How to get a job in a startup company?


Many people are looking for job, all are asking same question, “How to get job in a startup company?”
I know that they have dream, they want to give their 200% but still they don’t get selected. Why ?
There are many reasons.
Let me share my experience :- Daily I get many resumes, facebook requests, friends call, college is asking for campus drive etc.
Coming back to point when there are MORE than 1 Lac Students hunting for job , why you will get a job in  startup company?

What all problems startup companies are facing

We all have many openings , But we can’t hire donkeys . Students coming out from colleges, considering themselves as damm fucking genius .
Once he opens his mouth in interview
“1. Sir hindi medium school me tha to thodi english week hai.
2. Sir salary mat dena bas kaam par rakhlo.
3. Sir avi nahi aata , kar karke sikh lunga fresher hu na.
4. World famous college me teacher ne kuch nahi sikhaya ” you can’t believe one person said this to his teacher, use khud nahi aata tha chutiye ko, sessional ke chakkar me sir meri jindgi kharab kardi.
IF you have these kind of bullshit excuses, don’t apply in any startup company. 90% cases you won’t get job and 10% cases you could not survive.

Why you should join startup company :-
” To be part of something that can probably change the world “.

  1. Get to learn lot of stuff : Usually you get to learn many things while working in startups which is generally not the case while working with bigger companies.
  2. Learn to take responsibilities : Even early in your career(if you join startup company early), you will hold lots of responsibility to get stuff done. It will help you grow as a person overall.
  3. Learn to be confident : Working with startups are always challenging and when you handle those and come out as a winner, you will feel confident and of course this will give you strength to handle more challenges in your life.
  4. Equity (if offered) : If you join as early member in startups, they usually offer some equity or stock options ( which can later be converted into equity). You can possibly end up hitting a jackpot ( You can see many stories like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp where startup employees made good money)
  5. Learn working under uncertainty: You learn to work under uncertainty which is a very valuable life skill.
  6. More purpose in you work : Being close to the business, you will feel more achievement when you see your code shipped and millions of people using it or a big company using your product. This sense of achievement is usually difficult in employees of big companies, primarily because of lesser flow of information.


  1. Lesser structure in day-to-day work : You may face chaotic situations while working in startups. There are lot of new experiments which happen at startups, which may end of in trash.
  2. Job stability : While comparing with big companies, startups usually have less predictable future and hence lesser job security (if you perceive it that way)
  3. Difficult to Boast about your company(till the time it doesn’t make its mark) : It may be difficult for you to tell your relatives about your company because they will compare you with your cousin who is well settled with a big company.
    Source :- http://www.quora.com/Why-should-I-work-in-a-startup

See the pictures and you will get clear understanding what kind of work startup usually do and than think, do you really want to get job in Any startup
so if you want to enjoy this life, you are welcome …
Now how to get into these companies or get job in Any startup.
All companies are having their own interview criteria like

  1. We need people who has right attitude.
  2. We need people who has burning desire to do something right {not to watch sunny video }.
  3. We need people who can open his mouth { to participate new ideas execution }.
  4. We need people who keeps his ifs and buts outside his mind.
  5. We need people who values new ideas, care, respect, culture, friendship more than money.

If I summarize in one word “We need girl with beauty with mind and boy with common sense “

How to get job in any startup , hint :- after 11.20 min watch this video

This video has all, what we need and how to achieve.
How we hire freshers ?
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