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Our Process and Approach

Step 1

Share your idea!

EngineerBabu share your idea
It all begins with a vision...

First, you share your idea with us, what inspired you, who is your target audience, what's your revenue model, etc. Once you approach us with your idea, we break it down into simpler bits. Based on the findings we analyze, brainstorm, research, and create a strategy for successful development.

Step 4

Execution Begins...

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Get started with your team

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Learn about different deliverables and their respective timelines via SRS document.

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We onboard you on BASECAMP (our project management tool) to discuss the details and progress of your project.

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Timely interaction with your team members as per your convenience.

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Your product gets tested under rigorous parameters to ensure the best quality.

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Your masterpiece is deployed for the world to see the impact of your idea.

How Do We Communicate

EngineerBabu sllipse image Work will be at one organized place
EngineerBabu sllipse image You’ll know exactly what’s going on
EngineerBabu sllipse image Everyone will be on the same page
EngineerBabu sllipse image You’ll spend less time in meetings
EngineerBabu sllipse image Projects will get off the ground faster

Accountable Team

You can see exactly what need to be done and when. No more missing tasks and deadline, much more efficient system.

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You can see tasks assigned, due dates and any other necessary details.

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You will be notified about all the progress made, and we will also take care of any due date reminders..

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You can view tasks from every module at one place to monitor the progress.

Communicate Efficiently

No matter if your co-founder is in a different location or timezone, Basecamp enables easy communication around tasks and quick sharing of ideas for fast implementation and rectifications. It allows quick sharing of new ideas and more transparency. The comment and chat section makes it an easy communication tool.

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Conversation Thread

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Project board

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Project progress timeline

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