the app, it’s done.
You’ll pay a certain amount of money for each installation. The idea is not to make a concrete return on your business, but to drive yourself in the list of Top 50 apps in your niche. If you reach that spot, the consequence will last long enough for you to get your money’s worth.

3.Limited Discounts

You can offer your app for free or at half price for a limited time. Giving limited discount along with CPI (Cost-Per-Install) operations can create a medium-sized user base. The outcome can be amazing with it already being in place. There are also apps that can help boost the app, alike to the way deal sites work.

4.Keep your eyes on the user

Having analytics is a must. You being a developer would want to keep your active device numbers as high as achievable. That’s the major factor to make the android app downloaders to download more apps.
A good app analytics should offer multi-application options as well as experience.
Analytics lets developers see user’s response, from download till app uninstalls. It’s done as developers wants to set up key trigger points inside the app to run A/B testing.

5.Professional real-life screenshots

The screenshots of the app should be as sharp, and professional as workable. If you can, take some high-quality pictures of a real person with the help of the app. If the app is for young children, developers will show a kid in the picture. If it is a business related app, they will replace it with a businessman. As an android app developer, make sure the app is visible

Know what an App developer does to increase the number of Android App Downloaders:

To popularize their products, some app developers hire people to give them good reviews. To make their apps non-underground, they apply this technique. The authorized user gets a separate account on a daily basis. The hired person then writes a feedback using different devices.
If they continue to conduct review in the same pattern, android app downloaders may take the reviews as false.
For starters, even this simple strategy can bring money, not much, but some to get you going even further.
There are many ways to get the app noticed through various forms of marketing — some paid and some unpaid. Building the app is just 30 percent of the entire process of your startup. It is all about getting a user to use the app on a regular basis.
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